ZeeMee presented by Zansors: Discover your unique sleep personality with sensors

Are you a Red-5 or Green-1? Stick, Sleep, Score. The ZeeMee patch senses your sleep personality when sleeping. Wake and see your score.

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We all have moods and personalities—but what about when we sleep? Is there such a thing as a sleep personality? Does your “sleep mood” at night affect your mood in the morning? How is who we are when we’re asleep connected to who we are during the day? Just like there is a personality type matrix called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, can we invent a "sleep personality" type?

Welcome to project ZeeMee, brought to you by the team at Zansors. We hope you’ll join us in developing something totally cool and different—a “wearable” sensor that detects and gathers information about how people sleep. Smart and sophisticated from a technology point of view, yet simple to use and understand, ZeeMee taps into our fascination with the mystery of sleep and dreams—and the very real impact sleep has on our daily lives:

  • Sleep is something we all do – animals too! We spend much of our lives sleeping, yet in many ways it’s a mystery.
  • The way you sleep is meaningful. Even when you’re not dreaming, your sleep is full of patterns and signs.
  • Your sleep helps define who you are and how you behave every day. It’s part of your personality. It’s profoundly connected to your mood and your outlook.

Do you remember mood rings? Well, Zansors wants to democratize our technology and create a fun, easy-to-use device that reports on your sleep in the morning—so you get a “sleep personality” score that you can talk about and compare with others. Are you a Green-2 (we call that Black Bear); Yellow-3 (Siamese House Cat) or are you a Red-4 or 5 (Sloth or Shark)?  See our matrix below for some of our other "scores." 

With your help, we can bring ZeeMee to life.

We are a start-up based in Washington D.C called Zansors. A few of our Z-Crew superheros (tech nerds who love to make/build) key to this project are:  

The Z-Crew came together a year ago because we love technology and the mystery of sleep. We came up with the concept of ZeeMee because we were all curious about our own sleep personalities and figured other people would would be interested as well.  With that ZeeMee was born!


  • ZeeMee is a wireless sleep patch powered by micro-sensors. It’s comfortable and easy to sleep with.
  • When you wake up, ZeeMee will tell you how you slept. It displays a color (green, yellow, or red) and a number (1 to 5).
  • The color is based on the way you breathed during the night.
  • The number is based your motion—how much you tossed and turned.

ZeeMee's color and number give a unique "sleep personality" - see the score table below

ZeeMee's color and number give a unique "sleep personality" - see the score table below

Knowing your sleep personality can be helpful for you and others: Stay away from the Red-5! How is the Yellow-3 going to act around me? You will discover how your mood and temperament during sleep affects your day - and vice versa.  We've developed our own "sleep personality" type for you to compare for fun.

What unique sleep personality do you wake up to?

What unique sleep personality do you wake up to?


Zansors builds high-quality, low-cost micro/nano sensor platforms. These sensors are the same ones in your car (air bag sensor, tire pressure sensors), iPhone, or Microsoft Kinect.

Our knowledge and expertise is not just in sensors, but also in both software analytics and design. We have an expert team exploring new ways to make technology platforms more creative, easy to use, and relevant to our daily lives.

ZeeMee represents the best of our technology married to the best of our creative thinking—a great way to bring innovation to unexpected places.  


  • Simple and easy-to-use: You just wake up and look at the color and number readout for your sleep personality.
  • Super hardware technology inside: We packed 99 parts in a small space, including micro-controller, sensors, and battery.
  • Super software algorithms built inside: We have studied breathing and motion to build unique algorithms to give you your sleep personality score.
  • Small: The ZeeMee patch is 1.5 inch x 2.0 inch.
  • Comfortable: Feels hardly there, like a band-aid on your neck.
  • Rugged, but kind to your skin: We use special adhesives from our supplier that are used for band-aids or dermal patches.
  • Affordable: Our smart team found the "special-sauce" to democratize this technology.


We need your help to produce the first batch of ZeeMee sensor patches and democratize the technology. Not only do we need your financial backing, but we need curious and technology savvy users ready and willing to explore their sleep personality using sensor technology.  We've done our homework too - we made physical prototypes and tested with our special software.

Indiegogo community can complete the ZeeMee project!

 Indiegogo community can complete the ZeeMee project!

ZeeMee prototype is small, on our adhesive pad, and our Jill Spaeth showing the easy peel-and-stick patch

ZeeMee prototype is small, on our adhesive pad, and our Jill Spaeth showing the easy peel-and-stick patch

Jill placing the prototype on her neck and showing that she is ready to sleep and score

Jill placing the prototype on her neck and showing that she is ready to sleep and score

In the above photos, you can see a physical prototype that was fabricated at our foundry and tested (while person sleeping). The size is small and can be attached to a specialized adhesive.

YOUR HELP WILL GET US TO THE FINISH LINE and ready for production with our beautiful, final design!  Here's what we have completed since March 2012:  

  • Developed the sleep score algorithms corresponding to colors and numbers based on breathing and motion patterns during sleep
  • Bill of materials for hardware components created
  • Electrical schematics completed
  • Embedded/firmware software completed
  • Prototype developed at a semiconductor foundry and professional testing conducted
  • Supply chain and logistics established - not in our garage but in a professional space
  • Identified the right adhesives by an expert firm in the space
  • Consulted with experts in sleep

Achievement before Indiegogo

With your pledge of $75 or more, you will be one of the first to explore this new world of sleep personality using sensor technology.    


Starting with a pledge of $75 or more you get the fully assembled wireless sensor patch called ZeeMee (see final version picture below).  You take the ZeeMee out of the box, press the button and have fun discovering your sleep personality using sensors.  

