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WWW.ZOMBIE222.COM We combine American muscle cars of the '60s with state-of-the-art electric drives to produce the world's first Electric Super Muscle Cars.
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You've dreamed of having your cake and eating it too. That is what we are bringing to the table. The timeless beauty of American Muscle blended with lithium fueled electric dragster power.  Green, but very very mean. Electric cars CAN be muscle cars. It doesn't get better than that. 

In the 1960's, Racing Legend Carroll Shelby took a stock mustang and infused it with the state-of-the-art performance technology of the time. This produced the legendary Shelby GT350 and GT500.

We are taking that idea forward, but with the state-of-the-art all electric performance that is available in 2014. Comfortable on the street or track, try 750HP with 1800 lb-ft pushing this monster from 0-60 in 3 seconds and yet a street cruising range of 125 miles. All that muscle and as environmentally friendly as it gets. That's cake and eating it too.

What's in the press...















Vintage Muscle + 21st Century State-of-The-Art Technology = Zombie 222
Let's build one now.

Start with a 1968 Mustang Fastback. We will only start with high quality cars.
- Rust free
- Wreck free
- Complete
- Drivable, we'll switch out the drive train but we want to be able to to see  everything
- Clear Title

Time for open heart transplant

Remove that nasty gas stuff...
- engine gone - replaced with twin motors
- transmission gone - not needed
- radiator gone - not needed
- pumps gone - not needed
- gas tank gone - NEVER needed
- exhaust system gone - NEVER needed
- rear end gone - replaced with high performance system
- front suspension gone - replace with racing suspension

Look at that nasty chest cavity and see the red transmission fluid on the beautiful shop floor. Never again.

Now let's look at the new heart(s)

- TWO monster electric motors. One would be powerful, two makes it Super Electric.
- Both are 11 inch diameter with high performance internal components and special shafts for automotive application

Prepare for implant

Bolt them together to act as one insanely powerful motor and add an overdrive unit for high end speed. Look how CLEAN! no grease or mess. See Allen smiling because he doesn't have to bathe in degreaser tonight.

Gently now, put the heart in...

Put them in and it fits like a glove. Just like it was made to be there, which it was, by us. The contactors on the side are all that is needed for reverse. Now just add the rest and stitch up the patient.

Successful operation
Add the controllers and WOW! So much cleaner, no oil, gas, tyranny fluid, or radiator antifreeze. Notice the controllers are positioned like valve covers on a V8 as a salute to the muscle car heritage.

Get dressed, we're going out!

Mooch the world's most powerful EV battery pack built by High Tech Systems LLC and used in Big Daddy Don Garlits' electric rail dragster, the Swamp Rat 37. 1.5 megawatts is more than we need, but what an opportunity so we'll take it.  We will only have a paltry 1 megawatt battery pack.

Performance Targets

0-60 in 3 seconds or under (good chance we can get in the 2 second range, but let's be conservative).

1/4 mile run in mid 10 second range. (pretty sure we can in the 9s, but we like to under promise and over deliver).

Street range - 125 miles normal driving conditions (like you're really going to drive this monster normally??)

MPG - got you!

Pollution - Ahhhh, smell the roses......

Easy, right?..... Wrong! We have a long way to go and need a lot of resources to get there. We need to develop the production battery pack, cooling, sensor systems, wireless control, unique sound, etc. and then do it for the Camaro, Cuda, GTO and all the other bad ass rides our customers demand.

Needed to complete first car, start the second and launch the business: $300,000

Use of funds:

- Development and production of standardized portable battery packs for a minimum of 40 kWh. No one has tried to build "lego" modules before. Imagine being able to borrow a battery module from a friend. This means a pretty sophisticated BMS (battery management system) enclosures, etc.

- Development of muscle car friendly cooling system. We don't get to start with a clean sheet of paper like Tesla so this is a tricky area. Fluid or air, delivery, heat transfer, etc.

- 3D design work for interior. We want to make this car stand out and 3D technology is making a lot of things possible.

- Metal fabrication

- Interior parts and fabrication

- Development of advanced control systems

- Purchase of second car for production to validate designs for system interchangability and to start building inventory.

We have invested heavily with our own time, talent and a lot of treasure to get the first Zombie 222 up and running.  We will prove to you, the rest of world, and to ourselves that we can do it. It is truly an amazing car and there is nothing like it on Earth today. The power is downright scary and the silence makes it even meaner. Now we really need your financial help (treasure) to finish out the first Zombie 222 and accelerate production.  We also want to ask for time and talent.    We want to give you the opportunity to be part of a virtual design and marketing team.   

If you want to have a more active role in the project, donate enough to join the design team. We will be looking for suggestions, actively surveying and accepting work from our Advisory Designers. Come to the shop and check out the progress. Add something specific that makes it in the design and you will get your name on the builder's plates that will be a part of each car. If you want to make a difference in the automotive landscape with electric propulsion and do it in unique way, this is your opportunity.

Remember, that as electric propulsion technology costs decline, we plan to release all of our innovations and specific fabrications that we have made as Do-It-Yourself kits to make this possible for a larger audience.

If we can't reach or exceed our funding request, the money we do raise will still go exclusively to getting the Zombie 222 roadworthy. After feeling the power of driving the Zombie 222 and seeing the excitement it generates with people, we will find a way to make this happen. We will not give up.

