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We would like help to create a film about a boy maintaining a fragile mental balance between sanity and insanity.Mixing circus and cinema to create a short film
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A 23 year old man, never goes out of his house. He lives in a phantasmagorical world inside his head, maintaining a fragile mental balance between sanity and insanity. life has become a series of differing realities with interlocking dreams and nightmares colliding (bumping into each other on his doorstep) in a creative kaleidoscope of weird and wonderful visions.  In his search for a way out of this mental torture, watched by the camera’s eye, he spirals deeper and deeper into a hallucinatory world. He starts to call into question what is real and what is not. 

The film maker accompanies him on his journey as he tries to make sense of his mental confusion, and social alienation and together they drown in the realms of his fanciful world, living through the dark recesses and shadows of the subconscious and the eternal hope of personal re-growth, acceptance and love. 


This film will be presented as an interwoven series of visions portrayed through a mix of high level club juggling and twisted acrobatics, popping with break dance and contemporary dance stuff, and circus performance and a lot of weird costumes and kids toys and gadgets. Part of the appeal of this film will be the unique fusion of animation, special effects, hand crafted pop up landscapes, origami scenery, All of the props and scenery will be hand made from things that we find in the street – abandoned toys, computers, furniture, materials etc whatever we find. This will allow us to create something complex and beautiful out of the simplicity of life and daily living. The end result will be something that we have never seen on the internet before and believe me we are on the internet every day of our lives so we should know.

who are we


I am a circus performer with a difference but just saying that phrase makes me feel a bit sick – I hate labels – the “difference” is maybe that I don’t like being pigeon-holed or defined by the term “circus performer”,. I dislike labels and feel strongly that creativity shouldn’t be pigeon holed.. This has stemmed from a number of things – a challenging childhood which involved moving round a lot, the diagnosis of severe dyslexia, the feeling of not being good enough in school and subsequent bulling which had a major impact on my teenage years, and who I am now. I’ve spent a lot of time running away from who I am, smashing things I care about and destroying relationships with friends and watching my life deteriorate until I have been so lost that I need something to hold on to build my rotes.

Now I am at a stage in my life where I want to use my experiences creatively to shape a positive future. My performance style is shaped very much by who I am and my subject matter is often the absurdity of life and reality - my performances are raw, rough and can be uncomfortable, challenging the spectator to challenge themselves. I aim to interact directly with the audience, breaking down the boundaries between audience and performer, stretching the audience beyond their comfort zone and mine.

(previous contact to the working real world)  

I studied art in a small college in Glasgow (where I had a great time.. NOT) but this experience made me realise that academia was truly not for me. The only thing that made me feel good during this period was juggling. A set of clubs bought as a Xmas present, to help me build my concentration skills, became my saving grace, and juggling clubs became my umbilical cord – I couldn’t exist without them being attached to me, even if I wasn’t using them. Seeking some form of education (because I thought this is what I had to do) I signed up for a circus school in Bristol and was asked to leave after midterm as I didn’t fit in with the rigid teaching style. And so I continued on my own being inspired by the things I saw around me, and mixing up juggling and dance to create a different type of performance.  I pushed myself into the performing world by doing festivals and finding opportunities to perform in local theatres, including working with a theatre company in Wales and then doing a season with a circus company in Belgium, performing in those sunny Mediterranean countries.

And now I am living in Toulouse, having just decided to leave another circus school after 18 months. I feel I have reached that point where I need to start taking control of the direction of my life and career. This is more than a bit scary as obviously I now need to prove that I am capable of making it on my own and in my own way, rather than as a product, or a “ a package” created by a school.



I am a children’s book illustrator and movie scriptwriter. For the last five years I have been creating short films -  stories about people who, despite facing social adversity,  push against the accepted “norms” of society and create a future based on their own dreams and visions rather than being shaped by external influences or by the dictates of society. My aim is to highlight this self- determinism, to emphasise the important role we play in shaping who we become, and what is possible when we embrace the fact that “the choice is ours”.  

