We're funding a small professional team to create a new test server, build game client's (pc and mac) to deploy the newest update of WWII Online!
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Update 7/13/14: The Funding Campaign has concluded, with the primary goal and stretch goal successfully funded, a nice boost in advertising power received. WOOT!

Congratulations all! We can't express in words how appreciative we are of all of your support. It is recognition of the community and developer coming together to do what ever it takes to improve and grow WWII Online, and that is simply AWESOME!

Equipped with your backing from this initiative, we will march towards the objective of getting on Steam. There are many goals in between to achieve none the less, such as warm ups with general releases and which will shake the dust off and make our Steam release much more successful.

However, the buck doesn't stop here when it comes to ways you can help improve your game by backing the team. Each of you can make a profound difference in our ability to acquire assets and resources (staffing, hardware, software, etc) by adding just a few more dollars if you're able to per month.

For full details on how you can continue to make a serious difference for WWII Online and receive recognition for doing so, please review the hero program located [ HERE ].
From all of us Rats, thank you for believing in the game as strongly as we do. Remember that an active subscription (every one of them) count tremendously, to learn more about that read [ Life at Rat HQ ] by DOC.

All NEW funds go into advertising

Advertising Funds Raised: $510.00 or 2,550 players!

All funds collected beyond the stretch goal ($14,500) will directly be added to our marketing and advertising to bring more players into the game.

These funds will become apart of our search engine pay-per-click campaign(s) designed to very effectively reach our target demographic. 

  • $10 generates 100 clicks
  • 50% of those clicks turns into new sign ups
  • Your $10 results into 50 new players

How many new players would you like to bring to the community? YOUR contributions decide. Examples:

  • $10 generates 50 players
  • $25 generates 125 players
  • $50 generates 250 players
  • $100 generates 500 players

The above data is averages derived from our analytics tracking.

STRETCH GOAL: [ 100% Funded ]

Daily Update 7/11/14: Our stretch goal is 100% funded! This stretch goal funds the Community & Hardware Upgrades area shown beneath this writing.

Community & Hardware Upgrades

We want to roll out some new community upgrades that will provide players more recognition for in-game actions, tools to create game reporting mechanisms to your liking and provide a new strategic web map to follow the World at WAR from your browser anywhere.

Ready for improved server performance? Some of our hardware dates back to 2001 and has thousands of hours of active run time. Funding this stretch goal directly goes into making your game more stable and empowering our development team to work more effectively with better, faster equipment.

  • New toolset enabling the community to build game reporting tools
  • New strategic web map
  • New awards and achievements for Combat Stats 2.0
  • New hardware (virtual machines, memory, storage, etc)
  • Enhanced stability and performance of live game server
  • More effective management of systems infrastructure
  • Fixing free play forum access


What if we go above the stretch goal, what happens next?

All funds obtained beyond the Stretch Goal will be applied to Marketing and Advertising efforts to bring in MORE players to WWII Online.

Fund the next game update! [100% FUNDED]

We're calling on the WWII Online community to help us complete our very first community funded game update. Successful completion of the goal will result into the following:

  • Creation of a new development test server
  • Deploying a new PC game client
  • Deploying a new MAC game client
  • Create new billing tools to help us manage, introduce and promote new offers in preparation for releasing the game on Steam

Ready to get back to game development? WE ARE TOO! Take a look below to see what we have planned.

What's in the new game update?

These new updates will include DATA files which translate into a quicker turn around time and still have a high impact.

  • ART: Improved weapon textures - crisper, higher detail!
  • SOUND: New infantry weapon and environment audio!
  • H.E. REVISIONS: New high explosive audits means more deadly effects!

Art Improvements

Our Lead Artist "VOLCOL" has done a lot of re-working of existing art to present a really stunning new impression on how these weapons look. These are ready for deployment - RIGHT NOW.

  • Completely new Textures
  • Re-worked UV Layouts
  • Overall higher resolution


 photo Model-Breakdown.png

Sound Improvements

Massive improvements when we're talking about sound and immersion. Listen in on the NEW Bren Lightmachine Gun and MG34 audio. These are ready for deployment - RIGHT NOW.

  • Thompson SMG (UK & US)
  • Lebel Rifle (FR)
  • Mortar fire (All)
  • Luger Pistol (DE)
  • MP40 SMG (DE)
  • And many more!

** NEW BREN GUN SOUND & WEAPON ART ** (Actual ingame footage)

** NEW MG34 FIRING SOUND & WEAPON ART ** (Actual ingame footage).

How is my contribution going to improve the game?

Your contribution is going to give new life to the game. This game update is fundamental to retention of existing players, creating a wave of returning users and improving the experience of new players.

When should we expect the update to be released, once funded?

We estimate that within the next 6 months we'll be able to get this client update released for both the PC and MAC. It's important to note that's an estimate. We have to first create a new dev test server, begin adding this new content into two new builds, test them out thoroughly, then proceed with releasing when ready.

NOTE: We will keep the community briefed with our progress. Our goal is to push it out as soon as possible. This is a conservative estimate to manage expectations.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help make more updates like these possible by becoming a Hero Builder. By upgrading your subscription you are adding more opportunity for us to pay for Staff and Advertising.

We send our greatest thanks to all of our Community members. We're really excited to get back on the path of developing the greatest game ever!

- All of us at Cornered Rat Software

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    Receive the following: - Phone Chat with Senior Producer - One of you will be selected to have your face on an anti-tank gun crew member - Receive Builder forum access - Receive Builder "Hammer" icon ingame and forums [Includes previous perks, excluding platinum perk roll]

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