YOU'RE KILLING ME by Jeffery Self and Jim Hansen

Help fund the genre-smashing slasher ("mumblegore," if you will) made by deranged minds, for deranged minds!
Los Angeles, California
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Words from Jeffery Self...

"What excites me about this uniquely terrifying and laugh out loud movie is that, like BAGHEAD and FUNNY GAMES, it gets you so comfortable with its chatty, mumblecore dialogue and realistic characters, but then pulls the rug out from under you. Just as it would happen in reality, if the strange person your friend was blindly falling for started chopping up all your friends..."

Hello darling friends, horror hounds, lovers of the unusual...

We're extremely excited to let you in on a little, dark secret -- YOU'RE KILLING ME is a comedy-slasher coming to a city, festival, theater, and VOD platform near you... with your help!

This is coming from us, straight to you, with LOTS of elbow grease and a very bloody heart. We're Jim Hansen and Jeffery Self. You may have seen our stuff
HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or generally around the web or telly. We've been making videos for several years now -- here in the unpredictable Los Angeles desert -- and we're teaming up to bring you a long-form bit of the bizarre!

We love comedy. We love outrage! We love the complicated. So, we've crafted a story, aptly titled YOU'RE KILLING ME. Set in the delightfully dry, gay echelon of Silver Lake, CA, it focuses on the super comfortable, self-involved, obscure-entertainment obsessed men and women and gays and straights who, in between work hours, put emphasis on drinks, house parties, malicious games and laughter. These people are sometimes known as "friends."

Into this group of friends, we introduce a killer. Our killer is welcomed into this world entirely because he is good-looking. They forgive his odd behavior, enjoy having an audience, and never once take him seriously. What begins as a bitchy, bitchin' good time quickly downspirals into a hellish dissection of staying aware. We turn to the wise tome of Oprah (or was it Maya Angelou?) -- "people tell you who they are if you just listen."

Our characters just aren’t listening. And they are paying the price.

Join the Splatter!

With a cast as repulsive and deranged as the premise, YOU'RE KILLING ME brings together favorite "hey that guy" and "hey that girl" and "hey that gay" entertainers from EVERY walk of life... a.k.a. other parts of Los Angeles. We give you Drew Droege (witch / star of the Chloe videos), Jack Plotnick (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Mentalist), Matthew McKelligon (LOGO's Eastsiders), Edi Patterson (Californication, 2 Broke Girls), Bryan Safi (FunnyOrDie's "Throwing Shade"), Matthew Wilkas (Gayby, HBO's Looking), and a few surprise vaudevillians...

We've come this far with buckets of blood, the help of many night owls, sweet favors, and repeated viewings of DRESSED TO KILL and DEATH BECOMES HER -- but in order to COMPLETE the film, cover our costs of location fees, pay our darling actors, get a spankin' great editor to help blend these guts, heighten the production values AND include some amazing cameos to create a really, really special gay horror for the audiences who seek out these types of films and deserve them, we come to you for help in fundraising!

It's all for you, Damien...

  • Our exclusive poster, full-size and as adorable postcards...
  • Our T-SHIRTS for you to wear in synagogue or at home or in coffins...
  • SOUNDTRACKS, playlists, and mixes direct from our nightmares to yours...
  • A MESSAGE from the original It Girl himself: Chloe...
  • A MENTION IN A CHLOE VIDEO with gloriously botched pronunciation.
  • SIGNED BOOKS from Jeffery, author of "50 Shades of Gay" and "Straight People."
  • A DINNER with the cast...
  • WIN A CHLOE OUTFIT from a video...
  • BE A FEATURED EXTRA in the movie...
  • GOODIES from friends of You're Killing Me!
  • A thousand THANK YOUS & FILM CREDITS...

The "JESSICA LANGE" incentive: Win a Chloe outfit (#1).

The "FRANCES CONROY" Incentive: Win a Chloe outfit (#2).

The "KATHY BATES" Incentive: Win a Chloe outfit (#3).

The "VERONICA CARTWRIGHT" incentive: (one variation of) our exclusive mumblegore slasher tee, modeled here by Jeffery.

Don't forget:

Find us on THE FACEBOOK:
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Find us at the corner of Main and 6th on any given Saturday at 4am.
Send us candy or death threats at

Thank you for supporting the dark arts!

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    The Angela Lansbury

    A thank you on IMDB and a guaranteed in-person squeeze!

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    The Mary Woronov

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND get our adorable poster postcard!

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    The Veronica Cartwright

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND get our exclusive t-shirt made with love and guts! Small, medium, and large.

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    The P.J. Soles

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND get a personalized soundtrack mix of the best of cult/camp/vintage/pop horror!

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    The Amy Steel

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND get a signed copy of STRAIGHT PEOPLE: A SPOTTER'S GUIDE from Jeffery!

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    The Heather Langenkamp

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND a never-before-released Eirik compilation DVD, created by Jeffery and Jim!

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    The Mia Farrow

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND a never-before-released What Do You Think ____ Is Doing Right Now compilation DVD, starring Bryan Safi and Jeffery!

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    The Zelda Rubenstein

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND a never-before-released Chloe compilation DVD! Includes videos out of circulation!

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  • $100USD
    The Divine

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND a full-size (24" x 36") I AM DIVINE poster from the Divine doc's director Jeffery Schwarz!

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  • $150USD
    The Linda Blair

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND be an extra in the movie in LA! Travel and lodging not included. You'll be needed on a specified date. Bring your own crucifix.

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  • $200USD
    The Dee Wallace

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND receive a special invite to a screening for you and a plus-one! Plus our YKM poster!

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  • $250USD
    The Jamie Lee Curtis

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND get an unforgettable, personalized unique message from Chloe himself: Drew Droege!

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  • $300USD
    The Jessica Lange

    Win a CHLOE outfit -- a night and day striped top, a stretched midnight mini by M usa, aurora borealis leggings... from the "Horror" video.

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  • $300USD
    The Frances Conroy

    Win a CHLOE outfit -- a peter pan pilgrim smock (fabrique en Indonesie)... from the "Horror" video.

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    The Kathy Bates

    Win a CHLOE outfit -- a sponged scarf top, daisy chain pearl necklace, and three sister pearl bracelets... from the "March" video.

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  • $450USD
    The Sigourney Weaver

    A thank you on IMDB and in the film's credits, AND have your name mentioned in a Chloe video, to be seen and repulsed worldwide!

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  • $800USD
    The Betsy Palmer

    You will be invited a group dinner with the cast, home-cooked by Jeffery! We'll do our best to coordinate all the attendees on one date. We'd love to have you for dinner...

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  • $1,000USD
    The Karen Black

    A date with Jeffery!

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  • $3,000USD
    The Elsa Lanchester

    Associate Producer credit, our full-size YKM poster, and our eternal hugs and gratitude!

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