Michiel de Jong

Berlin, Germany

Inventing ways to build a better web

I have a background in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, and have worked in web hosting, machine vision, embedded systems, and scalability, until...

Two years ago I quit my day job, to start the "unhosted web apps" movement, from which other projects like remoteStorage, UserAddress, OpenTabs, and now "Terms of Service; Didn't Read" have since emerged.

I am a nomadic hacker, meaning I work and travel, depending on weather and conferences. I am currently being sponsored by the NLNet foundation, so that I don't have to do any commercial work, and can dedicate my full time to writing free software and inventing ways to build a better free and open web.

I currently donate all my work to the public domain because I believe that technology should be free for everyone to use and benefit from, not just to serve some already powerful billionaires. Much of my work is also aimed specifically at reducing that current power imbalance.

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