With this film I want to take the spectator on an adventure through differing planes of reality that question the nature of reality itself, the relationship between the mind and reality and our perceptions and beliefs as to what is real and what isn’t real. My reality may not necessarily be your reality.

us two

We have formed this creative working relationship out of a shared philosophy of work and life. Our direct experience of “ being different” has brought us together. We feel that there is a direct connection between our creativity and our “standing apart” from others and we realise that this  can be both a curse but also a gift. We have great respect for each other, and we have similar aspirations, and visions for the future. We are aware that we are not the easiest people to work with (according to our friends) and so were using our diversity to create something which expresses our vision of life and love. Our skills in illustration, film making, circus performance, and dance are complimentary and, used together, create a newish approach to performance and film , which challenges the spectator.  (this does not mean it will be like your dreams but one day it could be)

By making the trailer video we have learned to work together, have built a strong working relationship and have created memories and experiences which will endure beyond the process of making the video. 


Purpose of the film

The purpose of this film is to highlight what like is life for those who suffer social isolation or alienation through mental illness or the fact of just being “socially different”. The film touches on the challenges of not being understood, within the narrow and constricting limits of what is deemed normal, and tries to offer hope and acceptance through creativity and self determination. We don’t want people who suffer social alienation to feel alone and we hope the film will touch a chord with those who have suffered and raise awareness of issues which still remain hidden. We want people to be inspired by the fact that is is possible to emerge from bleak times stronger and more positive. 

Also, on a personal level, the making of the film, will help us improve personally and professionally on many levels – it will allow us to fuse our complimentary skills of film making, art, dance and circus; it will allow us to build new skills, improve our life skills, increase confidence in our abilities, and inspire us to do more. It will give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning and give us a reason to smile. It will be the start of a new life and a new company.

Our purpose is to provide this film free on the internet offering a very different and public way of sharing our experiences and also hopefully start the road to a serias of more videos and short films.


Why here why now why internet why why why 

we believe that the commercial funding world is destroying creativity and funding too many mainstream but “safe” art forms. This has turned many art forms into a commercial product lacking true creativity and seeking only to please a majority public. We aim to be free of the strictures of mainstream funding and to support many artists whose work doesn’t fall within this mainstream category. because they do not access mainstream funding channels –

All aspects of this film will be produced by the two of us, working collaboratively. The film is anticipated to take 4 months to make from start to finish (although manue said normally it should take allot more). The filming will take place in France but the number of locations will be dependent on the level of funding achieved.

We are not professionals, and are not funded from any other sources. The experience of producing this film, and the creative elements within it, will be good learning for us, allowing us to improve our existing skills base, develop new skills and increase our confidence to take on more challenges. In the long run, by making this film, we will start to get known through the internet, increase support and in this way our film will hopefully help support and give people in similar situations the confidence to start something themselves. 



We are both currently unemployed and looking for $5,000 in order to make this important film. The money will pay for development time and allow us to have  creative control of the film, in a safe environment, free from the conditions of mainstream arts funding. The money will cover our labour costs, work space, materials, costumes, props/scenes, photography material – cameras, and supporting cameras. The money will allow us to develop professional quality work and will change our lives by providing.

For us, $5,000, is a huge amount of money but considering the quality of work, the time it takes to create the film, and the importance of our message, we feel it will be $5,000 well spent.


we thought it would be nice to show some things we like and are inspired by to give you a feel of are worlds thru what we ive put some links to some short films and really big films that have sparked us to start this project.

really big films we like

trainspotting,studio ghibli,1984,brazil,time bandits,and so much more

some shorter films we really like allot


if for any reason at all somebody wanted to ask questions or comments or anything you can contact me or manue via email.





ok cant think of much more to say other than i hope it goes down well and thank you for taking a look and bye.







we are genius and fleytoux productions............. 

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