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Funding campaign for Xylo handcrafted wooden eyewear. Designed & manufactured in the center of the Mediterrenean sea. Craving for the sun
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Thank you for everything!

At the docks

This is a ship, being refurbished at the docks of Syros island. Someone’s dream or life goal, supported by these wooden beams. Despite their state and surrounding conditions, they keep holding up someone’s dream, untill it is done and ready to sail the seas.

Like you did with Xylo. Like you did with our dream, by supporting it all along and embracing it. We have shared our expectations and advetures with you, all this time. Now our ship is ready to set sail and start its biggest journey yet. A million thanks for everything, to each and everyone of you.

Xylo eyewear is officially overfunded by 60% more
on indiegogo. We reached our second goal,together and this campaign has officialy reached the end, today(Saturday / June 15).

We move on, we move ahead, we progress and we develop for you. Because we do crave for the sun, as you do. We thank each and everyone of you. We will be in touch!


Update 1!

We have reached our primary goal on indiegogo, on 6/6/2013. Now we are moving forward. Towards our next step; in the days to follow, we will try hard to unlock our next goal on indiegogo. You have been extremely helpful all these days and your support is beyond any expectation.

But you reminded us something that we had forgoten somewhere in between the process of our campaign.

Sky is the limit, dreams and expectations have to be endless
And our efforts have to accumulate to that.
We will keep going, thanks to you.

Update 2!

The limited USB flash disk is sold out! Cheers to the owners! Now that is gone, maybe you can claim another perk - like the handmade silkscreen poster


Short Summary

There are times where a simple morning thought, is enough to change everything you take for granted.

The way you live your life, your work, the way you perceive things, your state of mind, in general.

We where lucky enough to witness a morning as such.To feel the sun's warm light shaping you and instantly an idea being born that very moment. That same moment, where sun dazzles you with its brightness. Since that morning our decision in making wooden eyewear was perfectly clear. So obvious, that since is the center of any activity, thought and philosophy of ours.

We started handling and shaping wood in various ways, learning new techniques and procedures. As we were training ourselves, wood started to train and educate us in its terms and ways.

We are thankful for every piece of knowledge we extracted from this process and proud of our creations. So, we place back the results of our passioned labour where we first envisioned them, in front of the sun.

Our needs and what you get

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We believe in crowdfunding. We think that is a unique, fair and democratic way of funding new ideas, against the backdrop of a failing economy.

So we kindly ask for your support. We pledge for 15.000 euros in order to fulfill our dream job and start Xylo Eyewear.

Allow us to be more precise:

  • 3.000 euros are needed for wood supplies
  • 1.000 euros, are needed for transportational and shiping handling of all our supplies, to and from the island of Syros
  • 2.000 euros, for Xylo's online shop and logistics software

In addition to this we need:

  • 1.500 euros for a new belt and also a rotating sander - because currently we do not have one
  • handheld tools and precision micro-crafting electric equipment, along with other peripherals and machinery, so that we will be able to work with other wood varieties, such as the Greek olive tree.
  • We want to start the "Xylo" brand, located in the center of the Mediterranean. For this, we try to establish a new bigger workshop and better facilities in the city of Hermoupolis. This, will make us even more agile and focused in our dream and the reason is simple; we will be able to work along fellow friends and the team will grow exponentially in production capabilities, storage and logistics.
  • We need to make a home for Xylo. A family for all, who would like to co-work with us.

For all this, we have developed a set of seven (7) perks, starting from 5 euros, so go ahead and read the list please.


The steps beyond

If we are lucky enough to see our goal, being overtaked by your support and the funding provided by all our funders, we have also a bigger plan. Some steps, that will be "unlocked" gradually.

The olive tree plans 25.000 is officialy UNLOCKED

If we manage to reach 25.000, we aim to use this amount, in order to minimize outsource, and establish in house production by purchasing thickness planer, jointer and drum sander. This will lift up our production and provide Xylo the equipment to experiment with wood from Greek olive tree.

In house manufacturing process / 55.000 (LOCKED)

If the funding continues, exceeds and reaches the amount of 55.000, our plan is to buy our own lazer cutter and its peripherals, so that the outsource processes will be annihilated completely. Also we plan to make multiple metallic matrixes for the sunglasses, in order to speed up the production methods. 

Never stop dreaming / 75.000 (LOCKED)

We can never stop dreaming. So if the funding goes on and reaches the amount of 75.000 euros we plan to open 2 concept pop up stores. One in Santorini and the other one in Mykonos, during the summer season.



 To summarize, we would like to say that all the amount that will be gathered from the funding process, will support our tries in making Xylo a new eyewear brand and building in into a viable company. We consider your funding, a great help and a little step towards our goal.



Xylo's design statement

"Xylo" is the Greek word for wood.

 This is a plain description. Reality is even bigger than just a few lines put together next to each other. That's because the material is alive; It has an odour, breathes and ages with you, as everything around us in this world. These are facts that the Mediterranean people understand since they are surround by nature and live in a different pace with her.

 We wanted to overtake plain descriptions of books, that may distract us from that alive material. We wanted to live with the material, we wanted to hear the story from its side, by working with it. Thus, we explored wood's behaviour by starting with small handcrafted artefacts and simple constructions. That is how we spent two and a half years of creative activity. 


The people behind this project

Until now, the team members that built the history behind the sunglasses are:


 We think it's time for the people that are interested to become part of the history of the idea that was born in Cyclades, in the center if the Mediterranean. In order to make our dream come true and be able to share our creations with everyone, we decided to follow the crowdfunding campaign in this platform.

 We believe that is a noble feeling, the joy one has, when he realizes that a dream becomes a reality.


