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The first Software Defined Radio easy to use with smartphones and fully open to the maker community
Sebastian Krempel
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Why do I need a Software Defined Radio?

You want to receive any kind of radio signals within a huge frequency range of 100 kHz up to 1.7 GHz?

You like to follow ships or airplanes operating around you?

You are an amateur radio operator who want to use SDR technology?

You even want to develop your own radio frequency applications? 

You just want a plug-and-play solution?

The XiOne Software Defined Radio is the solution for you, extremely versatile and flexible in its possible applications because the magic happens completely in software.

What makes the XiOne SDR special?

The XiOne Software Defined Radio has been designed around mobility, not only including the hardware but also a bundle of applications.

Just start-up XiOne and step into a new world of radio frequency applications without the need for special knowledge and therefore steep learning curves.

A huge frequency range from 100 kHz up to 1.7 GHz opens up a wide field of operations. For example the reception of worldwide short wave transmissions or the detection of ship as well as aircraft positions by receiving AIS and ADS-B Broadcasts.

There is no need to install special drivers because all interfaces are based on standard network protocols, so it is effortless to operate the device within all environments.

Simply connect via Wifi or Ethernet to the XiOne-Network or even use the USB-Port, which acts as a network interface too. The built-in router function actually allows parallel access to attached networks like the internet.

The XiOne has its own power supply allowing more than 2 hours of mobile usage, easily extendable with an external USB battery pack.

In combination with dedicated smartphone or tablet Apps the solution becomes mobile, allowing to go into areas with very low radio interferences.

Open to the Maker Community!

Beside of the already included extensive software bundle we would like to encourage the maker community to develop their own applications to continuously enhance XiOne’s capabilities.
A well documented license free Application Programming Interface based on TCP and a Software Development Kit, including code examples, make it easy to start the integration of new applications.
Develop your own open source or even commercial applications to be uploaded into the different mobile markets. 

Applications where XiOne excels

Common Use Cases

We are going to provide free Java applications covering Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms for all common use cases. By achieving the stretch goals further mobile applications will be part of the product bundle.

Special Use Cases

XiOne SDR Software Compatibility

We are currently developing Gnu Radio and Redhawk blocks to ensure that XiOne gets seamless support within that important signal processing software.
Furthermore, we are planning to cooperate with SDR software developers to make their solutions XiOne compatible.

Technical Specification

  • Frequency range: 100 kHz - 1.7 GHz
  • Up to 3.2 MHz bandwidth
  • Sensitivity around -110 dBm (> 30 MHz) and approx. -90 dBm (< 30 MHz)
  • Frequency stability better 10 ppm (needs to be verified by the next prototype)
  • Internal wide band amplifier (MAR-8A+), switchable by software commands
  • 8 bit AD-Conversion providing a dynamic range of around 50 dB
  • Internal battery for more than 2 hours of mobile usage. Easily extendable by an external USB power pack
  • SMA Female Antenna Connector
  • Included telescope antenna to cover the common use cases
  • Effective RF-Shielding of the different system parts (RF-Path, Tuner, Controller and MIPS-Processor)
  • Updatable Firmware to keep the XiOne always on the highest level of functionality
  • Open, well documented, network based Application Programming Interface for easy software development to open up the solution to the Maker Community
  • Java SDR, ADS-B, AIS and Spectrum Analyzer applications covering all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
  • By reaching the stretch goals we are going to provide Android, iOS and WP8 apps for the common use cases
  • System based on the following chipset:
    - R820T (Tuner)
    - RTL2832U (Controller, AD-Conversion)
    - RTL8197D (MIPS Processor)
    - RTL8192C (WiFi)
    - RTL8152B (USB Network Interface)
  • USB Interface for internal battery charging which also works as a network interface to stream the SDR IQ-Data
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz b/g/n
  • Connect any mobile device easily
  • Use XiOne as access point to assure SDR as well as Internet usage at the same time
  • Ethernet Network Interface to stream the SDR IQ-Data via TCP or to connect an existing network to use the SDR and for example the Internet in parallel

    Get a XiOne SDR for free!

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    Use the Share buttons up at the top of our campaign (right under the video).

    You don't have to be a backer to earn rewards! Just be sure to be logged in when you share our campaign, using the share buttons.

    If this campaign is successful you will get your reward!

    Meet the Engineering Team

    After 12 month of exciting software and hardware development we finally hold the prototype in our hands.
    As technology enthusiasts we decided to establish the XiVero GmbH to have a solid starting point for the XiOne product development.


