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Enhance and Illuminate your life with the the first Reusable, Customizable, Waterproof, Energy Efficient bulb. Its not too good to be true.
Zero Gravity Creations
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
2 Team Members

The ZG-1 Bulb sits at the crossroads of art and technology. The bulb itself is the light fixture!

Zero Gravity Creations is a design company, based in Baltimore, Maryland, focusing on the fusion of glass and metal. We have been absorbed in the development of our new patent pending metal mounting insert (MMI) technology for the past few years. It has grown far beyond what we had intended with our first experiments and will continue to develop and grow into the projected future. Our metal/glass fusion technology has so much potential that it is impossible for us to simultaneously develop all of the amazing things that we can do with the MMI. We have to start with what we feel will have the greatest impact and is within our means to develop. It is with these two points in mind that we set out to develop what is now the ZG-1 LED lighting system. This elegant solution to LED lighting will redefine the word light-bulb and change the way the world is lit.

What is the ZG-1 LED lighting system?

It is a system of light fixtures designed to work with light bulbs made using our MMI glass metal fusion technology. In any type of light bulb old or new, there are two fundamental elements: the light emitter and the light diffuser. The diffuser acts to protect the emitter from the environment as well as diffuse and more efficiently spread the light.  Whether the emitters are an electrified tungsten/carbon filament, an electrified gas, or a Light Emitting Diode (LED), they all do the same thing – they produce light. In all cases before the ZG-1, there was no separating the emitter from the diffuser; they were inseparable. If one went so went the other. This is not so with the ZG-1. For the first time, a bulb exists where the light emitter and the light diffuser bulb function independently; thus allowing it to be retrofit-able, upgradeable, waterproof, customizable, and also for the first time ever a re-useable light diffuser bulb! As you see in the video, if your LED emitter burns out simply unscrew the bulb and replace it. If a new smaller, brighter, more energy efficient LED hits the market in the future, then it is easily upgraded to the new standard replacing nothing more than the LED emitters themselves. With the ZG-1 you can replace the bulbs to get an entirely new look without replacing the light fixture itself. 

Since we use LED emitters, energy consumption is low, but longevity and durability are high. In a ZG-1 bulb, the glass still acts as the light diffuser, but it is thicker and stronger than a traditional bulb. It is also fused to the Zero Gravity Creations patent pending MMI, which acts as the heat sink, and provides the protection from the elements that the emitter needs. When the LED burns out, the emitter is removed from the bulb and replaced. The bulb is not thrown away. It is a permanent fixture! The best part is that ZG-1 can look like anything. We can create an extravagant vision, or a more traditional design. This technology is adaptable to suit any style.


Key Features

·  Super strong

·  Re-useable

·  100% Safe. No harmful chemicals, No mercury, No phosphorus!

·  Waterproof

·  Customizable size, shape, and color

·  Save - Reduce energy consumption

Energy efficient lighting choices lessen the burden on nonrenewable energy sources, which account for 89 percent of energy production in the United States. This also means saving money over the long run, because energy efficient lighting choices lower utility bills. When you save more, you live better.

Get it wet!

The bulb itself is water proof and can be submerged in water. We have been able to improve our technology, so it is used in residential and commercial applications, for indoor and outdoor uses like grand fountains and architectural water features.

Tailored for you

Since the ZG-1 can look like anything and go places no other bulb can go. It can create atmosphere and ambiance in ways no other light can. Lighting has great effects on our mood and our productivity. Imagine being able to design office lighting customized to optimize productivity for your specific work force, or tailoring the lighting in hospital rooms to be emotionally calming, or geared toward pain management. We have just begun to scratch the surface on the applications for the ZG-1 and MMI lighting systems. Come on the journey and light up the world in new ways with us!

What we will do after the campaign...

Filing a patent in the US is no small cost, but filing a patent internationally is much greater. Thankfully there are multiple steps. We need to cover some of the initial fees for the International Patents which will cost $3,000.

Now that we have many working prototype designs we need to get component parts manufactured to our specs. We are using off the shelf components and materials, but we could reduce cost and increase quality if we work with component manufacturers to produce LEDs with circuit boards to our specifications. This will cost $2500 to pay for the design and initial tool up. Then we can order ready to install LED components at $3 each instead of $10 which we are paying now.   

With our patent moving along and better components secured we need to get to the Light Fair International Trade Show in 2014. It is one of the leading industry trade shows and we want to show the lighting industry at large what the ZG-1 can do. With booth fees, building & shipping the displays, and travel costs getting to this trade show will cost at least $10,000. 

Any additional funds received would go toward completing the filing of international patents, Research and development of the next generation ZG-1, and be used to purchase custom transformers, and materials at lower rates.

Why the ZG-1: The Future.

We have shown that the ZG-1 is the safest and most durable light-bulb. It is also the only waterproof, customizable, re-useable light bulb. All that made possible by a technology that structurally fuses metal and glass. The ZG-1 is the best light bulb. The question is: How do we bring it to market in a way that makes an effective impact?  We will make and install as many lights and fixtures as we possibly can, but the demand will eventually far exceed our ability to meet it. We will need to find leading industry partners to aid in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. This will help to reduce the price for consumers even further and create a new standard in light bulbs. This is what the ZG-1 can do; create the new standard in lighting. LEDs have been becoming the dominant force in lighting for years and the ZG-1 can finally make this happen. Stores will carry affordable replacement LED emitters for many times less than the cost of an LED bulb currently. Manufacturers and consumers will save money having one transformer per fixture instead of one in every bulb. People will become used to the idea of not generating hazardous waste that piles up ad infinitum. How many of us properly dispose of our CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes? The ZG-1 fixes real problems.

We have to expect more from our lights than blinding orbs of light we have to remember not to look at or shroud behind lamp shades and frosted glass globes attached to fixtures. The ZG-1 shows that we can do better than that.

Why not design a bulb for every space, for every purpose?

With the right partners we can license the ZG-1 to other lighting companies and begin to make it the new standard in LED lighting.

Thank you for contributing! We have tried to put together some awesome perks for helping us out.

Your voice matters

Please let us know what you think about our new lighting system, and please help spread the word.  

By contributing to our campaign you support the development of our technology and make it more accessible to everyone.

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136% funded
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$15,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 29, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Show of Support

    All it takes is a dollar to help drive our campaign forward. We need all the support we can get to launch the ZG-1 and together we can make it real. Thank You!

    20 claimed
  • $20USD
    ZGC LED Key-Chain lite

    Let us remind you of our thanks for your contribution every time you need light in the dark with our gift of this limited edition Zero Gravity Creations LED Key-Chain lite. Small but effective and easy to take with you everywhere!

    32 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $50USD
    ZGC LED Lantern / Flashlight

    We can also remind you of our thanks for your contribution every time you need light in the dark with our gift of this limited edition Zero Gravity Creations LED Lantern. The Lantern is great for camping, and evening outdoor activities. Throw it in your car and have great light with you always.

    31 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $150USD
    ZG-1 Prototype replica bulb.

    The bulb of the future. The ZG-1 Prototype replica will only be available as a limited edition series through this campaign. Get a hold of your own piece of history! Functions as a desk top light comes with AC adapter plug.

    11 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $300USD
    ZGC Light fixture - 1 bulb

    Wall fixture as seen in the video. One light bulb. Comes ready to wire and mount to wall on standard rectangular electrical box. You get to design the shape and colors of the bulb!

    4 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $600USD
    ZGC Light fixture - 2 bulb

    Wall fixture as seen in the video. This comes with two individually shaped bulbs. Comes ready to wire and mount to wall on standard rectangular electrical box. You get to design the shape and color of the bulbs!

    0 out of 150 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $1,000USD
    ZGC Light fixture - 3 bulb

    Three bulb fixture. designed for the ceiling or the wall. This comes with three individually shaped bulbs. Comes ready to wire and mount to wall or ceiling on standard rectangular electrical box. You get to design the shape and color of the bulbs! Let us know how you want to mount it.

    2 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $6,000USD

    Grand Chandelier. Work with us to design a custom chandelier lit using our exclusive technology. Your choice of concept, shape, and color.

    0 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
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