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Launching a new merchandise line featuring illustrations of cyberbionic creatures
Tori Meader
Beaverton, Oregon
United States
1 Team Member

Announcements - Postcard images are now in the gallery
With only a week left, I'm going to throw in a batch of stickers with every perk!

What is Zodion?

Zodion is a line of illustrations by Tori Meader which reimagines the characters of the Western Zodiac as bionic creatures; a mesh of organic and synthetic tissue constructing beastly vessels for the embodiment of these celestial personalities.

Why do I need your help?

This kickstarter is to fund the launch of Zodion Graphics. I am just about to graduate college and need a little help getting up on my feet! The money will go towards the following:

  • Advertising/Promotion for Zodion
  • Maintaining websites & The Store
  • Ordering products featuring the illustrations - stickers, magnets, prints, accessories, etc

Advertising costs are based on exposure, for example I can buy an ad for $20 that gets 10,000 views. That sounds like a lot, but a view counts as it having loading on a page, not an actual click on the ad. Because I am such a new, unknown business I will need to buy several ads on many different websites and that will run up my costs quickly, especially if I want to renew any advertisements.

It costs $200 annually to maintain a website that supports a in-built store. Store hosting websites such as etsy.com and storeenvy.com have listing fees per item, which means I have to pay money to even show my item for sale in my store.

Minimum orders of custom designed products are often 50+ items and I would love to offer a variety of products, meaning that I have to place orders that costs a little bit more than if I were to order a huge bulk of one item. I also have 13 separate designs meaning that I have to make a lot of little orders. For example when I was ordering the bookmarks I'm offering as perks, I had to place 12 separate orders of 25 bookmarks each, costing me $77 versus ordering 500 bookmarks of a single design for $25! 

This business is all about offering variety and, unfortunately, that means investing a lot more initially than if I were offering only one product.

Be a part of the launch and receive the FIRST editions of these products and also the undying gratefulness of an artist jumping feet first into the business world! 

See the Illustrations!

Shipping for Christmas & Internationally

I will do my absolute best to get all the products out for Christmas, it will be easier for me the sooner you donate. Shipping is free but not guaranteed delivery in time, if you really, really want your perk reward in time for Christmas, please contact me and we can figure it all out!

I WILL ship internationally, but they won't be out before Christmas, unfortunately.

I will  be receiving the products I have available for the perks on roughly Dec 10th.

More About Zodion

Zodion is about changing the perception of this misunderstood concept. The Zodiac is common knowledge but ridiculed for being too fantastical, especially for the new values of the modern world. Zodion proposes a new futuristic take on the Zodiac; converting all the characters to genderless beasts in order to reduce any sense of bias or stereotyping between each character. Each character is a bionic hybrid of organic and synthetic tissues, making them ageless and in line with the trend of scientific developments of today’s society.

The illustrations are designed to be subtle embodiments of the Zodiac signs, allowing the art itself to be the most important thing. The Zodiac elements are supposed to be read second, even third and fourth. The attempt to shed the previous notions and misconceptions about the Zodiac is only possible if the viewer does not see the Zodiac first; but instead is grabbed by the artwork and allowed to make their own ideas. The lack of explicit labeling also means that the viewer can feel free to own images that are not of their own sign, but of whatever character, or characters, they enjoy the most.

About the Artist

Tori Meader is a young, somewhat overly enthusiastic, illustrator who loves designing and creating creatures and characters. She crafted Zodion from her love of not only the Zodiac, but of the mystical nature of ancient practices. Inspired by what she imagines must have been a life of fearful mystery and hopeful awe, she struck out to replicate these feelings in her work; to share the magic of believable fantasy.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

You are the absolute best! It is so nerve-wracking trying to launch from nothing and I appreciate and love all the support I get!


Please share! Even if you can't donate, tell your friends and spread the word, a couple of the perks offer two signs, maybe you can convince them to get one for you too, winkwink ;)

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$2,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on December 18, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    A super mousepad!

    Spend $10 and get a Zodion mousepad featuring the logo and all 12 glyphs

    2 out of 50 claimed
  • $25USD
    More Swag

    Get a mouse pad, a mug and a bookmark. The mouspad features all the glyphs, the mug sports the logo and the bookmark will be any sign of your choice! Just remember to let me know which one

    7 out of 24 claimed
  • $50USD
    Postcard Pack

    Get 12 postcards - your choice of two design sets: One with the full image of each character, or the one with a cropped design of each sign

    2 claimed
  • $100USD
    Paper Pack

    24 postcards, one of each design available and 12 bookmarks, one of each. Hand some out to your friends!

    1 claimed
  • $200USD
    The Complete Pack

    Get a copy of EVERY sign, a 8.5x11 print, bookmark and postcard of each as well as the mousepad and mug! And a great big thank you!

    0 claimed
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