Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case

iPhone case that houses a 650K volt stun gun and is capable of giving your phone up to 20 hours of additional standby battery!

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Sean Simone posted an announcement over 1 year ago

September 5, 2012: We have finalized our design for the iPhone4/4S model (see picture). We have gotten a lot of requests for the Samsung Galaxy S ii and S iii, and we plan to begin developing that model immediately. Ship date is still scheduled for November 2012. Please follow us on Facebook for up to the day updates: www.facebook.com/yellowjacketcase

Yellow Jacket Gold 20120905142717-yellow_jacket_gold
Seth Froom posted an announcement over 1 year ago

This is a video of co-founder Sean Simone shocking the other co-founder and would-be robber Seth Froom during this demonstration of Yellow Jacket in action!

Yellow Jacket in action
Seth Froom posted an announcement almost 2 years ago

UPDATE: It is our pleasure to announce ALL ORDERS* will be fulfilled, so if you were hesitating to purchase because you weren’t sure if you’d receive a product order today and receive yours in September!

NOTE: The final design includes a lip that protects the phone screen from falls and cracks and is substantially thinner, lighter and more attractive in design. Also, the electrode cap will completely enclose the electrodes, preventing the possibility of an unintentional electric shock. Stay in touch with us through our Facebook and Twitter to get a jump on all of our product leaks!

The Yellow Jacket team extends a special thank you to all funders of our project and all media outlets that have written a story on our product. We have been seen on dozens of news agencies from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, Mashable.com, Cultofmac.com, Modmyi.com, Myinformationblog.com, PCworld.com and dozens – if not hundreds – of other blogs and bloggers from the likes of Mike Elgan to Guy Kawasaki! We appreciate how much you guys appreciate our passion to protect YOU!

*Please check your local laws pertaining to the possession of stun guns before purchasing, we will investigate all orders to restricted areas and if we can not navigate around the region’s laws a refund will be issued.

CNN reviewing Yellow Jacket