Xolie Morra - In The Spectrum -A Journey Through Autism To the Stars

Follow Singer/Songwriter Xolie Morra of the Seattle band "The Strange Kind", through the day to day experience of living with Autism in the music industry.
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UPDATE 2/1/2014: Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. The Indiegogo has now expired, but we managed to raise almost half of what we needed for the film and record. There will probably be another campaign run soon to continue raising funds. It will take a little longer to finish than originally expected, but thanks to you we now have $4,455 to work with. We will keep you posted. Thanks again to everyone.


To Everyone who is choosing to participate in this campaign.  The choice was made to combine campaigns as to not overwhelm you all with multiple requests to donate money to multiple campaign projects.  

This campaign benefits both the film 

"In The Spectrum -a journey through Autism to the stars" as well as the making of 

Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind's upcoming album 

"The Great Social Experiment" which will be documented and shown in the film.


Short Summary:

This is more than a film, it's a journey.  A journey that you can be a part of.

In Short:

Singer/Songwriter Xolie Morra of the Seattle band "Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind", opens the doors to the personal aspects of life as a person living with Autism, breaking into the music industry.  Follow Xolie through the up's & Downs of being an indie musician, while learning to see life from a different perspective.  

Back Story:

Misdiagnosed as a child with ADHD, Bipolar disorder & a plethora of other psychological disorders, Xolie Morra lived life and led it the best she could.  Following a surgery in 2011, Xolie had a neurological reaction to medication administered for pain.  The sudden onset of Vocal and Motor Tics sent life into a spiral, but led to the discovery that Xolie in fact had a high functioning form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome.  This discovery pushed Xolie to further discover herself and help others through video blogs that set her as a staple in the Autism community.  

Over the past 2 years Xolie has documented the process of diagnosis, discovery, travels & tribulations as she continues to push for a career in music all while still recovering and moving forward.  

She shows the world through her eyes every chance she gets and allows us into her day to day life, giving you the viewer a behind the music experience, from her past joy of opening the Lilith Fair to her band's journey to Los Angeles California to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live (and whatever comes next)


The band has returned from California where they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live (air date Jan 7th).  Xolie is now recovering from another major surgery and has been documenting independently, as there is still no film crew formed at this time.  It would be preferable to be able to pay a crew to spend this time  documenting the remainder of her recovery process.  

In the coming months, Xolie will be participating in multiple important projects  such as "AutismPalousa" in Seattle WA.  And she has now started attending the adult Autism Center at the University Of WA, to dive in deeper to her diagnosis.  

The band is also working on their first full length record independently and needs funding to make that happen.  This film will take the footage Xolie has compiled along with interviews of friends, family and fans alike, but it will also compile new footage of the day to day efforts of a working band. 

We would also like to interview other artists/musicians/actors/dancers/any other famous creative types with Autism who have already broken into the music industry and have them talk about their experience all while unfolding Xolie's Story.  

What We Need & What You Get:

This film will take some time.  The sooner we find funding the sooner we can get started on the 2nd leg of the filming process.

We need funding for a film crew, studio, licensing & post production.

Our goal is $10,000.  This is the minimum amount needed to finish this film.  But if we raise more than our goal that will allow us to do much more.

We need funding for:

  • Purchase or Rental of Cameras & SD cards
  • Payment to a 2-4 person film crew
  • Payment to an editor/post production
  • If $10,000 is raised $2000 of that will go toward recording studio time so that we can record the band's process of making a record and show Xolie's musical process to you the viewer through the film.
  • The band will be compensate $3 from every 3 song EP perk which can be claimed for a donation of at least $10 
  • The band will also be compensated $10 for every Perk for a presale copy of "The Great Social Experiment" which can be claimed by a donation of $30 or more.
  • Licensing music for the film will be paid for through the money raised so that any one who allows us to use their music will be properly compensated.

What if we don't meet our GOAL???:

  • Hopefully people will jump on board the cause and realize that every dollar helps, but in the event that we fall short, we will simply lengthen our timeline and keep trying to raise the funds necessary to make this film.
  • However if it's just too low, and we are unable to finish the record & film, then of course we will let you know and efforts will be made to re-compensate.  

What if we raise MORE than our Goal??:

  • Please consider contributing even if our goal is met. We set our goal at $10,000 which is the minimum needed to really pull of a decent film, but more funding means better quality and more that can be done to make the film that much better.  
What you get:

  • See incentives on the side of this campaign

The Impact

Your contribution could help change the way the world views people with Autism.  Our Goal with this film is to raise awareness about Autism and to change people's perspective about what it is to live with Autism.  Open people's eyes about "the weird kid in class" or "the eccentric artist".  But most importantly we NEED to raise awareness about the importance of diagnosis, because the impact a mis-diagnosis can have on a person's life can be devastating.  If we can get one person to feel better about themselves, one person to open their mind about someone they might have otherwise judged or one doctor to rethink their decision, then we have made a difference and that is all that we can ask for.  

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign by sharing with your friends & family.
  • If you know corporations who are able to contribute please share and help get them excited about the film.  Ask them to consider making a donation to make it happen.
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    The Gift of Giving

    A little goes a long way. If EACH person who views this page donates at least $2 those dollars will add up. You will receive the joy of knowing that you were responsible for making this happen. in return we will add your email & mailing address to our mailing list for future updates on the film & on the band. (don't worry, we won't over load your in box)

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    Donations of $10 will get you a 3 song digital audio copy of "Xolie Morra & the Strange Kind Live at the Gibson Showroom Seattle"

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    $30 will get the above incentive along with a pre-sale digital copy upon completion, of Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind's up & coming record "The Great Social Experiment", where you can discover new artists who will make guest appearances on each song.

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  • $45USD
    Perk 4

    $45 will get a pre-sale hard copy of the record when it is finished along with a digital copy of the 3 song demo and a snail mail thank you letter.

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    Perk 5

    $60 will receive a pre-sale hard copy of the film on DVD, a pre-sale hard copy of the full record upon completion & a digital copy of the 3 song demo.

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  • $150USD
    Perk 6

    $150 will receive All of the above incentives along with the complete soundtrack of the film upon completion.

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  • $1,000USD

    $1000 will get all of the above incentives along with a VIP pass to a Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind concert near you when the band goes on tour.

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