    We are the team behind the XiOne product and the XiVero GmbH

    Stephan Hotto – Project Management & Hardware-Engineering

    • 20 years of international project and product management
    • Software & Hardware engineering focused on Digital Signal Processing

    Sebastian Krempel – Software Engineering

    • Software design & development with emphasis on C, C# and Java
    • Expert for DSP and Artificial Intelligence

    Lars Inger – Testing, Web-Page, Social Media

    • 15 years of experience in Hard- and Software Quality Assurance of biotechnology, insurance, telecommunication and multimedia applications
    • Web and Social Media expert

    What is the status of the project?

    We have a working prototype that requires small modifications to go into serial production.

    Furthermore, we've created the firmware as well as prototype applications to verify the functionality and performance of XiOne:

    • The C based firmware, running on the integrated MIPS platform, acts as a server exposing the SDR hardware capabilities via network interfaces (WiFi, Ethernet and USB), making it easy to develop client applications.

    • Java SDR 
a Java application running on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, capable of receiving signals in a frequency range of 100 kHz up to 1.7 GHz. All common demodulation methods are implemented (AM, FM, SSB, DSB). A spectrum and waterfall diagram supports the discovery and identification of signals.

    • iPhone SDR implementation of a wideband Software Defined Radio
      The test application is a proof of work to show that it is possible to demodulate the signals on a smartphone.


    • ADS-B Receiver 
Mac OS application to detect and display aircraft positions
      The prototype application combined with a good antenna displays airplanes as far as 200 km away. Data like Flight Number, Speed, Altitude and Vertical Rate are presented.

    • AIS Receiver 
iPad application to display ship positions
      The proof of work application maps ships relative to your own position and shows their identification, speed and course.

    • Wideband Spectrum Analyzer 
iPad application to display the power density spectrum and waterfall of a bandwidth of up to 20 MHz.
      The test application makes it possible to get a qualitative idea of the strength of the electromagnetic field at your position.

    Why do we need your support?

    The hardware prototype and the developed prototype applications allow us to verify the whole idea of a fully mobile software defined radio.

    Now we need your support to finalize the hardware design and to prepare everything to enter serial production.

    As an example we have to cover tooling (e.g. housing) and certification (e.g. FCC, CE) costs. Furthermore, we like to continue the development of the Java applications for ADS-B, AIS and Wide Spectrum Analysis to have a good set of software for the initial start of the product.

    Timing and Risks

    After a successful campaign we directly execute all steps necessary to make the product fit for serial production to deliver the 1st batch as fast as possible.

    High-Level Timeline:

    We identified the following Key Risks that need strong mitigation:

    1. Possible delay in finalizing and testing the hardware design
    2. Tooling to create the housing could take longer as planned
    3. Unexpected setbacks in software development

    Product Roadmap

    A small glimpse into the XiOne product future

    The Product development will not stop at the delivery of the first batch.
    Further updates of XiOne's firmware allow us to add features like:

    1. Maker Community created mobile applications are going to extend the XiOne feature set
    2. Implementation of Community Feature Requests
    3. Firmware integrated SDR receiver for wide and narrow band AM, FM, SSB, DSB demodulation, which is able to feed the decoded signal into the internet to setup remote stations
    4. AIS decoding within the firmware feeding the ship positions into a central server to setup a community information cloud, covering a larger geographical area
    5. Web-Interface to set different XiOne parameters like frequency, gain, etc. to allow remote controlling

    Stretch Goals

    Help us to enhance the Product Bundle

    By exceeding our funding goal we will be able to add mobile apps - covering different areas of application - to the XiOne product bundle.

    Web- & Community-Page

    Please visit our Web-Page to get more information: www.xivero.com

    We established a community forum to ignite the discussion of new ideas and to allow easy communication with the XiVero development team: forum.xivero.com

    Questions and Answers

    • What kind of antenna do I need?
      The included telescope antenna covers the common use cases (wideband receiver, spectrum analyzer, AIS and ADS-B).
      If you want to go for the special use cases then we like to refer you to our webpage where we offer simple building plans for DIY antennas.

    • What is included in the pricing?
      For EU customers we have to include the value-added tax (VAT) as well as shipping. Whereas, the VAT is not included for none EU customers, but the worldwide shipping is more expensive. Therefore, we decided to have one pricing scheme for all customers.

    • What will be the price after the campaign?
      We always like to keep the price reasonable but we think that we cannot go below $199,- (MSRP) for the XiOne hardware to keep the business up and running. So, please consider supporting the campaign and get your XiOne SDR for a special price.

    • Why does the pricing include VAT for EU customers?
      Tax authorities set the rule that inner-European business must include the VAT.

    • What are the customs duties and import taxes for my country?
      Please refer to your customs and tax authorities to clarify.

    • Is it legal to operate the XiOne SDR?
      Please check the laws within your country to make sure that the operation of the XiOne SDR device is legal.

    • Why should I trust the XiVero team?
      We do have several years of experience in software- and hardware-design as well as vendor- and project-management. Furthermore, we founded the XiVero GmbH to have a solid base for the XiOne development and production.

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