World War Machine - A Post-Human Action RPG

A fast-paced, Action-RPG set in a procedural post-human world with meaningful customization, tactical coop and steel-shattering destruction.
Tuque Games
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Montreal, Quebec
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NOTE: all Prototype tier supporters get access to the Prototype right now! 

"I just played World War Machine. I'm impressed!"

Patrice Desilets - Creative Director of Assassin's Creed

"It's like Diablo... with Mechs"

Most people who see the game

A supremely customizable, highly advanced technological marvel of destruction.

Locate prized items and gather Materials to Craft crippling Weapons, upgrade with ruinous hardware Components and make critical moment-to-moment tactical choices as you campaign through an unforgiving cityscape. A fast-paced, modern Action-RPG, World War Machine lets you adventure solo or party-up to survive the hordes of remorseless enemies.

Elevate your synthetic life form in this unique setting and uncover the mysteries behind the human extinction.

Engage in world spanning, connected gameplay solo, or with friends as you compete for bragging rights locally and globally. Seamlessly drop in and out of coop at any time as you bring about world changing events with the entire connected community.

Earn powerful offensive and defensive Functions (similar to 'spells' in fantasy-based Action-RPG's). Loot dozens of different Weapons and Components from your fallen enemies. Gather a multitude of different Materials and build Components, Weapons and Cosmetic Plating using advanced 3D printing technology. Equip a completely customized loadout of these Functions, Components and Weapons to suit your own unique playstyle and complement your group.

Increase your Power by defeating enemies, exploring the world, and completing Missions. Use your earned Power Points to configure and re-configure the Power Systems of your Machine on the fly to uncover your unique play style to assault the enemy in any way you choose.

Using a traditional keyboard and mouse setup, the W-A-S-D keys are used to navigate the environment, and the mouse is used to aim. (Controller support is a priority, and will be available when game is launched)

As such, aiming and movement are independent which allows for more dexterous core combat than traditional point-and-click Action-RPGs: more control over your Machine, and no more ‘miss-clicking’ into enemies.

You feel like having 6 different fire keys for total control? Done. You want to put all 6 Weapons on the same key for massive destructibility at the touch of a button? Done. It's really all up to you and how you want to adventure through the merciless lands of WWM.

World War Machine’s innovative Power System allows you to customize your Machine in any way you choose. By putting Power Points into the 5 different systems - Weapon, Operating, Protection, Sensor, and Mobility, you can craft a Machine which is both fearsome and effective for your group role. Perhaps the best part of this system is how easy it is to change your 'power allocation'. For example, re-allocate power points from Mobility to Protection in a matter of seconds and you’re back to fighting at a moment’s notice.

World War Machine features a great array of Enemy machines, each with varying degrees of artificial intelligence sophistication that challenge you to use strategy and tactics during combat... and a lot of firepower. There are different enemy Nodes, each with different visual styles, AI, and 'societal structure'.

Running on the Rome network Node, this node reacts quickly and venomously to threats both real and perceived. The core intellects here believe that meaning and order create suffering. They actively hate their human precursors and consider them responsible for creating this hellish world. They will often vandalize or rubbleize human ruins. Abaddon intellects will seek to destroy or disrupt any organization that they can find in the world – including the other Nodes. They seek to get ahead at any cost - the ends always justify the means.

With two powerful attacking arms and quick moving legs, Scourge can hit lightly from a distance, and very powerfully from up close. Stay out of range and use stun and crowd control tactics to take him down.

Although they have a flimsy structure, their main cannon packs a wallop and can reduce your Shields and Integrity quickly. Along with their ability to cloak, you have a formidable foe that must be taken very seriously.

A mess of guided rockets and two main RAIL-Class weapons adorn the hulking frame of this beast. Usually flanked by lesser enemies that work to protect him, his heavy exterior shielding must be destroyed before he can be taken out.

Agile, sure footed and devastating are words to describe this Enemy. Able to fire artillery with pinpoint accuracy across the battlefield, he can do heavy damage to foolishly clustered Machines. He must however enter 'ravage' mode to fire, where his mobility is significantly reduced - this is your chance to move in and destroy him.

