WowFest - Magic Arts Festival

The launch of a Magic Arts Festival in Calgary, creating an experience of wonder for audiences of all ages. A one day cavalcade of magical entertainment!


Calgary's First Magic Arts Festival

Putting the spotlight on the art of magic, WowFest gives audiences in Calgary a chance to magicians performing at their best. This is a rare opportunity where magic is highlighted, and magicians are given the chance to push their art forward.

Reaching beyond Calgary

If you live in, or near Calgary, Alberta, Canada, then you don't need to be on this page! You can best support WowFest when you buy tickets and go see the shows. This fundraising campaign is reaching out to magicians and magic fans who can't attend in person, but would still like to lend support to the vision of WowFest, and establishing a strong annual magic event in Calgary.

Humble Beginnings, Big Dreams

WowFest is launching as a one day event, cramming as many magic shows as possible into that day (planning for six!) covering all types from close-up sleight of hand to grand illusion on stage.

The event is relying on a lot of community support and bootstrap funding. It remains a hefty challenge to produce a succesful event, and with less than two months to go, the big gamble of "will people buy tickets?" is looming.

Additional funding at this point can help us promote the shows, reach a wider audience, and most importantly establish a strong foundation for a succesful festival next year.

Specific uses for IndieGoGo funding

While the basics are taken care of for 2013, we'll have a venue, a stage, chairs for an audience, there is still much that can be boosted to create an amazing festival. Most of all, I've been able to offer a small honorarium to our large cast of performing magicians (who are giving up a day of potential bookings) and I'd love to be able to increase their reward for their work. In addition, a crew of keen tech support and front of house folks are very deserving of a modest reward for their efforts.

Our promotion and marketing budget relies heavily on word-of-mouth, and beyond that the budget is scraped together. Being able to print more flyers, or expand our social media reach would be immensely helpful to sell-out the shows.

Having the extra funds to hire event photographers and videographers not only create a record of the event, but it also helps our performers expand their portfolio, as well as providing WowFest with excellent materials to promote next year.

Finally, any funds left in the bank after the dust has settled will be rolled over into producing a bigger and better WowFest in 2014!

We'll trade you... Financial support for magical goodies!

I really wish you could be here in Calgary for the festival, and see the shows, but in lieu of that I'm going to offer up some "perks" for our helpful supporters. They should be of interest to magic collectors, and magicians.

Thanks so much for your interest in the launch of WowFest. We're looking forward to many more years ahead with your support!

Team on This Campaign: