The Northwest Honkers have been invited to the National Baseball Congress World Series and need your help to travel from Washington to Kansas!

The Northwest Honkers are a Seattle based non-profit summer collegiate baseball team founded in 2010 by General Manager Martin Lawrence at only the age of 23. In just the fourth year of existence the Honkers have been invited to Wichita, Kansas to compete in the 79th Annual National Baseball Congress (NBC) World Series.

Since beginning in 1934 the NBC World Series has crowned a national champion of amateur baseball every year. It is the pinnacle of competition in non-professional baseball and the Honkers are excited to have the privilege to be a part of it this year. 

Running on a much lower budget than most teams competing in the World Series, the Honkers will be keeping costs down by driving to Wichita and staying in the most affordable hotels provided. But even with keeping costs down the Honkers still need YOU in order to make the dream happen!

Your contributions will help the Honkers pay for travel costs down to Wichita and the stay of the team while in Wichita. The Honkers need $2500 for Hotels and $2500 for gas. Anything extra will go directly to helping our players afford the trip while in Wichita. 

Bringing the Honkers players down to the NBC is not only an honor to be part of such a historical tournament but also for our players to have a chance at bigger and greater things in their baseball careers. 

Even if you are unable to contribute towards our goals with a donation we ask that you help make some noise about our campaign by sharing our Indiegogo page by using the Indiegogo share tools and help the Honkers make it to Wichita! 

We would like to thank you in advance for any contribution you are able to make and always remember HONK HONK!! 


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