"Youth" is a 30 minute film about being a teenager.


“Youth” is a 30 minute dramedy about being a teenager. It’s about love, loss, and being free. It’s about change and escaping and realizing what really matters in the shadow of an intricate adolescent mind. It’s about internal struggle while physically striving to not become a single impression on someone. It’s a story about friendship, and realization. But most importantly, it’s a story about being a kid, and being wild before you can’t anymore. It’s about being a kid and being everything you can before things change.

About Max

Max Galassi is a 15 year old film maker living in Newtown, Connecticut. Ever since the beginning of time Max has had a passion for writing and film making. Early in his freshmen year of high school, he became involved with the Westport Youth Film Festival, where he was on the youth board of directors. He attended meetings weekly and did many things to prepare for the film festival in June. Along the way, he met a writer who inspired a short film that he created in February. This film was selected for the national youth film festival (NFFTY), which was held in April 2012. After this, Max was so inspired that he decided to make a 20 minute movie of his own titled "Astral". He wrote, "Astral" during his freshman year and directed, filmed, and edited the movie in the summer of 2012. Finishing this film in the fall of his sophmore year was a challenge, but It payed off. In February, he set up a screening for "Astral" along with another short he made titled "Sophie’s Tree" at the Healing Newtown Arts Center in Newtown. More than 120 people came to watch the two movies he created and a student art exhibit that he arranged there as well. Soon after this, "Sophie’s Tree" was selected to be in the National Youth Film Festival (NFFTY). On top of creating his own movies, he has created professional music videos and promotional videos for clients and friends over the past two years. Along the way, he picked up a passion for photographing people. He loves taking head shots and recently began doing it professionally. Max is also involved heavily in the performing arts. He has been trained vocally and in acting.  

Why I Need You

I hope to film “Youth” this summer. With the money I get through this, I am hoping to buy better camera equipment, costumes, props, and permits to use certain locations. This film means so much to me, and I would love to be able to begin production in a couple of weeks. I want to create a powerful film that really touches people, and portrays a messege that is very important in todays society. In order for it to be the best it can be, I truly need your help. So please share this video with everybody you know, and help make this huge vision of mine come to life. Thank you. 

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