Joseph Sikorski

Babylon, New York, United States

FRAGMENTS FROM OLYMPUS-The Vision of Nikola Tesla

"FRAGMENTS FROM OLYMPUS-The Vision of Nikola Tesla"

Joseph Sikorski: co-author/director

Michael Calomino: co-author

Victor Elefante: production supervisor

Kathryn Simos: public relations

SYNOPSIS: The enigmatic life of electrical Nikola Tesla unravels through a posthumous F.B.I. investigation into his particle beam research, including a new super weapon called the “death ray”.

During the height of WWII, the F.B.I. races to secure the experiments of an enigmatic recently deceased scientist, who claimed to have perfected a new super weapon refered to as the “death ray”.  Did it exist? Was it a threat to the war effort? Or was the radical inventor mad? It sounds like science fiction, but it's TRUE.  Based on declassified documents, and the life of Nikola Tesla, Fragments From Olympus is two suspenseful stories intertwined which shed light on one of the world’s most forgotten heroes. 


WINNER: BEST SCREENPLAY "International Long Island Film Festival"

Quarter Finalist: "The American Screenwriting Competition"

Teaser: SEMI-FINALIST: "International Movie Trailer Festival"


Sean Young (Bladerunner, Wall Street/Ace Ventura)

Leo Rossi (Analyze This, The Accused, 10th & Wolf)

Cinematographer Howard J. Smith (Harry Potter/Matrix Films)


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