Yvette Horizon

A tale of vengeance, romance and piracy on the cruel black oceans of space. Shooting complete, headed to post & VFX...

 Update: This campaign is now closed, but work on the film continues. If you wanted to contribute we will be back with a new campaign in February 2013, and meantime visit us over at www.yvettehorizon.com on facebook and @yvettehorizon on twitter for regular updates.

What is Yvette Horizon?

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SHORT VERSION: Space Pirates! Lady space pirates and BAFTA winning composers and special effects and alien worlds! Join our completion campaign, to help us finish our film in 3 months, after which you'll receive immediate exclusive access to the film in higher resolution than will be available elsewhere, receive ongoing exclusive making-of material and earn a film credit. Help us steal back space fantasy! Read on...

A tale of vengeance, romance and piracy on the cruel black oceans of space! A breathless pulp adventure in a cutthroat world of aliens, monsters and pirates, featuring chases and space battles, all in a ten minute (approx) short.

Now, using only our own resources and with an outstanding cast and crew working for the love of misadventure, we have finished principal photography (the bit with the actors). We have bought this ambitious story to life - with your help we can bring it to the screen!

Completion Funding

Every shot in Yvette Horizon is an effects shot. The fotage you see in our campaign video is untouched, waiting to be enriched and expanded into our pirate galaxy through digital compositing, matte paintings and other effects techniques. The final film promises space battles, killer robots, bizarre aliens and vast dystopic fantasy environments.

The whole film has been shot without a green-screen, to bring a reality to our world and expand on our unique London locations. We have realized much of our world in-camera with prosthetic effects and life size puppets, but there is still much more to do! Your contribution will help us realise not only all the digital effects, but also traditional creature effects including new puppeteered characters and stop-motion monsters!

We have an amazing soundtrack lined up, mixing orchestral, electro, punk rock and folk elements, and an original score from BAFTA winner Jason Graves, composer for videogame titles including Dead Space, City of Heroes, Tomb Raider numerous Star Trek games, and some of our own earlier films.

All of this is ready and waiting to happen, it's just a question of time and resources.

Your Contribution and Awards

If we meet or exceed our goal, our promise is to dedicate 3 months exclusively to delivering Yvette Horizon by April 2013. At that time every contributor will gain special first run access to an exclusive 1080p HD copy of the film. The rest of the world will be waiting some months until after festival season for the global release of a smaller 720p version. So you'll be seeing it first and best quality.

Additional awards for higher contributors are detailed adjacent and further down.

Why that sum, it seems a lot/too little?

Our goal represents the basic possible cost at which we can dedicate resources into a three month completion period. Any contribution in excess of that sum will go right back into the film, helping produce it yet faster and to an even better quality.

If we do not meet our goal we will still complete the film, but it will have to take a backseat to other paying work and the daily grind, which will drag the release out much further in a way we really don't want to think about. This is a passion project, and for those who have been with us since the very beginning (our Yveterans) it has already been 2 years of weekend shoots and broken schedules and these wonderful contributing artists deserve to have their work seen while they still have some of their youth!

Who are you guys again, and why is this film?

Spite Your Face Productions are a video and animation company based in London, England, known for virals, commercial short, music videos etc - so we have this effects thing down. But Yvette is our first independent passion project in over a decade. 

Our last indie film turned into a popular series of films, and proved to inspire a whole generation of younger filmmakers. With Yvette we're looking to help widen the gates of indie film into areas considered the territory of blockbusters. If we can realize something like Yvette Horizon through crowdfunding and social media – as a publicly supported personal project, then others can do the same. Occupy Outer Space!

Higher contributor rewards?


All contributors get exclusive preview access to the film in 1080p HD upon completion, and access to a stream of exclusive ongoing making-of content including videos and photos. Plus a special thanks in the end credits.


All the above plus 1080p HD version of the animatic - the hand drawn 'cartoon' video-storyboard of the full film used to produce the shoot.


All of the above, plus an Associate Producers credit on the film end credits.


All of the above plus an original digital pdf format art book comprising hundreds of exclusive pictures and content, all chronicling the making of the film in detail (to be produced and delivered after production, of course)


All of the above, plus your choice of merchandise item (t-shirt, iPhone cover etc) from one of our stores at Redbubble or Spreadshirt. Other items being currently added, and variant designs may become available upon request.


All of the above, plus an original hand drawn illustration of yourself as a space pirate (or otherwise if you prefer) by the director. Examples of his work here.

Tell us more about the story

The film is a breathless air-drop into a cutthroat alien world, with no clear heroes or villains, so we don't want to give too much of the plot away. But we promise you monsters, chases, space battles, strong female charcaters and a punk attitude. It's an original space fantasy vision, with a heritage drawning on anime, british sci-fi and french BD comics like L'incal and Métal Hurlant, all combined with a classic pirate mythos in a way that nobody has filmed before.

DISCLAIMER: Yvette Horizon is PG13 material, but the story contains some gay-friendly themes. You may not want to give us their money if that's a problem for you (and we may not want to take it.)

What happens when the film is finished?

If our Indiegogo campaign is successful, then following your contributors exclusive access preview in April 2013, the film will tour the major festivals. All this while we will be plugging and pushing the film in every possible direction that a short film can go, with a mind to kicking off our next, bigger, more ambitious project. What form that next step takes is down to you and the events of the next couple weeks, but rest assured we will be continuing to explore new territories in indie film making.

So is this going to be a series?

No. Maybe. Yvette Horizon is a stand-alone short film, designed to entertain on its own terms. Where we go next will be decided by you and by the (hopeful) success of our completion campaign. The ideas in Yvette are lifted in part from a whole other idea we have for a tv show – so we could revisit the Yvette world in another short, jump to a feature, drop it in favour of that whole other (similar but unrelated) show or do something completely new. We’re ready for any of those options and frankly could do this forever (srsly, go make a pirate film it’s awesome) but we’ll see how it goes. One thing at a time.

Do you want to know more?

Everyone, including non-contributors can already visit our site including 100+ production photos, read our FAQ and follow us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr. Remember to like and share us if you stop by! You can also support us by choosing merchandise (including non-branded designs) direct from our stores at Redbubble and Spreadshirt.


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