Eric Hunker

Austin, Texas, United States

An upcoming singer-songwriter based out of Austin, TX.

Eric Hunker is an up and coming singer-songwriter who already has garnered a large grassroots following. After graduating from University of Pittsburgh, and much encouragement from his friends, Eric has decided to pursue his passion for music full-time. 

Growing up, traveling with his family, exploring new places and cultures, music remained a huge part of his life. From the early songwriting of his youth, through multiple bands in childhood and high school, to touring the country and playing guitar for international youth groups, music has proved to be the mainstay and driving force in everything he does.

His music is fresh and honest; his lyrics are clever and from the heart. Eric's sound is a mix of folk rock with influences sampling from the best of the music world, from the obscure to the classic. We welcome you to this page so that you can track Eric's journey through the music world. Check back often for updates, sneak peeks, contests and giveaways.


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