Xylo sunglasses as an artefact

 Eyewear is a complex construction, especially when it is about handcrafted process. Our eyewear frames collection includes four models (Blaze, Fly, Wave and Sand) in 16 different wood combinations. We use wood such as greek walnut, american walnut, wenge, maple, rosewood, bubinga, and zebrawood. With the combinations and designs we created, we want to satisfy most of the aesthetic demands of those interested. And that's because we believe that wooden eyewear is not a luxurious item, but an artifact that comes from good technique, attention to detail, and care for the material and the final outcome.

And this is something that everyone should be able to enjoy.


See more at the updated gallery here



Human centered design & standards

Materials used

So, our first concern is the quality of our material. We choose carefully the lumber we use and we refine it by hand, while choosing our lenses so that they satisfy the criteria of the E.U. (En 1836) and the U.S.A. standards (ANSI Z80.3). Of course, our final outcome will be able to accompany its user for a long time. With this having in mind, our lenses are polarized for a relaxed use, protecting from UVA UVB radiation, featuring an exterior scratch resistant coating and interior anti-reflect coating also, so that the inside reflections are avoided. A great feature that we managed to incorporate to our design is that our lenses are replaceable.

Human centered design

 Focusing on human centered design, we are trying to make our sunglasses as relaxing and distinctive as possible. And we managed it, by incorporating a base curve in all of our frames. The arms have also a curve, so that they embrace the head uniformly, while the hinges that link the arms with the main bay of the sunglasses are flexible, so that they can conform on every face. 

Beeswax with olive oil salve

 We believe that wood is alive, it lives with us and changes over time. We choose not to use chemical products in the final stage of the process. As a result, we compound ourselves a salve made of white beeswax and pure olive oil. A simple, pure and natural mix that embraces the frame, keeping it merely water proof, while it emphasizes the natural colors of the wood by contrasting its grain, and creates a smooth and satin surface.

This mixture is provided in an 3ml aluminum packaging, and accompanies every pair of glasses, so that every owner will be able to take care of them, as they take care of him / her. 


Design orients

 We live in the center of the Aegean; we grew up near the sea, and under the sun. And that's what we are trying to pass through our design process. From the names of the sunglasses, to their designs, the graphic creations and their photographies, we are trying to give the feeling of the place we live.

 From motifs from Pyrgi of Chios, to images of Ermoupoli's houses, fields under the sun at thee villages of Syros, everything relates to the bright blue color of the sea and the bright light of the Aegean sea, reminding us its islands. And beyond that, decorative elements from Sicily, typography from the Arabian world, ornamental patterns from the Mediterranean France and arabesque motifs from southern Spain and Algeria, are some of the referances found in the whole visualization of our ideas. 

 Lines and forms on the frame of our sunglasses that remind the waves of the sea, the boles of pine trees, the flow of the sand in the golden beaches of the Mediterranean and the essence of the cool summer night breeze.

Perks (updates are continuous)

All shipping fees included, no matter where you are :)
USB 8 GB special perk now available!

Sand from Syos island on the special handcrafted silkscreen posters

Mirrors, wooden boards and various papers were printed

Silkscreen ready to be printed

Final silkscreen poster on eco paper with original wodden part of the frame and sand from the island of Syros

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Select a Perk

    Limited USB 8 GB flash drive

    Limited to 30 handcrafted pieces, using the very same lumber we use for our sunglasses, we handcrafted a special USB flash drive (8GB). There are 30 pieces only and not even one is identical to another! Which one is yours? (shipping is included)

    30 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €25EUR
    Xylo solar clock

    It is true that we love sun and we try to use its magnificence wisely. We designed a wooden solar clock, that it is produced from the very own wood that we use in our eyewear collection. Manufactured in a small batch of 70 pieces, these clocks are craving for the sun, also.

    18 out of 70 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €60EUR
    Custom silkscreen poster

    Along with a great team of silkscreen printers and graphic designers, we designed a poster which summarizes our whole effort and history. On recycled paper, A3 paper dimensions and mixed media, we managed to incorporate parts of our wooden frames, ink and sand from the island of Syros and its lovely Greek beaches. Printed in only 50 pieces, numbered and signed by hand.

    2 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €140EUR
    The sunglasses

    This is the perk! All the models from our collection, are available in 15 combinations. In this perk, you get to choose your favorite pair of sunglasses. Along with a 100% genuine leather case, designed and manufactured in Syros featuring lazer engraved logo and Xylo's tagline "Craving for the sun". Delivered in a recylced paper box, accompanied by beeswax and olive oil salve in a aluminum 3ml container - capable to last for the years to come.

    111 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €250EUR
    Limited sunglasses

    A pair of sunglasses of your choice, with your name engraved on the inside of the left arm. Of course, you'll get the whole pack with the leather case, the beeswax and olive oil salve (aluminum 3ml tin) and furthermore, you will receive a handmade wooden USB memory stick (8GB) including the original full version of the Xylo theme song.

    10 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €350EUR
    Double the love

    Two pairs of sunglasses, of your choice, engraved with your name and the name of your beloved one, ultra limited mystery silkscreen poster in 2 very special materials, personal thank you letter written by Periklis and Eleni and a clear statement of your name as a benefactor in our website.

    15 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • €1,400EUR
    The story yet to come

    We offer a 4 day stay at Syros island, a pleasant stay in a chic and magnificent hotel for 3 nights and also ferry tickets to and from Syros island to Piraeus, for those who want to meet us in person, see the whole making process of Xylo eyewear collection and of course manufacture with us their own special pair of sunglasses.

    0 claimed
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