ZeeMee's Hardware

Classic:  If you support the CLASSIC, then there is only one piece and it'sZeeMee.  No other external parts besides some extra sticky pads so you have fresh one to use each night.  The Zansors team has put together 99 parts that go on the miniaturized PC board.  The hardware includes micro-controllers for software processing, semiconductor circuits, micro-sensors for measuring breathing and motion, and memory to store your sleep personality data.

Special Edition:  If you support the SPECIAL EDITION, then you will not only get the ZeeMee but you will get a special cord that allows for recharging.

ZeeMee's Size  

A picture is worth a thousand words. Need we say more?

ZeeMee wireless sensor patch - size comparison

ZeeMee wireless sensor patch - size comparison

ZeeMee's Software

All of the software is built inside the hardware.  If you support the CLASSIC, just stick it on and go to sleep. You do not have to download anything.  The software to measure breathing sounds and motion were developed by our Chief Data Science Officer who has a Ph.D. in biostatistics; he made the proprietary algorithms.  We also have an embedded/firmware software engineer to make sure the software works 100% with hardware. 

If you support the SPECIAL EDITION, you get a free app (sleep log) that will sync with your ZeeMee so you can read your sleep personality data real-time (second-by-second) like stock charts or sports stats. Our Information Architect guru and software developers are designing a beautiful experience for you.  The Z-team will post updates on this site on the progress of this app before the April delivery.  This very same team made the app called Sleep Champ based on University of Michigan research so we know how to make apps and get approval from Apple and Google.   


  • Size: 1.5 inch x 2.0 inch (2.5 cm x 5.0 cm); 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) thick
  • Weight:  0.1 ounces (4.0 grams)
  • Battery:  3 volts; coin battery that you can replace
  • Display:  LED lights (Green, yellow, red) and numerical values 1- 5  

If you donate $22 to help launch ZeeMee, then you can collect some swag! Not only is this a water bottle, but impress your friends with it's detachable wine cup for those fancy occasions. We throw in a ZeeMee sticker too!

Unique bottle design by our friends at Dopper plus ZeeMee sticker


Zansors is focused on creating the next generation sensor platform integrated with software analytics and design.  We want to democratize our sensor technology and make it available inexpensively to all.  There are eight core members at Zansors and we are an integrated team with experience in User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX); Design, Data Science, Software Engineering, Bioengineering, and Business.  Our smart and energetic team believes in 100% quality.  

Z-Crew Team "working hard and playing hard."

Z-Crew Team "working hard and playing hard."

Z-Crew Team working

Z-Crew Team working

Jill Spaeth is our Chief Creative Officer and she is leading this ZeeMeeproject.  She is a leading force in the Washington D.C. area when it comes to design and creativity.  She has been a featured panel speaker on design for several years at DC Week where local entrepreneurs come together. Jill recently completed her term as the youngest President of AIGA DC, the 6th largest AIGA Chapter in the nation with over 900 members. She managed a board of 23 dedicated volunteers that brought meaningful programs and initiatives in design to the local community. In 2007 she helped to start the AIGA DC Design Continuum Fund which has awarded over $10K in scholarships to local design students. Outside of design, Jill is an avid road cyclist and typically covers 130 miles by bike per week. She recently raised over $2,500 for Pelotonia, a grass roots bike tour in Ohion with one goal: END CANCER.   

Abhijit Dasgupta, Ph.D. is our Chief Data Science Officer and he looks at all data from breathing to motion and builds algorithms relevant to our sleep personality color and number scores.  He has a Ph.D. from University of Washington and has been a faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University and advisor to National Institutes of Health (NIH).  His love for data can be genetic data or digital data (0's and 1's).  He is a leading organizer of "Big Data" Meetups in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Dave Warner is our Chief Technology Officer and leading the technical aspects of our platform.  He has 12+ years in software and hardware development in the auto industry besides a M.B.A. from University of Michigan and B.S. in electrical engineering degree.  He has had direct impact on electronic engine control modules, infotainment radio displays, and digital satellite radio firmware.  He's delivered solutions to Ford Motor Company, Lycoming Engines, Sirius Satellite Radios, Panasonic, and Sony.  His past work experiences include travelling to manufacturing hubs like to Mexico and India to make sure projects are delivered on time.  

Ranjit Das, M.D. is our Chief Innovation Officer and guides the team with cutting-edge ideas for the sensor platform.  He keeps an eye on science and technology trends and determines how to apply them for real-world use.  He believes innovative ideas come from being on the "front-lines" with technology users and understanding their experiences. As an avid follower of sci-fi movies, his ideas are imagined "out of this world" but grounded for our current state of technology innovation.   

We are excited to present these stars to you besides the other team members and partners.  Also, key to the team is Donna Oetzel who is our Chief Storyteller and she recognized the importance to combine the concepts of sleep and personality using technologies.

Some highlights about Zansors:

It's an honor to serve you.  In order to deliver success, we have recruited amazing partners not only to reach success but show you credibility with the high-caliber partners. Our partners are amazing folks and we hope you visit them and work with them:

  • Semiconductor Hybrid Assembly:  The semiconductor hardware assembly including electronics and integrated circuits and testing are done at SHA based in Wixom, Michigan who has been a reliable, high-quality supplier for auto and defense industries, and 
  • Prototype Production Inc. (PPI):  PPI's CTO Ben Feldman and Greg Paulsen are helping us with the prototyping (final look-and-feel) in addition to the assembly and logistics (shipping and warehousing).  They have state-of-the art machines and experienced staff.  If the federal government goes to them, then we know they can get the job done.

 Benjamin Feldman - Chief Technology Officer

Team on This Campaign: