Chris Arsenault

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Chris has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur for the past two decades. Chris is directly involved with Fixmo, Gamerizon, Localmind, Luxury Retreats, Reflex Photonics,, and Woozworld. Chris is an active board member of the CVCA and a Charter Member of Silicon Valley based C100. Before joining iNovia Capital in 2002, Chris founded, co-founded or funded a number of Software, Mobile and Consumer Internet technology start-up companies, including Info Media,, Wanted Technologies, i5, up2 and SIT Inc. Chris believes that Entrepreneurship is a “state of mind”, and thus part of one’s core. It may be sleeping (waiting to be activated, nurtured or mentored), but it can’t be taught or infused into a person. Entrepreneurship is not a profession; an entrepreneur has unique character traits that enable him/her to do amazing and impossible things.

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