Creatrix Tiara

Oakland, California, United States

interdisciplinary iconoclast & creatrix of awesome

Everything I have done in my life has been part of my effort to carve a space for someone like me: someone who doesn't fit any box and would rather live outside labels. I fight for my identities to be recognised and respected so that others don't have to.

Currently my main background is in creative production, particularly events, performance, and media. With my work (whether self-directed or in collaboration) I often tackle issues of being a queer female migrant minority, looking at the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and other identity politics. 
I have made people famous and started plenty of careers with my keen skills of opportunity-hunting & sharing online as well as canny networking skills.

I have a lifetime's worth of writing, been travelling since I was a baby, and practically live on the Internet. I come alive when being with the company of creative, motivated, passionate, compassionate people all supporting each other to be heard, recognised, respected.

I am in transition, looking to refine my creative skills & avenues, while also developing further skills and knowledge in intersecting creative sexuality with social justice.

Interests: Performance art, creativity, creative sexuality, feminism, anti-racism, queer issues, gender, race, culture, travel, intersectionality, social justice, magic, volunteering, art, performance, ideas, creative philanthropy, relationships, polyamoury, identity, the Internet, social media, cross-cultural communication, sex-positivity, activism, anti-slut-shaming, circus, burlesque, improv, stage work, music, singing, reading, writing, glitter, media, television, radio

Skills: Project management, administration, research, stage management, event management, production assistance, media production (TV, radio, Web, print), editing, visioning, strategic planning, networking, cross-cultural communication, idea generation, writing (creative and professional), advocacy, presenting

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