You Never Know Who

YNKW is a support organization fundraising to pay for the treatment of mentally ill teens who cannot afford therapy.

Short Summary

You Never Know Who was initially founded after the tragic premature death of Greenwich High School sophomore, Bart Palosz, on August 27, 2013. Bart was bullied extensively, and from what I have gathered, may have been depressed. I myself struggle with mental illness and was bullied on a daily basis for nine years. The issue of mental illness and how it can be exacerbated by bullying is under-attended to. I want to raise funding to put a stop to bullying and aid the mentally ill.

After a friend of mine committed suicide in December of 2012, when I myself was suicidal, I chose to be hospitalized. If I had never gotten the fantastic care I received at Silver Hill, I probably would not be alive today. Following my release from the hospital, I enrolled in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also called DBT. DBT is what has been helping me learn to live happily ever since. If we could give the experience of a hospitalization and/or DBT therapy to a teen who needs it, it would very likely save a life, or lives.

What We Need & What You Get

I picked a random, feasible-seeming number for our goal to cover start-up costs. I don't know how much we need or how much we can raise, but good treatment for mental illness is expensive. Initial funds will be used to pay for miscellaneous initial expenses but following that we will be allocating all funds received towards paying for the treatment of mentally ill teens who cannot afford quality treatment, which can cost thousands of dollars. I want to note that we don't have official non-profit status, and explain that that is because our bank account is not yet set up. Hopefully, from this point on, once we cover these first costs, we will be able to raise several thousand dollars each year to provide the necessary treatment for people whose families cannot afford the cost of mental health-care.

The Impact

If you donate to this campaign, you could potentially keep someone from taking their own life. If we could pay for one kid's hospitalization every year, or send five kids to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy each year, we could make the world an infinitely better place to be. We will work with local DBT clinicians and psychiatrists to identify potential candidates for treatment. Even if you donate $1, it's going towards saving someone's life, and that would mean the world to all of us at YNKW.

Other Ways You Can Help

It's important to know this: being mentally ill can mean many things; it can mean depression, or an eating disorder, or self-hate, suicidality, so on and so forth. However, regardless of how your illness manifests, you have to know- there is NOTHING wrong with you. You are a beautiful and worthwhile person and you exist for a reason, even if you don't know that reason yet. You are not broken, and do not need to be fixed. You are wonderful, and we want to help as many mentally ill people as possible. Join the You Never Know Who group on Facebook, or email YNKWGHS@gmail.com if you or someone you know needs support. We're here to listen and help with anything we can.

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