Zombie Wars - Last Line Of Defense

"The Slingshot Channel" makes a world class Zombie Movie!
Jörg Sprave
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Zombie Wars – Last Line of Defense 

The Project

The Slingshot Channel is one of the most successful weapon/outdoor/invention based channels on YouTube.

Joerg's YouTube Channel

JÖRG SPRAVE the strong characteristic baldheaded German front man, who has uploaded several hundred videos showing his crazy DIY rubber based weapons whilst entertaining millions of viewers world-wide.

The Zombie theme has always played a huge part in Jörg's work. His weapons have been tested over and over against ballistic gelatin, coconuts, even scientifically correct zombie skull analogs such as the “Ivan head” made by “Zombie Go Boom”, another successful YouTube channel. 

Now The Slingshot Channel wants to go fictional! That's right, we want to do a veritable Zombie movie, a full feature (90 minutes), filmed in the English language. Here is the first version of the trailer:

Here is a video that shows the filming of the teaser from Jörg's perspective:

The experienced director, Rick L. Winters, an incredibly professional, having made several successful movies before is on board. You can read up on Rick's earlier achievements here:

Rick's website

This won't be trash, and it won't be a parody either – we are talking real Zombie action, Romero style, with great make up work and professionally done SFX. A world class horror movie.

Filmed with state of the art cinematic 4k HD cameras and crafted by professional film crew. Amazing actors, most of them German and to be filmed in English language in order to match the international audience of The Slingshot Channel.

Can you prove all of these claims?

We have invested our hard earned money and time to bring you our visionary trailer, as a demonstration of our capabilities and to show you our passion for a good Zombie story. And now we really don't want to approach you with empty hands. So, here it is:

Imagine a whole movie like that... and you can help us making it happen!

How much money do we need?

Making a Zombie movie that is world class and not trash isn't cheap. But due to our experience team and connections, we have managed to keep the budget low enough to make it feasible!

We are looking for 190,000 USD as the total, and we'd love to raise all of that money here. This would allow us to stay 100% independent, without product placements and without investors breathing down our necks. However, even if we can't get all of that money here, the movie will still happen – we'd just have to let in conventional investors.

We believe that the movie will be BETTER if we can find more money than that - at 640,000 USD, we could afford even cooler locations and MORE special FX! So please help us make the best Zombie movie EVER.

What do you get for your donation?

That depends on the amount you are willing to spend :)

We are offering several deals, as can be seen in the perk list to the right.

But the most important thing: You will get to see the greatest Zombie movie ever! We will work out butts off to deliver, and we won't disappoint. 


Q: Will the movie be in English, or German?

A: English of course. There are several members in the little group of survivors that don't speak German, therefore the group language is English.

Q: When will it come out?

A: The movie will be filmed in May 2014 (we need dandelions in bloom after all - see the story below!). That is a very ambitioned schedule, as there is a ton of preparation work to be done after this campaign is over (December 1st). It should be out in the fall of 2014 - in a year from now!

Q: Will there be more footage earlier?

A: Sure! We will be releasing new material several times over these next 60 days.

Q: Where and how will we see the movie?

A: That isn't certain yet. Everybody who donates a minimum of 30 dollars US will get the uncensored movie on a disk, of course - but we hope to find lots of other platforms later on. Ideally, it will be shown in movie theaters, at festivals, on your favorite VoD service and also on TV. A "censored" (much shorter) version may also be shown on YouTube, as short episodes.

Q: Will we see many slingshot weapons in the movie?

A: Sure! Jörg selected the most suitable weapons from his arsenal, and he promised to devise several more exclusively for the film.

Q: What if you don't get the 190 grand?

A: Then we will try to find the rest of the money somewhere else, e.g. from individual investors. We won't give up!

Q: And if you get much more than 190 k?

A: Then we will invest it all into the movie. More cool locations, additional SFX, even better camera equipment... the potential is huge.

The Story

It has happened... The Dead rose and walk the land... Humanity tried to put up a fight, but it was in vain... Guns were the obvious first choice for weapons, but it turned out that those are near useless against zombies... The monsters can hear the shots and smell the stench of cordite from far away. Firing a gun is like ringing a dinner bell for ghouls!

Germany, 10 years after the apocalypse. A small group of survivors is facing the ultimate crisis of their existence. They have survived this long only because they had a stash of rubber plus an expert in weaponizing the elastic bands – Jörg Sprave. Thanks to his knowledge about improvised, silent slingshot weapons, they could defend themselves with efficiency.

The group found a medieval castle, on the top of a steep mountain - safe from the Undead. But tending to their crops means exposure to hundreds of hungry ghouls! Jörg's slingshots and slingshot crossbows proved efficient in holding the enemy at bay, through all these years. 

But now, their rubber is deteriorating. Bringing in the much needed harvest is impossible just with melee weapons. The group has already lost many dear members to the ranks of the Undead. They need to make a new batch of rubber, it is the only way. But how?

Jörg has an idea. Just before the dead rose, he learned that you can make latex milk not only from the caoutchouc tree, but also from dandelions – in theory, that is!

