“College is where it all goes down...Literally”
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Des & Gab On Set

We follow Chanel, Ashley, Devan and Raven down the road of all-nighters, binge drunking, sexual exploration and creating an identity as they sext their way to success in this college web series. What REALLY goes down? YNR is a very raw take on college life, its joys, its shortcomings, and the unexpected moments every parent has nightmares about. Watch as these RECKLESS youths are thrust into adulthood and see what the world has in store for them as they start thier sophmore year of college.

Raven Prepares for Lotion Shot
Are you still reading? GOOD, because we need your help! Kajuana Shuford and Wiliam Alexander Runnels have been working on Young N' Reckless for a year now and its time to make our wonderful script come to life! Donate today and get some amazing perks. THIS is your chance to get on board before the ship sets sail! We are trying to reach our goal of $15,000.00 in order to employ a team of dedicated actors, brilliant filmakers and show everyone that there is a NEED for ACTORS in the entertainment business!
Lining Up Shots
Your donations will go towards: 
 Film crew $550.00/day
Actors $50.00 - $75.00/day
Transportation $25.00 - $30.00/location
Insurance & Locations $300.00 - $5,000.00/day
Hair and Makeup $75.00/hour
Food $50.00 - $100.00/day
Costumes $5.00 - $500.00/shoot
Editing: $50.00 - $150.00/hour
Distribution/Marketing/Publicist : $600.00/month
A Script Supervisor, Lighting and Sound Crews & Production Assistants
Last Shot of the Sizzle
GET THE WORD OUT! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, facebook, tweet, instagram, socialcam, Viddy and word of mouth it!
The Ladies
Enjoy the show!
William & Kajuana
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  • $5USD
    A Video Shout-Out!

    Anyone who contributes $5.00 will hear their name followed by a very special "Thank you" in an online video from the Cast & Crew of YNR! A video memento!

    8 out of 400 claimed

    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $25USD
    Autographed "Thank You" Card!

    $25.00 contributors will receive a very special "Thank You" card in the mail autographed with Red, Pink and Purple lipstick kisses from the YNR Girls! **Muah!** -Chanel, Ashley & Raven

    9 out of 80 claimed

    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $50USD
    Personalized Video Dedication!

    This SEXY personalized, In-Character video from YOUR favorite YNR cast member is entirely dedicated to saying "Thank You" to $50.00 contributors. A special, downloadable memento! Limited to Core Cast Members. You will also receive the $25.00 Perk.

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    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $100USD
    Young N' Reckless Chain!

    A Young OR Reckless "Gold Painted" wire Chain! Which one are you? Young or Reckless... Or Both?! Contribute Twice and receive both! Also, in addition you will receive the $25.00 Perk!

    2 out of 20 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $250USD
    Walk-On Role!

    How would you like to be a part of the YNR Cast?! Contribute $250.00 and be available to film in New York City around August 1st and play a walk-on role in the House Party Scene in "Birthday Bullshit"! Theres Frat Boys, People who've puff, puff, passed-OUT and a girl who vomits in a toilet. Which one are you?! In addition, you'll receive a chain and Autographed "Thank you" card!

    0 out of 8 claimed

    Estimated delivery: August 2012
  • $500USD
    Ticket to NYC Premier Party!

    Contribute $500.00 and receive a VIP ticket to the YNR Premier Party in NYC in September. There, you'll have a chance to meet the Writers, Cast and Crew of YNR, take a photo with the YNR team and view the first three Episodes! In addition, all of the above perks except the walk-on role in "Birthday Bullshit".

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    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $1,000USD
    Producer Credit for YNR!

    Donate $1000.00 and become a Producer of an Episode of YNR. To repay such generosity you will also receive Two tickets to the YNR Premier Party in NYC and all of the above perks! Let the credits roll!

    0 out of 5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $2,000USD
    Producer & YNR Cast Dinner!

    In addition to A Producer Credit for an Episode of YNR and all of the above Perks, $2000.00 contributors will be invited to a very special Dinner with the Cast and Director of YNR in NYC! Date TBA.

    0 out of 5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
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