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Xiiove, a web based RTS, set in a futuristic post apocaliptic world. Command your armies and wage war across the destroyed planet.
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Or in a few short words, who we are.

Well let me start by introducing myself, my name is Eduardo, team leader and main programmer. I am student in  Aveiro University (Portugal for those who are wondering) in Computer and Telematics Major. As you can guess, english is not my first language so I apologize by my (hopefully not that many).

Since I was young I was fascinated by games and programing, those amazing times where we all look at the screen and wonder how does that work? Well, maybe not all but at least thats what I thought when I was playing games. Given that, I decided to look how to make a game, and learnt how to program by myself. I have made a few games and coded for some other projects around the web but nothing serious, just for fun and mostly to learn. 

During my "web travels" across some forums related to game devlopment, I met Joshua, and we start chatting about game ideas, and thats how Xiiove was born. He introduced me to a concept of a game he was trying to create but lacked the programming skills. I got hooked on the idea of developing a webrowser game and started researching the subject across the web. After a few months of playing around and messing with web technologies,databases and webdevelopment and a few more members joining, we got a solid base for our game, thats when we decided to get serious, and thats why we need your help. We got the team, we do the work, we just need your  Support.

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Project Status : 

We have a working base for the game currently on a private server.

Depending on the funding  a Alpha Version will be released to a few private members Sooner or Later.

Currently the game infrastructure is being developed and changed all the information below may be changed in the final/public  version of the game.


So what is Xiiove?

Xiiove takes place on Earth and in a near future where our human race completely destroyed the Earth. Due to excessive abuse of resource, polution and wars, the planet was wrecked, and it caused the Great Extinction. Pretty much all the life forms on the planet where wiped clean. The few humans that managed to go in underworld shelters where quickly decaying as they strugle to find a solution to live in this world.

The only creatures that somehow managed to adapt where insect like creatures mutated the intense radiation from the  soils. That is when one scientist Dr. Ybraksov sucessfully manage to find a solution of some sort, using his three sons as lab rats, he mixed humans DNA with some of the creatures from the surface. At the first the experience was failure  but after a few years of painfull experiences the three sons where reborn. Reborn as not humans and not insects, a hybrid of the two.

But something went terrible wrong, the three "chosen ones" where not there to save the humanity, instead they thought of themselfs as Improved Versions, and found humans obsolete, they killed their father and all the rest of the humans in the shelters and went to the open world, each with their own path.


Where do you fit?

In Xiiove you are one of descendants of  the three original Hive Masters. You can break free of the chains that hold you to your master and try your path across this new world that is Xiiove, in whatever way you may wish. Either military, diplomatic or economics. Its your world, your rules.


The Original Hive Lords


Arlen Slayton


Arlen, the believer.

Arlen the younger brother was true beliver of God in the old days. Due the change, this didnt change, he belived "his gift" is from god himself and accept everything that happens as God Resoning. His prayers aparently where heard, he was blessed with great defensive skills.




Dirk Voight

ArlenDirk, the deceiver.

Dirk as the middle child, was never that religious person while human, still he belives that there might be some greater power that commands the world, but doesnt really gets his hopes up. He was blessed with a intelligence above the average, making him a great tactian giving his troops the advantage on most battles.



Vance Hammacher

VanceVance, the mad one.

Vance the older child, a war veteran. After losing his son and wife in front of his eyes due to radiation poison, Vance emotionaly shutdown. He was the first to accept his fathers experiments. The experiments, however trigger the hidden emotions he had, and insanity took his mind. His sole reason to live is to destroy his enemies,as such, he is blessed with sheer offensive power so that he can make all his enemies suffer the same as he did.




What makes it diferent from the rest?

The game will have distinct modes to be played, there isnt only one way to play the game, you can go for Warfare, Economics or Politics, each with their own style and characteristics. Its your  call on how to play: Make alliances with other players, rage war across the lands , or simply expand your hive across the globe. 

The games will have diferent settings and durations, the currently planned settings are:

Tournament Mode (Limited number of Players and limited time)  -  Free for all with duration set to 1 - 3 months, with prize money for the first 5 players. This mode has set of conditions and the first to fullfill them is the Winner. (Either Destroy all the other players, Resource Collection, or Conquer all the territories). Alliances are not allowed.

Free Mode - Basic mode, the game goes on without a time limit.

The game will feature a InGame Currency which can be bought/won by the players to aid in their development. One player can have multiple account across the diferent servers and this currency is shared between them.

This currency won't have a major play in the game, it will be used to buy avatars, skins , and few other bonus. The game is completly playable without paying for it.


Battle system

This will one of the most important aspects of the game, and currently is still being developed and studied. So this information is subject to change.

The battles won't be decided by a purely algoritm fashion like ogame and travian. The outcome is changed by alot of factors

Some tatics can be set by the player, like retreat if the player  loses some % of the troops, so it can save troops from being permanently destroyed.


 One of the features that we would like to implement is a Hive Siege mode.

  Aplayer sieges another hive, controlled by player or AI, to capture the it, the battle on this case can take more time than a normal battle and may take more or less time depending on a great number of factors, depending on the player efforts This is still on planning stages and right now is still unsure how it will work.


Dynamic Army

The army of the player will be one of the main focus on the game.To create a army a player may construct a Insect with general capabilites to function like a beacon for the rest of the insects giving them bonuses on the battle field, if the army is completly destroyed, the general has a chance of surviving and returning home, otherwise the general is permanently lost.

There are enomerous stats that will affect a swarm perfomance on the battle field, some of them are:

  • *How well fed the insects are?
  • *The stats of the "general" commanding the troops, the general for each battle fought will gain experience in battle
  • *Techs researched by the player
  • *Hive Master Bonus

Other are also planned but need discussion.


Where is my money going?

There is two steps for us right now, the first one related to game production, the second one related to post production.


Its simple, in this stage the money will be spent on Art mostly .Right now, we have a artist in sight but graphics don't come for free, and being students who can barelly pay for food, we can't afford this kind of expenses. 

The sound  and music is currently not a big problem, since the game doesnt rely much on sound at this point,so its not our main objective.

Post Production

All the money will be used to Advertise for the game, prizes ingame and server costs.


Why do we need your help?

Well as I said, we are group of students without much money to live, and we need your help to make this project come to reality! We hope to make this the best MMORTS that you can find for free, and hopefully if this is a sucess you will help to create a Indie Game Studios. We need your push to make our dream come true!

Our team is dedicated and capable, help us pursue our dream, with your help we can make this transition alot faster and smoother.

Contribute, don't forget to use Indigogo Share tools to help us. 

If you have ideas, don't hesitate to tell us, your opinion is very valuable.



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