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Do you love to play the Villain? Then crush the forces of good in the epic battle for Yrminsul! Muahahahaha!
Black Flag Studio
1 Team Member

10 months ago the YRMINSUL adventure began. Four friends decided to join forces to create an original and fun game.
In June 2013, convinced of the future of YRMINSUL, we decided to create our own studio: Black Flag. As you could see in the video and demonstration, YRMINSUL has progressed nicely and with the release date approaching, we need you to answer this question: just how far can we go?
Pour nos amis Francophones une traduction est disponible en cliquant sur ce lien :  


Have you had enough of nice and friendly heroes? Then become the villain of the piece! Get your own back on the pathetic forces of the good and make them finally understand that evil is something to be taken seriously, and must be well done. Resist their combined attacks during a game combining strategy and Tower Defense phases in a persistent universe. Make their islands, which make up this boring haven of peace, fall one by one. Evil spirits, boastfulness and a tendancy towards machievelic laughter will finally be rewarded through a title which renews the codes of the genre.

Yrminsul is almost finished with almost 90% of its features already completed. The game's official launch is planned in April so it's not a risky campaign at all. The purpose of the campaign is "How far can we go?", in other terms: which features do you want to add to Yrminsul to make it the best possible game?

We need your help to finish YRMINSUL for one main reason:

  • We are first and foremost gamers and certain additions were essential to us to enhance the pleasure of the game play. Over time we added new enemies, increased the map, and implemented many additional elements of gameplay to be able to propose a longer and more fun game. So many of these elements are already integrated in the game, some still remain under construction and need a lot of work. YRMINSUL is fun, but with your help, it will be even more!

Only your participation can reveal the true potential of Yrminsul!

We are convinced of the value of YRMINSUL, of its potential and the pleasure it will be able to give you. By helping us, you will gain access to the extended demo of Yrminsul under 48H. This one proposes a 13 level campaign. The final version will have 31 levels and is scheduled for April.

Thank you,
the Black Flag team

Founded in June 2013 in Bordeaux, France, the Black Flag Studio was born from the desire of four friends to create their own video game creation studio. Despite being a young company, our know-how is based on a solid experience of video games. We are professionals of creation, development and diffusion of video games. We have met and worked together in various studios of Bordeaux and were lucky to be able to take part in the development of many fun video projects over the years.

Quick steps to help us!

Financing Yrminsul does not involve any risk since we are close to releasing the game!

Your donations will determine the final form of Yrminsul and the functionalities available for the release. There will be a game released, that's sure, but how rich and full it will be is up to you!

You have a role to play: help us to improve Yrminsul and to make the best possible game! Your help will make all the difference.

Vote for the next feature of Yrminsul!

YRMINSUL is a strategy game where each combat is held in the form of a Tower Defence. Throughout a vast campaign, you will discover many elements which have made strategy games so successful:

  • Tower Defence: You like the frenzy of Tower Defence? YRMINSUL is a frenzied Tower Defence in 3D and with full contents: more than 30 types of enemies belonging to 3 distinct armies (Goblins, Elves and Monsters), 15 customisable turrets, 16 spells and 31 levels to be played.

  • Tactics: Before every combat, you will have to choose 4 different towers and 4 spells carefully among those available in order to ensure the defense of your territories. You will find that knowing the nature and the weaknesses of your enemies is essential. Will you prefer to use mono-target or wide-range weapons, to inflict magical or physical damage, to slow down your opponents or to use controlling powers on them? Every army attacking you has its strengths and weaknesses; its up to you to make the right choices to be victorious.

  • Strategy: Choose which island to attack carefully and study your enemies to evaluate their forces better. In YRMINSUL your opponents will try to take back the land you conquered so wickedly. You will have to defend your territories from surprise attacks of your enemies and at the same times conquer new ones. The universe of YRMINSUL is ever persistent. Thus you will be able to come and go to your islands and to choose the best angle of attack for your next conquest. Each tower built could be lost if you do not defend against an enemy counter-attack on your back lines.

  • Management: In YRMINSUL, you will have to manage only one single resource: Infamy. It represents your evil power, enables you to build your defenses, to improve them and discover new strategies. Thanks to the research system you can unblock new towers and new devastating powers allowing you to face increasingly powerful enemies. Will you be able to use your resources sparingly to keep your territory under control?

  • Universe and history: Beyond the strategic campaign, you will discover that YRMINSUL has a rich universe to explore. Each of the 31 levels of the play is chock full of detail and secrets to be discovered. Ten interactive comic strips retrace the key moments of battle for YRMINSUL.

