Aj Oneil

Hazel Park, Michigan, United States
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Chief Bean Officer, AJsCoffeeWorksC0.

<p>Hi , I'm AJ and, just as generations of us have come to find coffee as the great catalyst of conversation,&nbsp;I hope to&nbsp;share with&nbsp;you a message with&nbsp;my&nbsp;delicious coffee, Detroit Bold.</p> <p>We, all of us, from our inner city to our deepest suburbs and farms are a community&nbsp; when all of us are included.That is why I am so dedicated to roasting&nbsp;my coffee in Historic Highland Park, Michigan, the town where I was born and the city-within-the-city of Detroit, the birthplace of the automobile assembly line.</p> <p>In 2009,when my small community cafe, AJ's in Ferndale, Michigan&nbsp;held the Guinness record, "worlds longest concert.." called The Assembly Line Concert, we did so to show the world that in order to stay viable as a community, we must remember that we need an economy.&nbsp;&nbsp;Among other things but vitally important, we&nbsp;have that in Detroit because we build cars.&nbsp;</p> <p>It would take a few more years before the rest of the world caught on to the importance of "imported from Detroit," but I am very proud that"The little cafe that bailed out the American auto industry, one cup of coffee at a time," played an important&nbsp;role&nbsp;at a crucial time.</p> <p>Our whopping&nbsp; non-stop concert needed lots of great coffee to keep us going. That is why I developed Detroit Bold.</p> <p>Because it wasn't just my cafe that we were singing and playing for. The future of our town and our entire industry were at stake, so I knew the coffee had to be excellent!</p> <p>There's a bit of Detroit Bold in all of us, wherever we live.&nbsp;This "Awesome-Style Coffee for Hardworking Humans, " comes from right here in the city that started the great automotive and manufacturing industry which led to the greatest expansion of prosperity our country has ever known.</p> <p>You and I should be very proud of that and do&nbsp;what we can to help that stay strong.</p> <p>It's my hope that we'll have pause to ponder from time to time, as we enjoy our refreshing cup of Detroit Bold ...What's your economy? What's your Detroit?&nbsp;</p> <p>Honor that!&nbsp;Show your civic pride!&nbsp; You're Detroit Bold&nbsp;!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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