A two headed beast which measures a city block is always fearsome, but you can handle it. Although he is a hulking monster, he isn't that smart. Play one head off each other and make him destroy himself.

World War Machine features dozens of cybernetic slaughtering weapons in both ranged and melee flavors inspired by real life future tech… only advanced by decades of research and testing. 

You are able to equip up to 6 weapons of your choosing at any given time, but be smart about it: with more weapons comes a faster overheat of your Weapon System.

Managing heat is a key component to success with weapons in WWM.

Spits more bullets per second than any other Weapon Class. Effective at every range.

RKT Weapons are diverse in WWM. From straight firing, to mouse guided, to lock-on varieties, there's an RKT for every play style.

Up close and personal is the way to use this Class. High damage, spread, projectile count, and rate of fire makes up for it's lack of range.

Lob explosive rounds in front of you, creating a cluster of explosions. Very effective against bunched up, or weak and fast enemies.

Timing is important - firing explosive rounds high into the air to return to earth a few seconds later requires skill but is rewarded with high damage and explosive range.

Pinpoint accuracy is the name of the game here. Although they require a charge up time to reach critical mass, the magnetic projectiles penetrate through everything without stopping - including multiple enemies, buildings or any other piece of the environment.

Do you prefer to eradicate your enemies by simply using the raw Power of your War Machine?  Other games call them Spells. We call them Functions, and you can equip up to 4 Functions at a time from the multitude unlocked. 

There are many different types of available Functions - some for long range, some for short, some are offensive, others are defensive. Role-play with your friends to create the best balance in your group.

Render all of your foes immobile with this large footprint electromagnetic pulse blast. You and your party are shielded from it's effects.

Greatly increase the Speed of your Machine for a short time. Very effective in combat situations, as well as crashing through the environment.

A powerful 360 degree blast of focused energy projectiles which damage all within it's wake.

A magnetic sphere which absorbs the energy of all projectiles fired into it; both Machine and enemy. After a time, a blast is set off, damaging all within the radius. The more damage absorbed, the greater the blast radius.

Heartbleed your way into an enemy and make them fight and die for you. 

Call down a cataclysmic laser from an orbiting satellite. High damage, long cooldown.

Using your powerful internal magnet, gather debris from the ground and create a DIY shield which absorbs damage. 

Components are small circuitry controllers that are slotted into the core of your Machine.

Each component can have several robust Perks across several different ranks of rarity.

Perks offer passive increases to various Machine systems, sub-systems, Weapons and Functions. They range from a small increase, to screen shaking power. Some Perks are even earned through your Machine’s progression: the more you use them, the better they get.

As you progress and Power (XP) is earned, your Machine’s Power Supply increases. Each new Level earns you Power Points to spend in dozens of different Sub-Systems. Want to focus exclusively on improving MTR Class weapons? You can do that. You can increase Damage, Rate of Fire, Heat Signature, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage and all individually. 

Want to create a monster that can take hundreds of hits? You can increase your Shield Capacity, Shield Regen, Damage Reflection, Integrity Repair amongst many others... and all to your exact specification.

Reallocating your Power Points allows you to favor a multitude of different tactics and play styles. This level of flexibility allows you to truly create the Machine of your dreams.

*NOTE: Look of all physical items is T.B.D. but will remain in the art style of World War Machine.


World War Machine in all it's glory. You will not only be able to play the game before it is officially released, you will be able to play the game before anyone else (well you, and everyone else who purchases the Prototype). Prototype access is available when the Indiegogo campaign is over.


World War Machine in all it's glory. You will be able to play the game before it is officially released. Exact Beta date TBD.


Music composed for World War Machine by Vibe Avenue.


Digital art book featuring work by Aaron Beck, Jonas De Ro, and Richard Doble.


Your choice of size.


Your choice of size. Limited run. Only for team members... that includes you!


A rarity level item that only backers will get. Your friends *might* be jealous.


Our John Hancock's on your wall.


World War Machine branded mouse pad. Don't leave home without it.


A copy of frantic, 2D side scrolling action game 'Mercenary Kings'. (We know the people who made this - they're great guys)


World renowned concept artist Aaron Beck will create and sign an art print from his work on World War Machine.