Perk Details:

Become a Believer - $10 or more if you really feel the love.
Send us your picture, a little about you and give us a statement about why you believe in Zombies.

Get turned - $40
Here is a picture of the very first believers who wanted to "get turned" wearing the Zombie T-shirts. Make sure you give us your address and be prepared to get turned.

Baby Zombie
- $199

Here is a picture of our youngest believer. 8 year old "Zombie Girl" . She has actually turned a wrench on the real Zombie 222.  She broke open her piggy bank and opted for the Baby Zombie to cuddle with at night.  Car chick starting young...  "Awesomeness" defined. Now if Daddy will just 'get in line' for a purchase. We won't say his name, but his first initial is Dave.

Roll up your sleeves

We are trying to see if we can tap into the idea of a "virtual design team" where we leverage technology to expand the talent base to all corners of the world. We will setup an "invitation only" forum to share the good, the bad and the shocking with the advisory design team. We will conduct surveys, solicit suggestions, post problems for brain storming, occasionally stream the shop video during crunch cycles, have conference calls and private calls with designers....all in the hope that someone will come forward with something concrete like 3D design, firmware, fabrication, etc..  and their name will get added to the builders plate on the cars....much like the old Easter eggs we put in software to show contributors.  Of course all designers are welcome to actually visit the shop and meet the team in person should you find yourself coming to Austin for any reason. We plan to have a BIG Texas BBQ to celebrate at the end (we think cool vintage Super Electric Muscle cars will never have a real end to design work :-)) and all designers and families will be welcome.

We’re a team that is committed to producing the baddest, coolest, fastest vintage muscle cars in the world...all electric, all the time.

Mitch Medford:  Entrepreneur - CEO

High-tech executive who loves bad-to-the-bone vintage muscle cars, but loves innovation even more. A guy who believes that you can have the best of both worlds by pulling together the right team to infuse today's advances in electric propulsion with the legendary muscle cars of the past.  He has personally restored a number of cars in the past along with designing and building The Blood Shed, a 4000 sq. ft. shop specifically created with this vision in mind.

The link below brings you to the build thread. In addition to the build story, you can enjoy amusing anecdotes of his life long battle with spiders and jugo de diablo (what he calls electricity).


John Wayland: Legendary Electric Car Drag Racer 

John pioneered and developed an electric car that became the world's quickest street car. The WHITE ZOMBIE. A real street car, John took a 72' Datsun 1200, installed twin electric motors and some of the most powerful Lithium Ion batteries in the world. The White Zombie has been recorded going 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds. That is quicker that the world's most expensive production super car, the Bugatti. John has terrorized gas-powered cars around numerous drag strips, humbling even the most powerful gas-swilling monsters. John co-founded NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) and served as NEDRA's first President. 

Check out John and the White Zombie at:


Allen Koester: Master Mechanic and Owner of Austin Electric

Allen has worked on cars his whole life and not only shares our love of cool cars, but also operates a commercial electric company. What a perfect fit. Allen deals with massive electric delivery systems by day and is a master mechanic by night.  He also can drive the heck out anything. We know because the tires on our cars always seem to wear out too fast. Hmmm.... 

Jack LaPenta: High Tech Everything

Jack is a gadget freak with a background in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering.  He's one of those folks you meet who seem to know everything about electronics, AV systems, networking, wireless video but also can enhance and improve anything electronic that he gets his hands on. You should see his remote video drone. Join us, and you will. 

Marko Mongillo: Metal Master

No picture, like big foot, very elusive

Metal fabricator extraordinaire, electric Fiat 600 builder and lover. Did the fab work for the White Zombie and long time friend of John. The controllers in the V8 valve cover position was his idea.   "Get Turned or Get Burned''....just sayin, he coined the phrase.

Michael Blieden: Video Sensei

Michael has directed TV shows for NBC, Comedy Central, MTV, USA and FOX, documentaries and specials for NetFlix, music videos for Fionna Apple, Kanye West and Aimee Mann. He's dome commercial work for Micro Soft, GM and McDonald's. Michael grew up with solar energy and has a special place in his heart for free electrons.

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    OK, admit it. It's just 222 cool not to do and you know you at least enjoyed the video....

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    Show us the love if you think this is a cool idea and want to see Zombies on the road. We'll put you on the the Wall of Believers.

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    Baby Zombie

    This perk gets you a hand painted 1/24 scale electric remote control Zombie 222 to show the world you own a Zombie 222. A very little one, but still hand painted by the team. You'll also receive the "Get Turned" perk.

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    Roll up your Sleeves

    Be an Advisory Designer. Join our private forum, attend con calls, make suggestions, submit real work and participate in polls. You will have access to the Blood Shed facility to come by, meet the team and check things out. Join us for a scheduled Texas BBQ. We'll periodically open up our shop video system during crunch times so you can see your team working. Get a development team shirt, be on the website and a chance to get on the actual builder's plate for each car if your work ships.

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    Get in line

    Your pledge of 10K or higher puts you in line for one of the Zombie222 production cars. The size of your pledge determines your place in line. The amount you pledge minus 3K will go toward your contracted purchase price. If we have more subscribers than the planned production, the top pledges will get the cars and rest will get refunded. We will arrange a private meeting at your convenience to plan and price the specifics your Zombie 222

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