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Save the local restaurant and unofficial Bob Dylan museum in his hometown of Hibbing, MN.
Linda Stroback
Hibbing, Minnesota
United States
13 Team Members

My name is Linda Stroback-Hocking. For nearly 30 years, my husband, Bob Hocking and I have been the owner/manager/collectors of Zimmy’s Restaurant in Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, MN. In the course of our many years, as our collections of local Bob Dylan-related memorabilia have increased, we have become the unofficial Bob Dylan museum in our small town.

Earlier this year, Zimmy’s, like many small businesses in our area, was confronted with an unforeseen tax burden. Because our many attempts to set up a monthly payment plan were denied, we were forced to close on March 6th, 2014. With your help, we can resurrect our restaurant, and continue to serve as a home base for both our many loyal local customers and for those Dylan pilgrims around the world.

We always tried to make our restaurant more than a restaurant. In many ways, we were like a Bob Dylan welcome center. For the thousands of worldwide Dylan fans who came through our doors, we have provided a home base from which to explore the town of Hibbing, including, but not limited to, its Bob Dylan connection. We are rooted in celebrating and preserving the importance of the Iron Range and its influence on Bob’s work. Zimmy’s was a place where both locals and outsiders felt at home. We succeeded in creating an atmosphere where patrons could comfortably spend hours in conversation. We took pride in our menu, serving “exquisite local cuisine” and creating culinary events for our local patrons like special wine, beer and whiskey food pairing evenings. But, in many ways, our food and drink merely provided the means to keep people fueled for further conversation, camaraderie and connection.

For many years, our historic trolley station building on Howard Street has been the hub for the annual Dylan Days celebration in Hibbing. Hundreds of musicians, artists, and Dylan fans have performed on our stage and formed lifelong connections with both the town and the people they met at Zimmy’s. We have hosted local and touring musicians, exhibited and celebrated many local artists, and have even served as the stage for local theater productions.

Our extensive Dylan memorabilia collection, which we’d love to keep local, and our stories have been featured in countless books (including the official Bob Dylan Scrapbook), museum exhibits (including The Grammy Museum, The Experience Music Project, and the Weisman Art Museum), and films (including Martin Scorcese’s No Direction Home). We were deeply flattered when author Steven Heine called Zimmy’s “The Vatican of the church of Dylanology,”

We will need at least $200,000 to reopen Zimmy’s. This money will purchase the restaurant building and its contents, and will secure the Zimmy’s DBA name. Our perks are for both locals and those fans that want to be a part of this unique place, even if they will never make it to Hibbing. At the top end of the spectrum, they include a few historic, one-of-a-kind pieces of local, Dylan-related memorabilia.

If our goal is not reached, your contribution will go into the DylanDaysHibbing non-profit account that will support the annual Dylan Days celebration for years to come. In addition to prizes for songwriters and visual artists, we as “dylandayshibbing” non-profit are creating a B.J. Rolfzen scholarship for creative writing, in honor of Bob’s influential high school English teacher.

If we are the unofficial Bob Dylan museum of Hibbing, we are a living museum. In an increasingly fragmented society, even in small towns like ours, we need local places to connect, converse, and feel welcome. It could be said of many of our visitors that they came seeking Bob Dylan, but they ended up finding Hibbing. As a visitor in one of our many guest books put it: “So many people…so many memories, and only one place like Zimmy’s on Earth. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, the people, or a longing for days gone by, but this place feels like home.”

In 100 years, people will still be coming to Hibbing because of the Bob Dylan connection—there is no doubting that. The question is: will there be a place like Zimmy’s to welcome them? If you love Bob Dylan, Zimmy’s or Hibbing, please consider donating to our campaign.

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raised by 137 people in 2 months
6% funded
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$200,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 11, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Forever Young

    Our sincere gratitude and an online thank you from our Zimmy's team. "May you always do for others, and let others do for you"...

    8 claimed
  • $20USD
    Girl From The North Country

    Receive a portrait of "Girl From The North Country", Echo Star Helstrom (who fully supports our campaign), taken by local artist Arnie Maki. "Well if you're travelin' in the north country fair / Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline / Remember me to one who lives there / She once was a true love of mine".

    16 claimed
  • $25USD
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door

    Along with our "promise" to continue the hometown Dylan Days Art Celebration every May 24th for Bob's birthday, we will send you a collectible Dylan Days pin and copies of some of the beautiful images we have gathered of Robert Allen Zimmerman from Hibbing, Minnesota.

    20 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $35USD
    Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

    12 for 35. We offer you a Zimmy's gift card ($12) to use any time. "I would not feel so all alone..."

    6 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $50USD
    Bob Dylan's Dream

    "I dreamed a dream that made me sad, concerning myself and the first few friends I had...together weathered many a storm, laughin' and singin' till the early hours of the morn ... Our words were told, our songs were sung...ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, I'd give it all gladly if our lives could be like that." 4"X 4" autographed photos of LeRoy & Echo connect you to Bob's early roots growing up in Hibbing, Minnesota?

    7 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $61USD
    Highway 61 Revisited

    A beautiful Zimmy's tee (just like we sold for 25 years at Zimmy's) proudly recognizing your role in saving Zimmy's. "He asked poor Howard where can I go...Howard said there's only one place I know"...Zimmy's on Howard St. in Hibbing! Extra postage for international shipping.

    11 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $75USD
    Echo Star Helstrom

    "Well, if you go when the snowflakes storm. when the rivers freeze and summer ends. Please see for me if she's wearing a coat so warm To keep her from the howl in' winds" .... Echo is helping Zimmy's by autographing an 8" X 8" print for you. She is the Girl from the North Country.

    1 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $100USD
    Shelter From The Storm

    Your name graced on the wall at Zimmy's. A beautiful Zimmy's tee shirt, our thanks for your pledge. This is for all those who miss Zimmy's warmth & comfort. "Come in she said I'll give you Shelter from the Storm"...that is the essence of Zimmy's.

    27 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $200USD
    A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

    A Zimmy's gift card (worth $50), a t-shirt, your name on our wall, and a private invite to a music & food gathering at Zimmy's, . "I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow."

    4 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $200USD
    The Golden Chords

    LeRoy Hoikkala, the famous drummer of Bob Zimmerman's garage band named "The Golden Chords", in support of our campaign has autographed sets of drum sticks. We want to send them to you for your kind donation. "And don't criticize what you can't understand"...

    2 out of 12 claimed
  • $500USD
    Blowin' In The Wind

    So that you can forever be a part of Zimmy's, we will name an entree after you (or a Dylan song of your choice). You will also get your name on our wall, a t-shirt and a Zimmy's gift card (worth $100). "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..."

    6 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $50,000USD
    Time Out of Mind

    A true collector's item--a 1940's-era clock from the Zimmerman Electric store in Hibbing. This clock was part of the Experience Music Project's traveling museum exhibit "Bob Dylan's American Journey." It has traveled to Seattle, the Morgan Library in NY, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, and the Skirball Museum in LA. Includes provenance for authentication. See our gallery for an image!

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $100,000USD
    Bringing It All Back Home

    The one and only original LYBBA marquee letters from the LYBBA theatre, named for Bob's great grandmother Lybba Edelstein. These letters, and the films Bob saw at the Lybba fired his imagination! They were prominently featured in the "Bob Dylan's American Journey" museum exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum. We include photos from the exhibit and a historic photo of the theatre here in Hibbing for provenance & authentication. See gallery for an image!

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
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