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Welcome! Thanks for finding our project. Please know that we'll make use of every contribution we receive to bring your kids an app that helps them explore all the things they're curious about. 


Thanks to some of our favorite people on the Internet for helping spread the word about Zeenii: 

"Support this worthwhile project." - Wired GeekDad

"Amy and her top-notch team have an app called Zeenii that will deliver smart weekly content to young thinkers, makers and explorers... It looks like a winner to me." - Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

"This looks like a worthwhile project to get younger kids interested in science." - Phil Plait, @BadAstronomer

"If my boys were still in the 7-10 age group, they would be jumping all over this app. If I were still in the 7-10 age group, I’d be jumping all over this app. Hell, I’m nearly 37-years-old and I want to get my hands on this app." - Jules Sherred, Geeky Pleasures


Say, what’s that you’re making?

We’re so glad you asked! This is an app called Zeenii for your 7 to 10-year-old, and it’s looking for a future home on your iPad. 

Get a new issue around an exciting topic each week.

I’m a kid. What should I know about Zeenii?

We’ve been talking to a bunch of kids your age, and we think you’re really going to like Zeenii. Each week you’ll get a different topic… stuff like roller coasters, outer space, cupcakes, the human body, exotic places, and strange bugs and animals. You’ll get to interact with these things in a way that really lets you learn about them. Put together a Mars rover and then launch it into space. Poke around in the brain and see what happens. Try to find the world’s smallest animals. Oh, and when you’re done with all that, check out the projects that you can do both on your iPad and off. Launch your own rocket. Complete the cupcake challenge. Go on a photographic scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. When you’re done with your project, share it with other kids in the Zeenii universe.

I’m a parent. Why would I want to spend money on Zeenii?

We know your kids probably spend a lot of their screen time playing games. There are some awesome games out there, but what we’ve been missing are entertaining apps for 7 to 10-year-olds that they can learn from and that can spark their imagination week after week. Every week brings fascinating topics with several ways to learn about that topic: interactive features, videos, digital projects, and offline projects. We encourage kids to play an active role in their community and the world, and safely connect them to their peers for inspiration and ideas in our curated, moderated galleries. 

I’m a teacher. Would I like Zeenii for my class?

Our primary goal is to engage kids with topics they’d like to learn more about, and by and large these will be nonfiction topics. Technology and informational texts are key goals in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and we can deliver on engaging texts to meet kids’ needs and interests. Plus, our long-term plans include teacher resources such as lesson plans, schedules, and a teacher community to easily use Zeenii in the classroom.

Our "Launch" issue will let kids explore Mars, time travel with TV, and build and launch a rocket.

What are you going to do with the money you collect?

The money we’re trying to raise will help us make the first issue of Zeenii. The “Launch” issue is all about rockets, aliens, and going to Mars. It will include: 

  • Mission to Mars: Learn all about the Mars Curiosity Rover as you assemble it, blast it off in a rocket, and land it on Mars. Once on Mars, take some pictures of the red planet. 
  • Spaceships Through the Ages: Flip through our Living Room Time Machine, turning on the TVs in each room to see spaceships as represented in science fiction over the last sixty years. 
  • Packing for Mars: Use your iPad camera to take pictures of the things that you would bring with you when you colonize Mars. 
  • Bottle Rocket How-to: Launch your own rocket with our step-by-step instructions.  

With this first issue, we’ll be testing with kids and parents before moving forward with follow-up issues to make sure we’ve got the best possible app experience for our audience and for you, our backers. 

Put together the Mars Curiosity Rover piece by piece, learning about each one.

What do you have going on so far?

Our core team is in place, the first issue design is ready, and we’ve identified the art and writing resources we need. We’re excited to develop the look and feel of Zeenii with fantastic avatars from artist Tim Goldman, whose art is featured in our video. We also have a technology partner ready to get started.

Who are you people?

Tabbed Media was founded by Bob Mate, David Ball, and Amy Kraft. We are veterans of the magazine publishing and children’s media industries. We pooled our brains into a delicious brainpower soup, and out came Zeenii. We also have an amazing advisory board of some of the best thinkers in business, marketing, education, and children’s media. Check out our website for more details.

What should I know about your rewards?

We've got lots of project ideas the likes of what you'll be seeing in Zeenii. Get "25 Projects to Do with a Cardboard Box", "50-Photo Challenge", and "100 Places to Travel With Your Kids" as pdf files by January 31. For $10, you'll get the first digital issue of our app, though for this to be a reality, we'll need to hit our goal. Please help us spread the word!

Stock photo credits: © Sebastian Kaulitzki - Fotolia.com, © Benjamin Simeneta - Fotolia.com, © arinahabich - Fotolia.com, © Ruth Black - Fotolia.com, © PHB.cz - Fotolia.com, © Kira Nova - Fotolia.com; Mars images © NASA; Wallpaper © Retromoderns - Flickr; TV © Gothopotam - Flickr

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    Have your own private Skype call or Google Hangout with our team, and pick a “Question of the Week” for an upcoming issue of Zeenii. And, of course, you’ll get all of the above rewards.

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    Help us pick one of our topics for an upcoming issue of Zeenii. What do you want to learn more about? Plus, get all of the above rewards.

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    Help us design an avatar. A robot? A ninja? A furry monster? You decide. Plus, the whole ball of wax of all of the rewards above.

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