Wuffle, The Big Nice Wolf : Year 1

A full color comics of Wuffle, a feel-good comic that willing to bring back the old charms of the good’ old classic cartoon to everyone!
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  • $5USD

    Thank you! Your name will be in the book to show that you are supporting me in making this book come true.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    6 angefordert

  • $15USD

    Your name will be in the book and I'll send you a digital thank you card specially made for this campaign.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    2 angefordert

  • $35USD

    All of the above perks and a copy of Wuffle Comics Book Year 1, signed by me!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    56 angefordert

  • $50USD

    All previous rewards with special goodies! The goodies are original Wuffle postcards and poster. Also, the thank you card will be a physical card attached with the book instead of a digital one!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    34 von 50 angefordert



    This is a special perks for those who want to help me spread the love of Wuffle. Just like the previous level, but instead of the goodies, you'll get 4 more copies of the book. These extra books are for you to share with others. You can give it to your friends or family members as a gift, or donate it to your local library!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    10 von 10 angefordert

  • $100USD

    Like the above perk but, signed book, your name in the book, personal thank you message and gift sets. Plus a free sketch on canvas picture by your request!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    16 von 20 angefordert

  • $300USD

    All of the rewards from the GRUMPY HEDGEHOG level and a 4-panel Wuffle comic personally drawn just for you. I'll draw your idea into a 4-panel comic, and send it to you both digitally and physically along with the book. (Please keep your idea G or PG-13 rated!)

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    4 von 5 angefordert

  • $500USD

    Like the above perk, But instead of 4-panel comic, you get a personal 4-page Wuffle comics in black and white! You can request me to draw any story you want (rated G - PG13 only). Both digital version and printed version of your comic will be shipped with the book.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    0 von 3 angefordert

  • $1.000USD

    And the ultimate perk is here! Just like previous perk, but instead of a 4-page comic in black and white, you'll get a personal 6-page Wuffle comics in full color! You can request me to draw any story you want (rated G - PG13 only). Both digital version and printed of your comic will ship with the book. Also, Foxxo said he'll love you forever.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    0 von 1 angefordert

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