Work with the Dev team to design your own achievement! Make it really hard or really easy to achieve - that's up to you.


Your name will be emblazoned forever in our credits scroll.


All we need is a few pics from different angles (highest quality possible to get the best result) of where you live and we will model it, texture it, destroy it and put it in game! 


Get the opportunity to work with the Dev team and create a new Function in World War Machine... and then destroy your foes with it!


Yes, REALLY forever.


You are an important person to the making of World War Machine. Here is a way to remember it.


Come see our offices in Montreal, QC. See how we work, how we build the game and why we make the decisions we make. You will be able to give your creative input and see how an indie game is made! Just so you know - we work hard... and play hard. (Travel and lodging not included)


In Montreal, QC. We guarantee fun into the wee hours of the morning. (Travel and lodging not included)

You can complement your pledge by, well, adding these add-ons!

Digital add-ons require a base pledge of 15$, and physical add-ons require a base pledge of 100$.


Several tracks of original music composed for World War Machine by Vibe Avenue.


Digital art book featuring dozens of concept art works by Aaron Beck, Jonas De Ro, and Richard Doble as well as renders of 3D models, wireframes, and other goodies.


Your choice of size. (S-XXL)


Your size choice (S-XXL). Limited run. Only for team members... that includes you!


Full color, hard cover art book featuring dozens of concept art works by Aaron Beck, Jonas De Ro, and Richard Doble as well as renders of 3D models, wireframes, and other goodies.

NOTE: prices do not include shipping costs for physical items. We are located in Canada. 

Jeff Hattem – Creative Director

15 years of game industry experience with credits on the acclaimed Far Cry and Splinter Cell franchises.

Daniel H. Wilson – Writer

New York Times Best Selling Author and Writer of Robopocalypse.

Aaron Beck – Concept Artist

World renowned artist whose credits include District 9, Avatar, Elysium and the short film K3loid.

Matt Jackson – Lead Game Designer

9 years of game industry experience with credits on the SSX and NHL franchises.

Dominic Norman - Lead Level Designer

7 years of game industry experience and a taste for destruction.

FX Dupas - Lead Audio Designer

One of the most prolific game composers and audio artists in Montreal, FX Dupas co-founded Vibe Avenue in 2013.

Mathieu Lavoie - Lead Audio Designer

Over 15 years of audio experience and Co-owner of Vibe Avenue.


Mouhsine Adnani - Freelance 3D Artist

Glenn Anderson - Programmer

Marc-Antoine Brisson - Animator & 3D Artist

Richard Doble - Freelance Concept Artist

Jeffrey Frampton - Lead Tech Programmer

Nicolas Garilhe - Freelance 3D Artist

Guillaume Gaudet - VFX Artist

Patrick Labrie - Lead Tech Programmer

Dr. Kevin Neibert - Consultant

Jonathan Lacasse - Programmer

Steve Ouellette - 3D Artist

Isabelle Paradis - UI Designer/UI Artist

Charles Simard - 3D Artist

World War Machine – Tuque Games

Before any project can go live on the Collective campaign page, senior development staff at Square Enix will perform a Team Assessment, which looks at the skills, tools and experience the team already has, plus what funds raised will be used on, the development timeframe, and so on. This is followed up by a call or visit to the team, after which the Assessment Report is created based on some of the details shared.

Please note: featuring a game on the Collective campaign page IS NOT a guarantee on the part of Square Enix that Tuque Games will deliver what they say they want to – the developer is entirely responsible for raising and spending funds, and creating the game; but we have checked the team and believe that they have the capability to build the game they say they want to.


Tuque Games is based in Montréal, and currently consists of 11 full time team members plus some freelance staff. Key team members have worked on projects including Far Cry, Splinter Cell, NHL, SSX, Brave, District 9, Elysium, The Hobbit and Robopocalypse. The team overall is consists of a senior core team, plus junior staffers.


World War Machine is built using Unity 4, plus Maya for 3D and Photoshop for textures (and additional plug-ins). Other tools the team is considering investing in include Crazy Bump, Wwise, Visual Studio and Beyond Compare.

We have checked the team’s pipeline and are confident that moving from asset-generation to in-game content is well thought-through. Procedural generation is also achievable based on stated aims.

The team pursues a minimum viable product policy to features, which are then iterated on, and this approach appears to be working well.


The funding target of $50,000 is intended to see the game development through from its current state into beta and then to the full launch. Based on our evaluation of the team, and our assessment of work remaining, we believe this is a realistic budget; additional funding will allow the team to add more content and polish to the game overall.


Game design, concept art and programming are estimated by the Tuque Games team to be around 75% complete, while more work on 3D art, audio and network programming is needed. It is expected that the team will need to add two additional full time team members to complete the game; but software licenses are already accounted for.

Assessment summary from Square Enix senior development director John Lusty:

·  The three Cs (Character, Camera & Controls) work very well and it’s a very enjoyable experience controlling your mech and blowing things up!

·  The game is very stable and performance is good

·  The team makes good use of the pipelines and processes courtesy of Unity, game content and levels can be built efficiently and to a good quality.

·  The team have chosen to make use of middleware (uLink) for network and this will reduce risk

·  The team is picking their battles carefully, concentrating on what will deliver maximum bang for buck and add most to the overall game experience

·  Basic integration with Steam is complete and working well

·  The small team is very motivated and capable, they have good working practices making me very confident they can achieve what they’ve set out to do at a good level of quality to time and to budget.

Collective is happy to endorse Tuque Games as having the ability and expertise to deliver the game they say they want to build. However, it must be noted that Square Enix cannot offer any guarantee on funds pledged, as both the money raised and game development process is the full responsibility of Tuque Games.

We’re well on our way and making great progress on the game every day. To those who may be wondering, the funding goal of $50 000 we have set is not to fund the game entirely. It costs a lot more than that to make a top quality Action-RPG. We have invested our own time and money to this point and have gotten support from the Canada Media Fund. Now, we need your support to make the best game possible and to fully realize the vision we have for World War Machine. We have big ideas for what’s next and we need fans like you to help us fulfill WWM’s potential and make it awesome... for you!

Backing World War Machine not only gives you access to the unlocked perks but also brings you into the World War Machine community as an integral part of the dev team. Join us, we’re headed for an amazing ride.

We are extremely passionate game developers, each with many years of experience in the game industry. We plan on doing right by every single dollar pledged by putting it directly into the production of World War Machine.

Our Prototype consists of a single level with our 'city' tileset, which can be played in two different flavors: 'Exploration Mode' and 'Escort Mission'. The 'Exploration Mode' allows you to venture through the level at your own pace and discover it's secrets. The Escort Mission is a more structured, challenging experience where you must guide the 'Hulking Hound', and the precious cargo it carries, safely to it's destination. Both modes feature several levels of difficulty and a richness of Weapons, Components and Spec Files for you to discover and outfit your Machine.

These two modes offer a sliver of insight into how WWM will play: open style exploration through large maps, with structured Missions sprinkled throughout. We feel that this is a strong way to play this type of game and offers something different in the genre.

The Prototype is available at the end of the campaign while the Beta will be available at a later date.

Our Beta is a fully featured world with several different tilesets, Missions and a larger character progression and levels of difficulty.

We are using the Unity 3D Game Engine to build World War Machine and are bringing it to fans on the Steam PC platform first. Depending on the response, and the money raised during this campaign, we will consider any platform that we feel makes sense. Speak up if you would like to see WWM on your platform of choice!


Currently we're hard at work building our prototype. As with anything in video games, a feature is never really done, but work can't go on forever. 

That being said, we are starting to get happy with the result. There are many tiers which you can choose to back which will give you Prototype access as soon as the Indiegogo campaign is over!

As with any game there are many risks and challenges that must be overcome for it to come to light, and WWM is no exception. 

1. Ambition

We have an ambitious game on our hands. We are a small team, but a passionate and experienced one. We want to bring our vision to life and not skimp on size. We feel we have what it takes to succeed: it's not our first rodeo.

