You're The Father Of My Songs

"You're The Father Of My Songs" is Amanda Jo Williams' next release through Neurotic Yell Records, produced by Swahili Blonde's Nicole Turley.
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  • $5USD
    Five Piece Nuggets!

    5 mp3's of AJW demos of my choosing, from any album or unreleased.

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  • $10USD

    Digital download of "You're The Father Of My Songs."

    3 claimed

  • $25USD
    The VINYL!

    Signed vinyl of "You're The Father Of My Songs" (comes with digital download card) plus personal thank you note.

    13 claimed

  • $50USD

    Signed vinyl of "You're The Father Of My Songs" and digital download of 2 of the following: "The Bear Eats Me," "Mary's Big Feet," or "Yes I Will, Mr. Man" album, plus homemade rice krispie treat.

    4 claimed

  • $100USD
    T-Shirt and Drawing TOO!

    All that above($25 on up)) plus AJW t-shirt(Small, Medium, Large) plus an 8X10 digital print of an AJW drawing of your choice: (AJW t-shirts could run out in which case I make one for you with sharpie and a blank tee)

    1 claimed

  • $250USD

    All that above plus a handmade joke book: 10 original jokes with 10 original drawings about any subject of your choosing.

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  • $500USD
    I Write A SONG For You!

    All that above plus i write a song for you.

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  • $1,000USD

    All that above plus "The Bear Eats Me" vinyl(signed) or "Mary's Big Feet" physical cd(signed) plus digital download of AJW's first album "Demo" from her first band Army Of Love plus "thank you" in the album liner notes.

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  • $2,000USD
    Woodstock..... AND!

    all that above plus first 2 Army Of Love albums("Demo" and "General Williams and Sergeant Catfish In The Army Of Love") plus I design a logo for your album, book, t-shirt, etc. or make a drawing of you, plus a "Welcome To Woodstock" bumper sticker or magnet by artist Paul McMahon(Pictures Generation).

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  • $3,500USD
    VIDEO and!

    All that above plus i create an art or music video for you (has to be your own song) plus free admission to shows for a year.

    0 out of 3 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    House Show and Sandra!

    All that above plus private house show(NYC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, or reasonable distance from each city). If not same country skype show, plus full Army Of Love catalog: 4 albums("Demo," "General Williams and Sergeant Catfish In The Army Of Love," "Army Of Love Saves The World Again," "Witness To The Monkey") in all including an unreleased live performance and unreleased recording session, plus a porcelain figurine by artist/musician Sandra Sarra.

    0 out of 2 claimed

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