An innovative sports game based on throwing an aerodynamic ring with a specially designed stick over distances of 10-30 meters. Easy to play, hard to master!

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Please fund: €79 (Netherlands/Belgium) €99 (Europe), €119 (US/Global)

(ONE SET = 2 sticks + 1 ring + 1 bag). Only now 1 extra ring & shipping included

YOU.FO is an innovative, unique sports game: easy to play, hard to master. Inventor and designer Bas Ruyssenaars challenges enthusiasts worldwide to join in the realisation of YOU.FO by contributing to this campaign. 
We need your contribution to produce the first series, develop more game concepts and share YOU.FO with the rest of the world. The goal of the campaign is to raise at least € 20.000 within 60 days. Every contribution helps! And from a contribution of € 79 ($ 99) you will receive a YOU.FO set before it gets to the stores! 

Winner 2012 European-wide award Profit Innovation Award, fieldlab Eindhoven Finalist ISPO Brand New 2013. Jury Profit Award: "highly innovative with the right mix between power and balance". 
Winner of the National (Dutch) Sports Innovation Award 2013! 

What is YOU.FO?

YOU.FO (patent pending) is an innovative sportsconcept, based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks over distances of 10 to 30 metres. This requires concentration, strength, flexibility and cooperation. The basic skills are easy to learn but YOU.FO players continue to be challenged to improve their skills, and to invent new game concepts as well. YOU.FO can be played one on one or in teams, with goals or freestyle, in the citypark, on sportsfields or at the beach. You can play YOU.FO from the age of twelve.

Development of YOU.FO

Founder of YOU.FO, Bas Ruyssenaars, was on summer vacation in 2010 when he recalled a game he had invented and played when he was young. Bas and his son started improvising on the beach and the idea for YOU.FO was born. Once back home Bas set up a team of industrial designers, specialists in aerodynamics, sport innovation professionals and trainee sports teachers. Now, after two years of concept development and fine-tuning, YOU.FO is market ready.

A YOU.FO set contains two sticks made of aluminum frames, and a plastic, double-layered, aerodynamic ring. The weight of a stick is 600 gram and the weight of a ring is 160 gram.  As we value sustainable, environment friendly production processes, a lot of thought has gone into the production materials: recycling of all YOU.FO plastic components is guaranteed through the Return2Sender (R2S) recycle programme. 


Game concepts

We are participating in a sports fieldlab setting and are developing all sorts of game concepts in collaboration with players, sports teachers and sports innovation organisations in the Netherlands. We started out with one-on-one games, pattern-play and YOU.FO golf. When more people got to test YOU.FO the idea for inflatable ring goals was born, and they have already proven to be a great, fun addition to the game. 

Another idea, yet to be tested, has been developed by an Industrial Design student; he applied his technical skills to develop a YOU.FO game including sensors telling you, through buzzing the stick(!), wether you are in the right zone to score. As you can tell we really embrace creativity and innovation and we invite everyone to join us!

Our achievements up to now

YOU.FO has benefitted from design collaboration with a wide range of partners and is proud to have secured the support of the Netherlands Olympic Committee. YOU.FO won the 2012 European-wide award of ProFit Innovation Competition for the FieldLab Eindhoven. The ProFit jury describes YOU.FO as “highly innovative, with the right mix between power and balance.” YOU.FO has been selected as finalist for both the Brand New Award 2013 at ISPO - the world’s largest sports trade fair- and for the National Sports Innovation Award 2013, in the Netherlands.

Why we need YOU? 

We are extremely happy to receive this recognition and praise for YOU.FO, in which we have invested more than 20.000 hours of research, design, training and -off course- playing. But we're not quite there yet. We need YOU: curious, sporty enthusiasts who want to join the creation of a new global sports game. We need your contribution to:

  1. Produce the first series of sticks, rings and carrying bags - You can play YOU.FO by the end of this year and share your enthusiasm in your neigbourhood.
  2. Develop more game concepts - Your contribution would be used to cover amongst others: the costs of YOU.FO development for children (6-12); costs for (testing) the materials and game attributes (like the inflatable ring goals); costs of testing the target groups' reaction to different game concepts; and the costs of human kinetics, researching the physical abilities stimulated by playing YOU.FO.

We are happy with any contribution you can make and from 79€ (or 99$), including shipping costs, we ensure you get your own exclusive YOU.FO set send to your home directly before it hits the stores! One YOU.FO set contains: two throwing sticks, one aerodynamic ring, one carrying bag, and only for indiegogo funders an extra ring! 

Estimated production schedule 

August 1st - production batch first 40 test sets (as shown in videoclip);

November 1st - Test results / Final approval for first production order; 

December 1st - Estimated time of arrival first production shipment. 

We expect to deliver your YOU.FO set at your door before the end of December (early birds). Before it gets to the stores!

Thank you so much for joining the creation of a new global sports game !

Bas Ruyssenaars - founder of YOU.FO

Team on This Campaign: