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My brand new DJ gear that I just bought to replace broken gear was stolen on Saturday 2/16. I *hate* having to ask, but I need help to replace it. :(
Xian Vox
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member

Campaign Update

Posted: 9PM, Sunday 2/17 -- Edited: 4PM, Tuesday 2/19


Wow.  Thank you!!!

Despite setting up the campaign to run for 16 days, which some said wouldn't be enough time, WE HIT THE TARGET FUNDRAISING GOAL IN 2 HOURS!!! 

I'm still in shock.  I've been crying off and on like a little girl because of so many conflicting emotions: fear, panic, distress, joy, pride, the sense of being loved.  More and more of these emotions are waning positive.  I feel like I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone. 


Reasons To Keep Donating

The campaign was set up to expire after 16 days (March 4th). Which means you can keep donating! Every donation over the original target goal helps me:

  • Pay down the original debt accrued purchasing the gear that got stolen
  • Enables me to purchase GPS tracking devices to have installed on new gear
  • Buy insurance against future damage, theft, accidents
  • Buy an alarm system that would, ideally, involve poisonous bees and lasers and stuff, or at the very least something that alerts me and a security company
  • Afford secured parking, which I'll be checking into
  • Every donation over $100 is actually designed with the idea that you are pre-purchasing your entry to my clubs and events (you're giving me an advance), which comes back to you double to triple the value 

Once again, THANK YOU all so very, very much!  I really do have the best patrons in the whole world.  LADEAD is love (and loved)!!!  ♥ >_<


Follow Me & My Clubs & Events? :)



Hi, I'm Xian

Originally from the S.F. Bay Area, I popped my nightclub cherry in NYC and have since been promoting and DJing in the Los Angeles underground for nearly 14 years! Not only contributing to just the local nightlife in the form of regular nightclubs and premiere events, but also to the underground community as a whole.  

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of spinning up and down the coast, from Seattle to San Diego and everything in between, as well as Columbus, Philidelphia, Chicago, to several years with the Endless Night festival in NOLA, pre-Katrina.

My current clubs include MALEDICTION SOCIETY (world's first steampunk club, since 2005), RUIN HOLLYWOOD (since 2007), WUMPSKATE (the original, annual monthly rollerskating party since 2003!), DISKO.NEKRO (since 2006), W▲RLOK (since 2011), and MODE:M (since 2010), HAUS OF PAIN (tongue in cheek golden era hip hop flashback night, since 2011), HEX HOLLYWOOD (Halloween, since 2005), and VENDETTA NYE (since 2008).  I'm also a regular DJ for both the Labyrinth of Jareth and the Los Angeles incarnation of the Edwardian Ball.


Unlike a lot of promoters, my promotions and patrons aren't revolving doors. My clubs and events run for years and a significant majority of my patrons are regulars.  Family, even. I endeavor not only to put forrth great music and quality atmosphere, but a welcoming and inclusive community. 

I feel joy at seeing smiling faces, rapture at a packed dancefloor, and a dash of pride that so many, many people have met the loves of their lives in my dance halls. (E-Harmony, eat your heart out.)

DJing and promoting originally began as a passion and hobby of mine, something I did when I wasn't working insane hours in web development. But when the economy collapsed I lost my job. And I nearly lost my clubs as well. So I made the decision to try my luck at being a fulltime promoter and DJ.  With one part luck, one part talent, one part rediculously cheap rent, I save my clubs and started opening more!  

Compared to programming, the money sucks, but I've managed to pay my bills, keep buying music, and invest in my nights.  Best of all?  I. Love. My. Job.


Circumstances Already Crippled My Income

A few months ago, a venue I had been working with since 2003 got taken over by new management.  Subsequently I lost my weekly Sundays (MALEDICTION SOCIETY, since 2005), my bi-weekly Saturdays (RUIN HOLLYWOOD, since 2007), and a monthly Saturday (MODE:M, since 2011).  Roughly 70% of my income dissappeared nearly overnight.

I have since found a new home for MODE:M, but even then, for several months now I've been scraping along at 50% of the income I was at last year, and have been draining my already anemic savings to stay afloat.  I'm still looking to find new homes for the remaining dislocated nights, but with several venues having recently closed, the options are slim, and my patrons (and self), having been spoiled for years, are picky.  

Then it got worse...


My Existing DJ Gear Became Unusable

Several years ago, around 2006, I purchased my first personal DJ rig (up until that point I used whatever a venue had): A Denon 6000 dual CD player unit, a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer and flight case. Being low on cash like most youths, I shopped around and found some quality used gear for cheap. Or so I had thought...

The Denon CD players had nonstop issues with the signal, and the gears on the left CD player would invariably stop working, or start skipping.  Not frequently enough to be able to discover what was ever wrong with the unit, ever, but often enough to hose a mix or song every few weeks.  

Meanwhile the mixer was riddled with even more issues. The FX module didn't even work at all, and had to be replaced for more than I paid for the mixer.  The channels all had independant sound and volume issues that, no matter how many times I took it in for repair, was never resolved. By 2012, I had spent nearly three times the amount I originally paid for the everything on repairs and maintenance. 

Just after Christmas of 2012, both the mixer and the CD players gave up the ghost for good (and probably got a new job as a ghost of Christmas used presents, or something).  This was bad in that several of my clubs, and all of my big events, depend on me having my own DJ gear.  

