Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries

Support the athletes and stop the Spanish government's decision allowing oil drilling in the Canaries.
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We have the power.

Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries.

The Spanish government's decision to allow oil drilling just 9 km away from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote is difficult to understand and simply wrong. We have the power to stop this insanity.

Support an athlete and help us stop the oil drilling in the Canaries!

The best watersportsmen and -women in the world live in the Canaries. in co-operation with Patagonia Evironmental Initatives, Surfrider Foundation, and will produce high quality 1-minute HD video clips with 12 of them. These videos show the athletes performing outstanding stunts, describing their life bond to nature and enthusiasm for renewable energies. Each clip ends with the athlete coming out of the water covered in oil stating: 'STOP THIS INSANITY! SIGN THE PETITION!'

The videos will be destributed via Patagonia, Surfrider Foundation,, and via ads throughout the internet. If you support an athlete with a donation of €500, your logo will appear during the entire video and you will get the original file to use at will.

Choose your athlete:

Yannick Anton, Kepa Acero, Janni Hönscheid, Pecas Casillas, Tony Butt, María Andrés, Lazi Ruedegger, Pablo Valencia, Nicole Boronat, Stephane Etienne, Jose Maria Cabrera Hernandez, Nayra Alonso.

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Let's raise our power together. Dig deep. Find courage. Raise money.
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The Canary Islands are situated in a transit zone of dolphins and whales. The seabed is home to cold-water corals that host an abundance of marine wildlife, nearly one third of it endemic. The EU and UNESCO support initiatives to make the Canaries a model for sustainability. The Sustainable Development Program on the island of El Hierro is aimed at biodiversity and zero waste. El Hierro is set to become the world's first island to rely on 100% renewable energy (at an investment of 64 million euros financed via ENDESA). Its combined wind and hydropower system has reduced its annual energy costs by over three million euros. El Hierro is closely watched by members of the international community, and plans are in place to replicate its concept elsewhere.

In this context, the Spanish government's decision to allow oil drilling just 9 km away from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote is difficult to understand – and simply wrong.

The company behind the project, Repsol YPF Spain, says the oilrig would have a life of about 20 years and go to a depth between 3000 and 3500 metres. The drilling would affect an area of 616, 060 hectares to the east of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, some of which belongs to the Natural Reserve of Biosphere. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The islands' drinking water comes from desalination of seawater. Oil drilling not only poses a threat due to accidental leakage, but also due to waste released into the sea as well as noise and disturbances from seismic testing, drilling, aircraft and ships. Dolphins and whales are especially harmed.

Repsol tried the same project in 2001, but was stopped in 2004 by the Zapatero government. The Maritime International Organization declared this part of the ocean especially sensitive.

If forecasts are confirmed, Repsol would produce 140,000 barrels a day. The profit would benefit private companies (Repsol YPF Spain, RWE Germany, and Woodside Petroleum Ltd. Australia). Jobs would go to specialised workers brought in by these corporations. The Canary Islands and their residents would be on the losing end.

We can stop this insanity.

By mobilising public awareness and sensitizing the international business community to the risks of the proposed oil drilling and to the opportunities presented by stopping it, we can make it politically untenable to go ahead with the drilling.

Protests have already united national institutions, NGOs, WWF, Greenpeace and art foundations – 35,000 people have taken to the streets. Companies investing in renewable energy objected in a letter to the government in Madrid. The European Commission (EC) launched an investigation (EU Pilot) and stated that an environmental impact assessment is required.  Scientists point to the real costs of fossil fuels including the environmental consequences., an NGO that has been cleaning the beaches from oil dumped into the ocean for ten years, supported by Patagonia, Surfrider Foundation and, has initiated a petition against oil drilling in the Canary Islands. So far 17,076 signatures have been collected. The goal is 100,000 signatures. The petition will be presented to the European Commission in 2013, in front of the international media. Let’s make sure the 100,000 signatures are collected, the public keeps fighting towards renewables, scientists are heard, EU law is applied – and the initiative has maximum impact. Once the public knows the facts, oil drilling is unattainable.

Let's support the athelets and raise our power together!

Budget: Each video 900€; total: 10.800€

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