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YUN-II Gimbal is a 3 axis camera stabilizer with remote control function for cameras under 500g; YUN-II makes your professional filming experiance.
Zheng Ma
Hong Kong
1 Team Member

YUN-II 3 Axis Gimbal system for Camera under 500g 

The YUN-II is an advanced 3-axis digital camera gimbal that can be used for cameras under 500 grams. 

 The YUN-II 3 Axis Gimbal system allows the video enthusiast to capture great footage in any condition.

What is included of YUN-II Gimbal Package?

YUN-II Brushless Gimbal structure:

The frame has been constructed from high quality materials including: aircraft aluminum, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. It is easily adjustable for you to balance the camera when you want to change the position of the camera or the lens.


-Using the custom AlexMos products allows the YUN-II to be highly customized and personalized to your camera, the modes we supply include the following inventions:   A mode for creative mounting possibilities and  'remote mode' for remote operation.

All the connector plugs are designed to be on one side and has a special designed case that is compatible with Mac & PC.

Remote Control power system:

-This battery is awesome!!! Not only is it perfectly suitable for The controller but also can used for your FPV screen power supply. The remote control power switch functions are very convenient for outdoor use.

Surgical-Steel Handle Bar :

-After many design prototypes, we finally choose the design that is simple and comfortable to use. This handle bar is made with high quality stainless steel, rubber and comes with a built-in leveler.

Remote Controller

-The small size RC controller with 2.4G has 2 channels to remote control your YUN-II and it only needs 4xAA batteries only.

What's so cool and different about it?

What makes the YUN-II the greatest Gimbal is that besides ensuring stable performance, we also focused on the whole design package, user friendly detail, and a 3 axis stabilizer that is still the cutting edge in technology - supported by the customized motor. The easily adjustable structure, remote power switch battery and great looking design handholding platform are just the bonuses.,

All YUN-II mounting accessories will be available at actioncamz.com

YUN-II Specifications:

YUN-II Gimbal Weight: 340g 

YUN-II Hand-Hold set Weight: 949g (without Battery and Camera) 

Materials: High Quality Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Rubber 

Compatible Cameras: adaptable to most camera under 500g: Sony Nex 5R plug & play 

Motors: Brushless, Rewound 14 poles 

Battery: 1800mAh Li-Po 11.1V 

 Battery Weight: 183.5g 98mmx60mmx22mm 

Run-Time: 1hr or more

No programming is required for Sony Nex 5R Camera. for the different camera, please download the profile from Actioncamz. New YUN-II users will own a product that delivers smooth camera action right out of the box. Best of all, it's affordable with an anticipated MSRP of $699.

Product Roadmap :

Design for controller board, controller case: 2013 May

Design for Gimbal structure:2013 May

Testing Motors: 2013 Aug

Prototype Progression: 2013 Oct

Manufacturing Timeline:

* Kickstarter Launch Dec 15, 2013 * 

Begin building first 100 YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set - (based upon Kickstarter demand) * Kickstarter Ends Jan 4, 2013 - Ship first 99 YUN-II gimbals to early bird supporters * 

Begin building next batch of YUN-II * Ship second batch of YUN-II gimbals , Feb 2014

Our Story

The YUN Team is the first group in the world that made the Brushless Controller. Our team went to Moscow to study the Brushless Gimbal technology with Alexmos and the basecam team in order to ensure the best performance of our full line product. Once the project is funded our manufacturer will begin CNC and building the YUN-II frames. Those parts will then be transported to Actioncamz HQ and be 100% assembled and configured. We will be ready to ship the first 99 sets YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set as soon as Kickstarter campaign is finished (it pays to be an early supporter!). After the first batch is made and sent out, we will be working on the next batch of YUN-II handheld Gimbal Sets.

The Founders of the YUN-Team are truly a multinational group.

Max Ma from China, Project manager knowledge in RC industry specially in Project management, 

Alexmos from Russia started the project Simple BGC in 2012 now under Basecam, which provide a lot of contribution to this project, 

Jay Bonaobra from Canada has 8 years of experience in specialized specialized electronics and technology adaptations and user-interface modules and he has Degrees in International Marketing and Strategy from Schulich and Peking University. 

As the first team making the Brushless Gimbal (YUN-I) in the world, we experienced a lots failures and also gained a lot of experience and reputation in the RC industry. Through hundreds of hours of trial and error, our mission to achieve high quality aerial video for our own use and also for the blooming short movie market, led to the creation of YUN-II handheld Gimbal Set for traditional film makers and RC aerial video enthusiast. YUN-means cloud in Chinese.


Thanks for your support and checking out our YUN-II handheld Gimbal Set! Please watch the video and have a read through the FAQs below. To help fund our project simply click the green button on the right and follow the easy instructions. Thanks!

Risks and challenges

We've put an incredible amount of effort into preparing for production of the YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set. We're confident in our supply chain and there's a minimum amount of development left before we can be ready to produce and ship a product we know we can be proud of. 
However, there are some things out of our control that could affect our timeline. 
Each YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set will be assembled by hand in our workshop. We’ll have to rely on 3rd party suppliers and shipping services to get the materials we need. Delays in shipping could affect our delivery date. 
Production & QC 
Making sure the YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set is produced flawlessly means we’ll be paying close attention to quality control. We’re prepared to remake any defective part but this could potentially delay shipping of units. 
There’s a small chance packages could be delayed in customs. We’re using DHL for all of our shipping requirements in order to limit the possibility of problems getting the YUN-II handhold Gimbal Set in your hands.

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  • $20USD
    Early supporter

    You Rock! With your backing your name will be engraved onto a giant Acetate Plate that will be prominently mounted in our company HQ, you will also be an official member of the ActionCamz Team by wearing our super-hip T-Shirt and an ActionCamz Logo Sticker. and a coupon worth 100USD for you to purchase YUN-II Gimbal set after we release the product Thank you again for your support! Shipping free to all countries

    1 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $170USD
    Controller package

    Thanks for helping us get started! In addition to the previous level of pledge rewards(T-shirt, name on the wall,100USD coupon) you will also be one of the first to own our next generation stabilizer controller at a very special price at 170USD, Save $39! This is for ONLY the Gimbal Controller. This is NOT the entire gimbal package. This controller is compatible and usable for virtually all custom frame and motor contraptions.total package worth $309! Free shipping for all countries.

    0 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $449USD

    for YUN-II GIMBAL COMBO!(Save $250 value). Grab our next generation 3-axis stabilizer combo package at an amazing Early Supporter price. The package includes: The Stabilizer Gimbal, Gimbal Controller, 1x battery pack, battery charger, handle-bar, remote controller, on/off remote power switch, and full multilingual language support. This will also include Engraving and T-shirt rewards. This package with free shipping to all countries

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $499USD

    YUN-II GIMBAL COMBO! Save $200 off the retail price! YUN-II plug and play package: The Stabilizer Gimbal, YUN3xs Controller, 1x battery pack, battery charger, handle-bar, remote controller, on/off remote power switch, and full multilingual language support. This will also include Engraving and T-shirt rewards. This package with free shipping to all countries

    0 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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