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It's been a year since I've had access to a ceramics studio. With your hand in mine, help me kick start my way back into producing art.
Christine Longoria
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member

Short Summary

My name is Christine Longoria and I'm a ceramic artist. I started working in clay 7 years ago, not realizing the role it would play in my life. It's a unique way that I communicate and process what's going on in my head. However, since finishing school and moving to LA, I haven't had access to a studio. I work for a small non-profit called Povertees, which is an organization that helps homeless people escape the cycle of poverty in downtown LA. It's been a huge change from my life in San Francisco, but I love what I do and the community I get to be a part of through it. However, it doesn't quite pay the bills, so I want to try my hand at selling my art. My goal for this campaign is to raise $1,600, which will kick start my way back into sculpting. The barriers I'm facing are (1) that I can't afford a studio membership, and (2) that I can't physically get to the studio because I don't have a car and the closest studio is in neighboring city Eagle Rock. So my solution is to convert my unused laundry room into a small studio space, and to get a firing membership at the studio, which is cheaper and allows me to use their kilns a couple times a month. The $1,600 will cover the cost of materials and membership for 4 months, along with the funds to create a studio in my laundry room. With this initial investment, I believe I will be able to launch myself into a freelance art career. With your hand in mine, help me make this dream a reality. 

What I Need & What You Get

Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • Firing membership: $125 a month = $500 for 4 months
  • Materials: I'll use about 1 bag of clay per week, and each bag of costs about $10, so thats $160 for clay for 4 months. Glazes, stains, and tools will cost me $200 to have an adequate supply.
  • Studio = I will need $250 to turn my laundry room into a workspace. With that I will make a work table, shelving, and storage. 
  • Shipping and Handling  = In order to ship all the artwork out that you buy, I'll need at least $350 (ceramic work is heavy and won't be cheap to ship). 
  • Indiegogo takes 4% of what I raise, and other transaction fees take another 4%, so for this subtraction I want to allow for an extra $140.
  • TOTAL = $1600


Look to the right for the full list of rewards! All original pieces made by me. 

The Impact

With your hand in mine, I will be able to start making art again. Realistically, there is no way I will be able to do it on my own. And having had so much interest in my art over the years, I want to go out on a limb and try to pursue it. Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be an artist, so it would be a dream come true to make a living off this truly unusual skill that I have. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you aren't at a place to contribute financially, I can still use your help! Please share this page and any of my pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The more people who hear about this the more likely I am to meet my goal!

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$1,600 USD goal
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This campaign ended on May 15, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Hand-Painted Postcard

    Donate $10 and I'll send you a hand-painted thank you postcard!

    12 claimed
  • $20USD
    "Hope" or "Love" necklace

    Donate $20 and I'll send you one of my clay pendant necklaces with "Hope" or "Love" carved into it. They come in a variety of colors and on a leather chord.

    7 claimed
  • $50USD
    Anatomical Heart Necklace

    Donate $50 and I’ll send you one of my anatomical heart necklaces. Of everything I’ve ever worn, this is my most commented on piece. Strangers will ask you about it. So be ready for that. Comes on either a ball and chain necklace or leather cording. You pick!

    11 claimed
  • $100USD
    Realistic Hand Sculpture

    Donate $100 and I’ll send you one of my realistic, life size hand sculptures. If you want it to be in a specific position, email me a picture at cnlongoria90@gmail.com, otherwise I get to surprise you with which one you get! I promise it will be cool.

    5 claimed
  • $250USD
    Heart Sculpture

    Donate $250 and I'll make you a 12" anatomically correct heart that mounts on the wall. You have some options with this one. It can either look realistic, wooden, stone, or one solid color of your choice.

    1 claimed
  • $350USD
    Sign Language Hands

    Donate $350 and I’ll send you a series of hands spelling out a word or phrase of your choice in sign language. Please keep the word or phrase under 10 letters (because each letter is a hand!). Each hand will have a notch in the back so it will hang on the wall.

    0 claimed
  • $500USD
    Commissioned Work

    Donate $500 and I will make you a commissioned piece of art. Email me at cnlongoria90@gmail.com to get it pre-approved.

    1 claimed
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