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Build - Explore - Loot. Pilot your custom ship, take missions, board enemy ships! A PC Game.
Simon Lebettre
Email Verified
Montreal, Quebec
3 Team Members

One year after, the game evolved a lot, and is currently on Kickstarter : 


This campaign has ended, the adventure continues on the website !

We have been crazy enough to rewrite the whole game during the indiegogo campaign, but it was worth it. The new pitch video you see here is a completely unedited solid minute of gameplay, added June 17 at 2:55 AM EST. 

And now, on the last day, we have a new  unedited gameplay video #2 to show.

Check it out http://youtu.be/8rncy2PVf4U

After Today, nothing changes, we continue the game developement and eventually one day we release the alpha. We may try to get another round of funding, maybe a fixed funding for doing multiplayer.


A nice view


Xenogalaxies is an action role playing space game currently done by a team of seasoned professional programmers after their day jobs.

It's all about dynamic game elements, dynamic events and building your own ships and stations.

This game will be released anyway, but you can help us release it faster and enhance it by preordering !

Like us on https://www.facebook.com/xenogalaxies !

Check these old articles, featuring the old look, about us on Kotaku and Flesh Eating Zipper ! 

Space is BiG

♦ Pilot your own custom ship.

♦ Warp with your hyperdrive.

♦ Fight, Trade, Mine asteroids.

♦ Take missions - Protect cargo , Retrieve artifacts.

♦ Dock on stations.

♦ Or board an alien mothership!



On Planets

♦ Land on planets and moons.

♦ Visit strange moon caves.

♦ Explore the wilderness & cities.

♦ Shoot some aliens - steal loot.

♦ Trade in outposts.

♦ Survive a crash and repair.

♦ Or build your own city!

Inside the station


Build and Craft

Build ships:

Wire active parts to make your ship fly: full cells, reactors, shield generators, weapons! Collect rare metals and alien technology to enhance your ships.

You can embark whatever you like, but you need enough power to lift off and pilot your ship!

Build structures:

From the small outpost up to space stations and planetary cities. Place cubes one by one like Minecraft, or use premade blueprints of whole structures. 

No grinding:

♦ It's the future - you wont dig out every single cube with a pickaxe ;) 

♦ Deploy blueprints and deliver the raw materials to the construction site.

♦ Mine whole asteroids with your ships.

♦ Place automatic harvesters to collect ore and raw materials.

♦ No creative mode. Each cube comes from somewhere: It will be easy to harvest massive amount of cubes, but it will make massive holes in the moons and harm the scenery. 


You can combine materials and items to craft or enhance new items: guns, ship parts, ore harvesters, jetpacks for example. The system is really easy, simply Drag and drop using your mouse.

Why cubes - again? 

Because cubes makes the world dynamic and easy to customize. Anybody can build with cubes -  even programmers with limited art skills ;)

The visuals are limited but the gameplay possibilities are infinite: give each cube a weight and an armor level, and you get for example a ship system that makes sense, where the player can decide for himself if he wants more speed or more armor. Or maybe you would like to replace some ordinary metal cubes by rare alien materials found in an ancient alien base on a remote planet.

Multiplayer Options

Connected worlds

Even if we get a low funding, we can guarantee a good single player mode and limited multiplayer features : You will get the ability to share your blueprints and your buildings on the official website, directly from the game.

The best cities / ships / stations will then be made available to all players in game: you will be able to travel to a distant planet, with a city made by other players. 

If we get enough funding to work full time on the game, we will then implement full fledged cooperative multiplayer, and even player vs player territories.


The Team

We are some of the original authors of the open source Techcraft engine http://techcraft.codeplex.com/ which spawned a handful of Xbox and PC games - with our benediction - but we are not involved in any of these games.

At night we are passionate amateur game developers and during the day we are expert professional web / database / sevice oriented architecture developers, each one having 12 to 15 years of experience delivering complex projects. We even have some business experience, some of us own their own consulting companies, have accountants and access to some counselling. 

So we think we can and will release a great game. Not AAA, but lots of cool features!  

Campaign goals

The game is currently in pre alpha state. It means it's good for doing the new pre alpha teaser video but most features are only 50 to 70% done, not polished enough to be put in the hands of gamers.

This is due to the fact the team members have been working on it at night after their day jobs, since one year. And we are going crazy doing that.

So we want serious funding to make this game a reality. If we don't get enough funding we will release it anyway, but it will take really long!

The more we get, the more features we can include, and the more peole can work full time on the game - more Programmers / QA testers / Graphics and sound Designer. And we would be pleased to hire some of the best builders from the community!



First, thanks to Notch, David Braben and Ian Bell for their masterpieces !

We would like to thank some friends and some members from the XNA community for their help :

- Stainless for his planet tutorials

- Stevehazen for the useful forum posts

- Byron for thrusters tutorials

- Rayeth for his Alleria Station schematic

- Nepoxx and RaistlinTheWiz for their involvement in a small percent of the code


And thank you ! thank you for being here, buy something if you can, talk about us on facebook / twitter / forums / greenlight / anywhere, or just give us your feedback in the indiegogo comments!

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$90,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 21, 2013
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  • $5USD
    Star Dust Edition - Coupon

    → Get a 5$ coupon when buying the finished game. Every bit helps, so thanks a lot !

    3 claimed
  • $15USD
    Meteor Edition - Release

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game at the reduced indiegogo price.

    21 out of 1000 claimed
  • $25USD
    Asteroid Edition - Beta Access

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game. → Get access to the Beta (and exclusive beta forums).

    18 claimed
  • $35USD
    Moon Edition - Beta Access

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game. → Get access to the Beta (and exclusive beta forums). → Get an exclusive Moon Edition forum badge.

    5 claimed
  • $45USD
    Planet Edition - Alpha Access

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game. → Get access to the Beta and Alpha (and exclusive forums). → Get a Planet edition exclusive forum badge.

    8 claimed
  • $60USD
    Star Edition - 4 Copies

    → Preorder four (4) digital copies of the finished PC game, at the reduced indiegogo price: one(1) for you, three(3) for your lucky friends. → Get 4 access to the Beta (and exclusive beta forums). → Get 1 Star edition exclusive forum badge - just for you.

    4 claimed
  • $85USD
    Galaxy Edition - Your Name

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game. → Get access to the Beta and Alpha (and exclusive forums). → Get a Galaxy edition exclusive forum badge. → Give your name to one of the planets or stations, randomly placed in the galaxies.

    2 out of 500 claimed
  • $250USD
    Universe Edition - Pre Alpha

    → Preorder one (1) digital copy of the finished PC game. → Get access to a pre-alpha build before everyone else. → Get access to the pre-alpha game design forums as soon as the indiegogo campaign ends. → Get access to the Beta and Alpha (and exclusive forums). → Get a Universe edition exclusive forum badge. → Give your name to one of the planets or stations, randomly placed in the galaxies.

    3 claimed
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