Zug Island - The Story of The Windsor Hum

Zug Island - The Story of The Windsor Hum is a unique investigative documentary about a mysterious hum that is emanating from a manmade island called ZUG.
Adam Makarenko
Toronto, Ontario
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The Windsor Hum…

For the past two years there has been a mysterious low frequency hum emanating from a manmade island called Zug, located on the U.S. side of the Rouge River (between Windsor, and Detroit).  A factory, owned by USS steel inhabits the island.  A moat, and extremely high fences surround this place; it’s even guarded by security forces of some kind.  You would think that the steel factory was some sort of industrial castle, with something top secret inside.  From a distance, it looks like Mordor from Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. 

There has been a steel factory, and a handful of other industries on the island for over forty years, but there has never been a hum until now. The people of Windsor have been talking to the government, and industries but there is still no answer.  The people surrounding the island are backed into a corner. 

Sound is a really important factor when it comes to our own inner harmony and physical well-being.  This is something everyone can relate to from the sound of someone scraping their nails across a chalkboard, to some one driving by with massive sub woofer speakers blaring.   There are hums all over the world, and the Windsor hum is one that is adversely affecting thousands of people.  So..what is creating this irritating low frequency-grinding-rumble-esque phenomena? 


About This Film ….


Zug Island: The Story of The Windsor Hum will take an investigative look into the cracks of dark industry.  What secrets are hidden on Zug Island?  Is there a secret military base? Could it just be something in an industrial process that is creating this low frequency sound?  The possibilities are endless, and so far unknown.  The people of this documentary are made up of U.S. and Canadian residents, military experts, businessmen, politicians, scientists, and acoustic engineers to name a few. Collectively, they will give us different perspectives, and insights getting us closer to the real answers. Where is the hum coming from?  What else has happened there?

I will follow the people as they search for answers, and fight to stop the noise. The source of the hum will ultimately drive this film forward – along with my own investigative actions. Can the source be found?  Will this enigma be figured out, or will it just lead to even more mystery?

Miniature diorama sets of Zug Island, parts of Detroit, and WIndsor will be made in order to visually explore and illustrate parts of the story.  The miniature sets will represent events and histories, helping to visually tell the story otherwise not possible through conventional means. Miniature sets will be brought to life with stop motion animation to illustrate stories, and re-enactments of past events.  The miniatures will essentially act as a visual motif throughout various sections of the film.


It's a call to action …


Zug Island: The Story of The Windsor Hum will be a call to action for me. I grew up in a town shaped by industry, and I am also particualrily sesitive to sounds.  I feel for the people of Windsor suffering at the hands of this terrible noise. 

I will spend time on the U.S. side, staking out diners and local bars to find Zug Island workers to learn of the truth.   Will people speak, or will they be too afraid? I will make phone calls to the Zug Island office.  Will someone from Zug talk to me, or will the phone just ring? Can I get invited in? Can I get a worker to take a camera in? 

In the end anything could happen, desperation could lead to blockades of the roads that lead to Zug. Could a legal war between the two countries ensue?  It is the first time since the war of 1812 (the last war between Canada and the US exactly 200 years ago) that Windsor has been bombarded by Detroit.  How far will it go?  How much more can the residents of Windsor take?  Will the exact source of the hum be pinpointed? Will residents move away, leaving parts of Windsor abandoned like Delray (a neighborhood of Detroit) – leaving behind an inner city wasteland? Will the people of Michigan and Ontario find answers about the powerful industrial companies that rule over their lives whether they want them to or not?

We are living in an ever increasingly noisey world.  It's fair to say that it's not good for any of us.  Low frequency sound issues are poorly understood, and many people are affected by this all over the world. Right now, Windsor Ontario and parts of Detroit are being bombarded by a hum. This documentary intends to crack open the antomy of the Windsor Hum - revealing the true nature of its destructive force. What does it do to the people that live there?  What are the long term effects? All of these questions, and more will be answered in this feature documentary. 


Funding will primarily go towards the following: 

  • Renting a house/apartment in Windsor for the summer 2013 *I want to have my feet on the ground in Windsor/Detroit, to be there in the trenches on a daily basis to film as everything unfolds. The funding will allow me to set up base there. 
  • Camera & Sound crew in both the US and CAN
  • Special camera equipment & lighting rentals 
  • Supplies to make the miniatures 
  • Rewards 


You can see the latest miniature work from a music video I made for Royal Wood. This is the kind of quality miniatures you can expect to see in the Zug Island film 



Contact: zugislanddocumentary@gmail.com

Website: www.zugislanddocumentary.com

Facebook: Zug Island Documentary

Twitter: @zugislanddoc


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