X-Factor Filmmakers Short Film Contest

Created to help talented filmmakers raise money to make movies.

X-Factor Filmmakers is a company that hopes to help increase the amount of women directors working in the film industry. We find talented women and help to fund their films. Right now, about 93% of films in theaters are directed by men. However, we are very supportive of the talent of both sexes so this contest and it’s prizes are open to both MEN and WOMEN. The net proceeds made from the contest will go back into our X-Factor Film Fund for women filmmakers.

We are a small company started by myself, also an aspiring professional film director, and my father, a graphic designer. With our powers combined we help filmmakers create films. When we realized what I would be up against as an aspiring female director we decided to create a hub, a place where someone like myself can go and know that she is supported. Being a rarity in any industry is difficult to overcome and something that cannot be done without support.

The the contest entry cost is $20, which will go toward the $1000 cash prize for the winning filmmaker (see website below for more Grand Prize info). What we need now is additional funding to complete this inaugural film contest. We have not yet raised enough to fund the prizes and it’s important that the contest succeeds so filmmakers keep entering the contest we plan to host 4-6 times a year.

Most film contests don’t run this often so we need your help. You can be part of something unique in helping talented filmmakers make their movies. X-Factor Filmmakers is a start-up company and the money you help us raise on IndieGoGo will help pay for the contest prizes and the volunteers who are running it.

X-Factor Filmmakers
X-Factor Filmmakers Short Film Contest

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