The slingshot maker puts up a plan. He needs tons of dandelions, and chemicals such as sulfur, zinc oxide, 2-MBT and non-ionic surfactants, plus an oven that can heat the ingredients sufficiently.

It is time for a supply run. But ten years after the Zombies took over, that isn't exactly a pleasant  walk in the park – the survivors must move into ghost towns infested with the Undead, searching through looted stores and abandoned hospitals - all teeming with the enemy. When they hear the desperate pleadings for help from other survivors that are trapped on a rooftop, a tough decision has to be made...

Will they put themselves into even more danger and help the strangers?

Will the critical ingredients be found, and will they make it back to the castle?

Will the Slingshot Master succeed in making slingshot rubber at last?

Time is running out - starvation is right around the corner, and the ghouls are knocking on the door, with authority.

A story of desperation, courage, hunger, violence, and... slingshots. The crazy, effective type you can only find on The Slingshot Channel!

Story by Jörg Sprave, 2013

The actors

Jörg Sprave (Jörg) - http://www.slingshotchannel.com/

Crisjan Zöllner (Thomas) - http://www.crisjanzoellner.com/

Judith Hoersch (Susanne) - http://www.judith-hoersch.de/

Josephin Busch (Gabriele) - http://www.agenturtatsch.de/spieler_detail.php?ss_id=68

Fred Lobin (Mac) - http://www.fred-lobin.de/index.htm

Volkmar Leif Gilbert (Marius) - http://www.agenturstarke.de/volkmar-leif-gilbert/vita.html

Additional crew members

Robert J. Cornejo (Composer) - http://www.robertjcornejo.com

Chantal Varié (Costume Designer) - http://disphorian-case.deviantart.com/

Nicolay Mayer (SFX Make up Artist) - http://www.nm-make-up.de/Home/Vita

UPDATE: The winner of the drawing is Eli Neu - congrats!

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  • $10USD
    Immortalized at the End

    Your name will actually be included in the End Credits! Yes, you will be able to see your name on the big screen. You will also get a PDF Storyboard file via email that contains the original and beautifully sketched Artwork, and a letter of appreciation from the crew. *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter (Sent immediately)

    126 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $30USD
    Blood covered DVD

    You will not only be mentioned in the end credits and receive the pdf storyboard, but also you will get a DVD with the uncesnored “Director's Cut” edition of the movie! This disk won't ever be available on the open market. We are talking collector's item really. Coolest of all you will be added to our exclusive facebook “Zombie Wars” group. *DVD “Director's Cut” *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter *ZW Facebook groupenes videos during production.

    201 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $50USD
    You'll turn Blu-Ray

    You will get a high resolution Blu-ray disk, of course “Director's Cut” entirely uncensored, none of the special FX will be removed due to age restrictions and such. *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork (Sent immediately) *Appreciation letter (Sent immediately) *ZW Facebook group

    57 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $100USD
    Signed by Creatures

    You will get both the Blu-ray and the DVD – with the original signatures of Jörg, Rick, Crisjan and Judith on the cover book. It is expected that these disks will be very rare collector's items in the future! *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *DVD “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter (Sent immediately) *ZW Facebook group

    26 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $250USD
    Hang me up

    You will get a exclusive signed A0 film Poster Artwork signed by Jörg, Rick, Crisjan and Judith. *Signed A0 Film Poster Artwork *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *DVD “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter (Sent immediately) *ZW Facebook group

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $500USD
    Fighting off Ghouls

    You will get a replica Slingshot with Jörg Sprave's engraved signature. *Replica Slingshot (Sent immediately after crowd funding is complete) *Signed A0 Film Poster Artwork *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *DVD “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter (Sent immediately) *ZW Facebook group

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Handcraft your own

    You will get an actual Page from the original Storyboard Signed and your credit will be upgraded in the End credits to Associate Producer. *Actual Storyboard Artwork Page, printed and signed *Replica Slingshot *Signed A0 Film Poster Artwork *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” *DVD “Director's Cut” *Associate Producer in End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter *ZW Facebook group

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Play your Death

    You will receive exclusively one of Jörg's very own hand made slingshot. Yes Jörg will sweat blood for you fans! *Hand crafted Slingshot (Sent in time) *Storyboard Artwork, printed and signed *Replica Slingshot *Signed A0 Film Poster Artwork (Sent immediately) *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *DVD “Director's Cut” (Signed, sent after Premier) *Associate Producer in End Credits *PDF Storyboard Original Artwork *Appreciation letter *ZW Facebook group

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $10,000USD
    Thirsty for VIP

    You will receive Executive Producer credit. Flown out to the Film Premier and where you will meet everyone from the film, and mingle with the stars. *Our VIP guest for the Film Premier *Hand crafted Slingshot *Storyboard Artwork, printed and signed *Replica Slingshot *Signed A0 Film Poster Artwork *Blu-Ray “Director's Cut” *DVD “Director's Cut” *Executive Producer Credit *Appreciation letter *PDF Storyboard Original *ZW Facebook group

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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