Youth Revolution

Daughter of Greenpeace founder, Emily Hunter discovers story of her own generation's revolution & what it will take to save their future

UPDATE: December 7, 2012 - NEW GOAL $7,000

We reached our initial funding goal early. Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the word. Please keep the momentum going! The amount $5000 is to cover our basic costs. With a higher budget we can register to pitch our idea at the Hot Docs Film Festival, the largest documentary festival in North America. Support the film and help make it happen! 

quoteThe Film & Start-Up Fund 

What is this generation’s revolution? Activist & filmmaker, Emily Hunter is starting a new documentary film to answer this question. Think of her book The Next Eco-Warriors but bigger!

Youth are described as the “lost generation,” a generation crippled by the economic and ecological crises of our time. But is there another side to this story? Weaving together key players from youth movements in the Arab Spring to the Maple Spring, Emily will discover a generation’s story in the making. 

But before we can tell you more about the film, we need your support. We have a great idea, but we're just in the development stage of this project. While there are grants and financing for films already in production or post-production, there are little to no funds for films to get their start.  

That is why we are asking for a ‘Start-up Fund’ to turn our idea into a competitive pitch package to sell to the documentary film industry. But these days, filmmakers need more than fancy words & written proposals, but a professional video trailer & preliminary filming completed. So this start-up fund will do just that & will ignite our film project!  

BONUS: Become a Film Producer! By supporting the film with $25 or more, your name will recieve credit in the film as a "community film producer," as well as additional perks (see perks). 

Emily's StoryGreenpeace

My name is Emily Hunter, I was literally born into the environmental movement, as my parents were the co-founders of Greenpeace. My father, Robert Hunter, was the first president of Greenpeace and my mother, Bobbi Hunter, was the first women to save a whale by blocking a harpoon at sea. You could say activism is in my blood.

But being a second-generation activist, I’ve become obsessed with one question: "what is my generation’s revolution?" I am on a mission to discover that now with this new film project. Looking at not just youth environmental movements, but economic and social justice. Following key players of these movements and interweaving my own personal narrative – I will attempt to tell the story of a new kind of youth revolt.

Emily holding camera Over the past eights years, I've been documenting youth movements from the frontlines. I have hosted and co-produced four TV-documentaries on MTV News Canada’s IMPACT, ranging from the UN climate summits to the Toronto G20. My work has been showcased on CBC, CTV Canada AM, City TV Toronto and more. I’ve also published a book,      The Next Eco-Warriors in 2011 by Conari Press on youth eco-movements. Currently, I speak across campuses in the US and Canada about youth activism. 

As an activist myself, I have campaigned with Sea Shepherd to save whales in Antarctica; coordinated a Day of Action across Canada with 350.org to demand climate justice; and joined protests in the Borneo rainforest trying to end deforestation. Now it’s time to inspire a new generation with this feature-length documentary film. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need to create a pitch package with a video trailer that can compete, if it is to be granted production funding & picked up by distributors. That means we’ll need the following: 

Basic Costs = $5,000

  • $3,000 - Professional DSLR camera (Panasonic camera body, lenses & tripod) 
  • $600 - Preliminary filming budget (travel expenses, lighting and audio equipment rental) 
  • $300 - Music/ Animation budget 
  • $750 - Professional Editor 
  • $350 - One-on-One pitch consulting with renowned “Documentary Doctor” 

Additional costs = $2,000

  • $1,400 - Hot Docs industry representative registration fee (including taxes) 
  • $600 - Indiegogo & Paypal fees 

While $7,000 may seem like a lot, we're essentially producing a short film with the video trailer. This also covers our costs to pitch the film at the largest documentary film festival in North America, Hot Docs. Lastly, every dollar you contribute goes towards beginning the film project itself, as the same preliminary filming and equipment will also be used in completing the film.

By supporting this start-up fund with $25 or more you'll recieve credit in the film as a community film producerl, as well as additional perks (see perks). 

The Impact


The timing is NOW to tell this story. As the events of the past two years have shown, from the Arab Spring to the Maple Spring, young people are at the forefront of changing what is possible. But this story is only told in fragmented parts in the media, not as a collective story of a generation discovering itself. We believe that delivering this documentary film will both reflect and catalyze a global awakening in youth to be a part of a blossoming new movement.

But whether you’re a youth, a parent or a grandparent – this is a story of hope that needs to be told in the challenging time ahead.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to give money at this time, please help by spreading the word via:

  • Share this Indiegogo campaign on Facebook, Twitter & other social media 
  • Email friends/ family and anyone interested in supporting a change-making film 
  • Anything to spread the word!

Thank you for your help!

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