Again, this is how I make a living: Not having DJ gear is not an option. 


I Had To Buy New Gear 

After the drama and trauma of used gear, I opted for new.  I ended up purchasing 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus CD players, the creme de la creme and top of the line, newly released as of late 2012.  I also picked up a used Pioneer DJM 600 that would get me by til I could pay off the players and save up a little more and trade it in for a nicer mixer.  And of course a cheap used flight case so I could haul everything around more easily.  

Altogether the purchase came out to about $4,500.

Some people might argue me on buying new, buying the best, etc...  I wasn't just buying the prettiest or the pricies.  Fortunately for me, a friend of mine works at Guitar Center and could hook me up with a great discount, for starters. But consider that I was also investing in my livelihood, my future income potential, as well as being mindful in the transitioning technology and industry.  

My old rig lasted me 7 years, I fully anticipated this one to do the same. And these CD players gave me a lot of room for movement, whether it be transitioning to a laptop (unlikely), external drives, DVDs instead of CDs, etc. I wasn't locked to one standard, I was liberated to rethink (as I have done many times) the way I store and recall music for play.

And also, I loved these CD players.  

Being among the dying breed of real DJs...I mean, a Disc Jockey who actually uses -discs- to play music...the ability to kinesthetically interact with my mixing, manually, is something I not just live by, but live for. And those CD players were wonderful, giving me such freedom that in comparison, the Denon's remind me of Plato's Allegory of the Cave.


My New DJ Gear Was Stolen 

As of late Friday 2/15 and early Saturday 2/16, my brand new rig, not even remotely paid off, was stolen out of my car.  

No, they were not visible.  No, I don't have a parking space, it's street parking. No, I'm 5'4", a girl, I'm not strong (or brave/stupid) enough to try to haul $4.5k of equipment several blocks home at 3AM on nights I work in a decent but don't-push-your-luck Hollywood neighborhood.  And no, I don't have insurance that covers the players.  

As stated before, I'm down 50% of my income from last year (down 80% of my income from 2008) because of losing a venue. I already had to reduce my car insurance to the bare minimum of coverage.  I've been late on my rent for the last two months, so while renter's insurance is something I was looking to get to cover the new units, realisically it was just not something I could afford (yet).


I Need Your Help

Without DJ gear, I can't DJ those clubs and events you love so much.

And if I can't DJ, I can't pay my rent.  

Already being in debt from buying the new DJ gear, I hate that I am in a situation where I cannot take on more debt.  I'm also...a proud person.  I don't like admitting weakness or asking for help.  So it grieviously wounds my pride to kneel down and beg for consideration, forgiveness, and help from those willing to chip in a few dollars into a fund to help me procure a new DJ setup.

Since I can't take anything without giving in return, I've designed the "Perks" (donation reward system), to treat Donations like an advance.  The more you donate, the more you save on cover charges for my clubs and events.

Please remember that it's not merely a donation to me and my ability to make ends meet, but it's also a donation to the continuation of LADEAD™ and your nightlife.  I implore you to think about the positive impact I've had on your lives, and consider having a positive impact on mine in a time of need. So wont you please make a Donation?


Thank You!

I really, really appreciate you taking your time to read all of this.  

To answer some questions:

  • What if your stolen gear is found?
  • Assuming that it's in working order, I will return the replacement units for as much of a refund as I can get.  And then use part of the donated money to get insurance and install GPS devices on the new gear.  But I'm already being told that the chance of my gear being found is unlikely. :(  
  • What do I get for Donating?
  • There are varying degrees of donations, each with their own perks that you can see to the right of the page. In addition to the stated perks, everyone who donates will have their names listed on a massive "Thank You" page on www.LADEAD.com forever and ever as well. 
  • Will you accept More Donations than you are asking for?
  • Absolutely!  By design, the higher donations are technically pre-paying your LADEAD nightlife at a pretty significant discount.  Think of donating less as charity, and more of an advance of the money you would have paid me anyways.  Towards that end, I'll encourage people to donate til the campaign ends. :)  
  • EDIT:  Inaccurate potential values of perks...
  • I just realized I was only assessing the value of the perks based on ONE person, for the higher packages.  So double that value.  i.e. The $1000 donation was stated as being worth $1500...it's actually $3000.  My bad...but still in your favor. :X

Lastly, please share this with your friends! Not everyone is aware of my situation.  Out of necessity I need to hit this hard and fast so this campaign wont be up for very long, thanks!  ♥ >_<

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    Parking On The Dancefloor

    Donations of $25 will receive FREE ENTRY to the LADEAD club of your choice. (Clubs only, not events.)

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  • $500USD
    Scene Queen

    Donations of $500 will get you and a Guest FREE ENTRY to all LADEAD clubs and events for SIX MONTHS. Potential value up to $750 here, abuse it heartily!

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Xian's Deity ♥

    Donations of $1000 will get you and a Guest FREE ENTRY to LADEAD clubs and events for an ENTIRE YEAR. (A potential $1500 value prepaid for at 2/3rds the cost.) --- Also, I'll personally cook dinner for you and a few friends. I'm a pretty good cook, if I may say so myself, and preparing a heartfelt meal feels like the best way to show my appreciation and gratitude to someone who's helping me keep food on my table. ♥

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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