We need $12000 to finish Yrminsul the way we originally imagined it. However, there are so many possible ideas and additions left! To discover the first stretch goal of Yrminsul, we need to get to $3000 first.

Once we reach the first hurdle, you will discover the many surprises in store!

All Backers will be credited in the game as their reward tier and all Backers will receive an access link to the extended demo of Yrminsul within 48H!

The rewards will be delivered one month after the end of the campaign. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

Wanna listen the soundtrack, here's a sample!



Why Indie Gogo?

Our campaign is not an 'all or nothing' campaign. Yrminsul will be released and is close to being finished, however your assistance will enable us to enrich the game to make it even more fun!

In this way, Indiegogo is perfectly adapted to our campaign since our goal is to know where you want us to go with Yrminsul.

What is the money used for?

The financial needs necessary for finalization of Yrminsul have been thoroughly established by the team. Apart from the cost of sending and manufacturing the rewards, 100% of the collected money will be dedicated to the development of Yrminsul!

Who can play Yrminsul?

We were lucky to take part in the Animasia festival where many people could test Yrminsul. And it was with great pleasure that we saw some 10-year-old children as well as players without a strong video-game culture having fun while playing Yrminsul!

The hardcore gamers have not been forgotten since we plan to add an additional mode of difficulty to Yrminsul just for them and four challenge islands will be available for the release!

What do you plan next?

Yrminsul is not a One Shot game. In the first opus, only a tiny part of the universe and gameplay are explored. However, Yrminsul is not our only project and we will present our future concepts once Yrminsul is finished!

To which country will you send the rewards, is there an additional cost?

most countries are delivered, do not hesitate to contact us if you have a doubt as to the shipping

Will Yrminsul be released on Linux?

Created with Unity, compatability with Linux has been planned, but in the absence of a test platform, we cannot guarantee Linux support.

Yrminsul on smartphone, tablet or console?

We would like to propose Yrminsul on platforms other than PC and Mac! However, we will not be able to adapt it for Smartphones (the screen is too small). An adaptation on tablets is possible just like for showroom consoles, but we will consider this possibility once Yrminsul is finished.

How can I to help you?

In addition to helping us financially, you can help us in many different ways:

·  By playing: We made this game for you, the more fun you have, the happier we will be!

·  In your feedback: Your opinion and your suggestions are very important for us, please let us know what you think!

·  By sharing: If you liked Yrminsul, whether you financed it or not, speaking about it to your friends is the best way of helping us. Feel free to follow us on Tweeter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube!

How can I contact you?

You can join the chat on crowdfunding forum!

We really want to exploit all of YRMINSUL's potential, and for that, we need your criticisms, opinions and suggestions. Feel free to contact us: contact(@)studioblackflag.com!

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  • $5USD
    Goblin - Support Pack!

    Thank you for you support! +Credited as Goblin in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H

    1 claimed
  • $10USD
    Goblin Warrior

    Limited Edition! Credited as Goblin Warrior in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +Digital copy of Yrminsul

    17 out of 30 claimed
  • $15USD
    Goblin Chieftain

    Credited as Goblin Chieftain in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +Digital copy of Yrminsul

    4 claimed
  • $50USD

    Credited as Adventurer in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +Digital copy of Yrminsul +Another Yrminsul's download key to share with a friend +Exclusive Wallpapers +Digital OST +Postcard +Digital Comic book of Yrminsul!

    14 claimed
  • $100USD

    Credited as Hero in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +Digital copy of Yrminsul +Another Yrminsul's download key to share with a friend +Exclusive Wallpapers +Digital OST +Postcard +Digital Comic book of Yrminsul! +T-shirt

    6 claimed
  • $200USD

    Credited as Inquisitor in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +5 Digital copies of Yrminsul +Exclusive Wallpapers +Digital OST +Postcard +Digital Comic book of Yrminsul! +T-shirt +Ambassador Pack (see details in the Rewards section)

    4 claimed
  • $500USD

    Credited as Emperor in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +5 Digital copies of Yrminsul +Exclusive Wallpapers +DigitalOST +Postcard +Digital Comic book of Yrminsul! +T-shirt +You can choose the name of one of the 31 LEVELS in the game.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    Credited as Demon in Yrminsul +Extended beta demo within 48H +5 Digital copies of Yrminsul +Exclusive Wallpapers +Digital OST +Postcard +Digital Comic book of Yrminsul! +T-shirt +Yrminsul tarp 2x2M signe dby the team +You can choose the name of one of the 9 BOSS in the game.

    0 claimed
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