World's First Digital LoFi-Fisheye now here:

It's sold out - 170 degree fisheye lens, tiny, HD video, 12mp, £65 and amazing!
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I've got a competition running to win a free camera:

CNET: "it's absolutely tiny!"

Gadizmo: "the sample photographs are really decent quality, making this camera a great little novelty gift for that photographer friend."

The Phoblographer: "ERMMGGAWWDD!!! It’s so tiny and so cute! Look at it: it’s like a little cyclops."

DesignTaxi: "Greg Dash has created the world’s first digital, point-and-shoot fisheye camera, which also happens to be incredibly tiny and cute."

Resource: "We can only imagine all of the cat and dog photos that will be posted onto Flickr and Facebook when one of these little cams is shoved into their faces... We’re excited to see just how far this project goes."

Introducing the worlds first ever lo-fi digital fisheye point and shoot!  #digifisheye

This amazing little gadget allows you to take fisheye pictures and get them onto your computer in an amazingly simply way.

A overview of the project and camera:

video demo of the prototype here:

example video taken with the camera:


- 170 degree lens
- 2mp-12mp camera (this setting can be changed to allow for quicker snaps or higher quality)
- time lapse mode (can be set from 1 photo every second, to 1 photo every 7 days)
- HD video mode 
- photos are stored on a microSD card

The final design of the product that will be shipped out this Summer

I love taking pictures with my analogue camera, but I still often find myself going back to use my smartphone, just for the ease of uploading and saving pictures to my computer. Recently a number of people have started designing lenses for smartphone cameras that give the effect of a fisheye lens, but these are often poorly made and can be lost as they are loosely attached with magnets.

Fisheye lenses are often expensive, and so far the only way to get a fisheye effect on a point and shoot is to DIY your own lens using a door viewer, as until now it was not thought possible to combine the lens within the body of a compact digital camera. 

This tiny camera (really!) will allow you to quickly reach into your pocket and take a quick snap, grabbing all those amazing moments with your compact fisheye lens - for the fraction of the price of a dslr lens. It also has a timelapse feature allowing for cool starry night images and can take video!

Theres also no screen at the back, so you'll always have a surprise when uploading the photos onto your computer!

I've had to limit the number of cameras that will be available on the order to 1000, as this is the max number I could realistically handle alone without employing anyone else on this project. Depending on the success of this project, I may consider a second run of the product but until then please consider this a one-off product run on a limited edition camera!

My background and story of the camera

My name is Greg, I work at and study at Aberystwyth University in Mid Wales. I've always wanted a little digital fisheye camera, and despite seaching I was unable to find one for sale. Just after christmas I decided to make my own, and so I designed a little point and shoot digicam with a fisheye lens. I then sought out someone to put my design into reality and together we made the camera.


Originally this was just going to be for my own use, but soon people started asking me where I had got the camera. After some encouragement, I started looking to put the camera into mass production. I found a great manufacturer who was willing to work with me on the camera and we finalised the design ready for production. All that is now left is for you to preorder one of these cool little cameras, so I can put in the order!


Everything is ready to go and the cameras designs are finalised ready for assembly, I'm just looking for backers to help me fund the purchase of parts and assembly of the inital stock. 


Due to feedback from people about this project I've also decided to make the battery removable. The included battery typically has a 5-7 year lifespan but I'll also include instructions on how to change the battery should you need to. 


I'm really greatful for the support I've had so far on this project, and I'm really looking forward to see my designs become actualised. I'm not backed by a big company and not a member of a large team, so its great to have a platform like this that can allow me to put my ideas into reality!


Example pictures:



What I Need & What You Get

The funding is needed to put this product into mass production. I created this little camera for myself but people who have seen it have always commented on how great it is. 

The funding will go into tooling costs for my manufacturer, shipping costs and will allow me to place an order of the minimum quantity required. I am a research student at the University in Aberystwyth and so raising the funds for the minimum order is difficult on my low income. 

So! In order to help me raise money for this product I've got some great perks. You'll be able to get your hands on one of these cameras for a reduced price, early birds will get it even cheaper! I've also got some great ideas for stretch goals should this product get there.

If I'm unable to raise the full £35,000 then unfortunately I will have to cancel this project, so please get sharing and spreading the word about this campaign. 

Risks and Challenges

I'm really excited about being able to share this brand new camera with you, but I need your help to help our dream fully materialize.

I estimate that the first shipment of the camera will be ready to go this summer and I promise that the first quantities the camera will be shipped to our loyal backers!

There are no foreseeable problems with this product, it is designed and more or less ready for mass production. The only delays may emerge from shipping issues but logistical planning has already been undertaken.

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