2. Budget

Our current budget is limited, but we have been very shrewd about spending what we do have wisely. A successful crowdfunding campaign will go a long way in helping make the game the best it can be.

3. Genre Mash-Up

There aren't many Sci-Fi Action-RPGs out there, especially ones that use the intended control scheme. We are confident that all the ingredients will come together to create a game that you, the fans, will enjoy for many hours.

1. I'm confused about the difference between 'Prototype' and 'Beta'. Also, If I get Prototype or Beta access, do I get the full game as well?

Yes you get the full game! Every tier in this campaign features access to the full game (when released). The World War Machine prototype will be available at the end of the Indiegogo campaign. Beta will come later - TBD, and the full release is TBD as well.

2. What kind of game is World War Machine?

World War Machine is a fast-paced, modern Action-RPG in a procedural post-human world. You are a supremely customizable, highly advanced technological marvel of destruction. You can adventure solo or team up to 
survive hordes of remorseless enemies.

3. What platforms will World War Machine ship on?

Our priority is to release on PC, but we are considering shipping on other platforms if the demand is there! We want to make WWM available to as many players as possible.

4. Is World War Machine a single player game, a multiplayer game, or both?

Both! You can play alone or with your friends at any point in the game: coop is seamless and does not stop progress in any way.

5. When will the game be released?

If the campaign is successful, Prototype Access is given immediately after the end of the campaign to certain backing tiers. Beta, Alpha, and Official releases are pending.

6. Who is publishing World War Machine?

World War Machine is currently published by Tuque Games Inc.

7. We all know that the moon is not made of green cheese. But what if it we're made of BBQ spare-ribs... would you take a bite of it then?

We would, then maybe wash it down with a tall, cool beer.

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    - 1 copy of World War Machine with Beta access (digital)

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  • $25USD

    - 1 copy of World War Machine with Prototype access (digital) (available immediately at the end of the campaign)

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  • $30USD

    - 2 copies of World War Machine with Beta access (digital)

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  • $40USD

    - 1 copy of World War Machine with Prototype access (digital) (available immediately at the end of the campaign) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital)

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    - 2 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (digital) (available immediately at the end of the campaign) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital)

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    - 5 copies of World War Machine with Beta access (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital)

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    - 5 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (available immediately at the end of the campaign) (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital)

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    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - 5 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (available immediately at the end of the campaign) (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital) - 1 World War Machine T-shirt - 1 World War Machine mouse pad - 1 'Unprecedented' (backer only) rarity in-game item

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  • $115USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - 5 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (available immediately at the end of the campaign) (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - World War Machine art book (digital) - 2 'Unprecedented' (backer only) rarity in-game items (head and cape) - 1 Steam key of 'Mercenary Kings' (A frantic 2D action game) - 1 World War Machine T-shirt - 1 World War Machine mouse pad

    6 out of 200 claimed
  • $150USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS (Not including Mercenary Kings) + - Your name in the credits in the 'Most Special Thanks' category - 1 World War Machine art book (physical)

    9 out of 200 claimed
  • $250USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - 5 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (available immediately at the end of the campaign) (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - 1 World War Machine art book (digital) - Design an achievement (with our team) - Your name in the credits in the 'Backer Game Design' category - 1 World War Machine limited edition Dev team T-shirt - 1 limited edition poster signed by Dev team

    2 out of 200 claimed
  • $250USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - 5 copies of World War Machine with Prototype access (available immediately at the end of the campaign) (digital) - World War Machine original soundtrack (digital) - 1 World War Machine art book (physical + digital) - Signed World War Machine print by Aaron Beck

    1 out of 200 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + - 'Destroy Your Home': Send us a picture of where you live, and it will appear in the game as a broken down shell. - Design a Function (with our team)

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + - All releases by Tuque Games FOREVER - Invitation to the World War Machine launch party in Montreal, QC (travel and lodging not included, but we'll make sure you have a good time)

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  • $10,000USD

    DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + - 2 day internship with the World War Machine Dev team (travel and lodging not included) - Plaque with your name on it honoring your most generous contribution to World War Machine - 50 additional copies of World War Machine (digital) - You will become an important character in the World War Machine story

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