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Help Zendo Art Bar and Urban ABQ build Albuquerque's first parklet in the heart of Duke City!
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Update: while we did not reach our goal here on the site, due to external, private donations we did meet our goal and we hope to have Albuquerque's first parklet in place by Oct. 1st! Thank you all for your help! We look forward to seeing everyone enjoying this new space meant for people, not cars.

Parquito Zendo will be an Urban Public Space for People to Relax and Enjoy

First of all, "Parquito" is Albuquerque lingo for Parklet. A parklet is a miniature park or public space that is created out of reclaimed right-of-way. In this case, Parquito Zendo would occupy the equivalent of one parallel parking space directly in front of Zendo Art Bar. It will be the equivalent of a sidewalk extension that will include plants, tables and seating where visitors can sit and relax in a comfortable and well-designed space.

Zendo Art Bar is teaming up with Urban ABQ to create Albuquerque's first parklet. This project is a 60-day pilot project that is meant to help the City of Albuquerque test the waters to see if parklets can work here. After the 60-day pilot project, the hope is that regulatory matters can be tweaked to allow businesses across the City to develop these little urban jewels intended to help activate areas with people. Our City has too many places where cars easily outnumber people on a given block. It's time we take back our streets! 

We are hopeful that this pilot is a sweeping success and that Parquito Zendo will be here to stay for citizens to enjoy for years to come. This project is in line with the positive efforts of so many people working to improve our unique and beautiful downtown. Zendo Parquito is meant to contribute to the incremental efforts on-going in our burgeoning downtown.   

What We Need

Parquito Zendo needs $5,000 to help fund the materials, construction, and City permitting. Please donate. The money will only be used to make this parquito the best looking and comfortable public space in downtown Albuquerque. There will be perks (tbd). 

Impact of Parklets

Parklets have been used throughout the world in urban areas as a way to create comfortable urban public space. In many cities there is an obscene amount of concrete and inhumane places that are best meant to be seen from a moving vehicle. Downtown Albuquerque is emerging as a unique, urban community with thousands of employees and residents alike. Parquito Zendo helps to plant a proverbial stake in the ground signifying the space as one that is for people. This prototype will, hopefully, help to spawn many more and help to activate our urban places with life, as people can comfortably relax and socialize in our often-inhumane built environment. 

Links to more info: http://pavementtoparks.sfplanning.org/parklets....

    The Time is Right!

    This has been a long process that has taken a year and a half to get to this point. The City has granted us the opportunity to try it out and our last obstacle is raising enough funds to make the project a reality. With your help, we intend to finally construct Parquito Zendo in time for Albuquerque's epic fall, a time when the weather is wonderful and the parquito will be used to its fullest extent. We want to show the City and the world that small interventions by the citizens of Albuquerque can have a large impact in creating unique and wonderful places. 

      Other Ways You Can Help

      Even if you have no extra money to help, you can still help us to get the word out. Please tell your friends about Parquito Zendo. We're on a short timeframe and every little bit helps! Indiegogo has share tools to help spread the word over the various online social media. 

      Thank you for reading this and we hope we have convinced you to pitch in!


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