World in Shades

The world has fallen into darkness, people became shadows and only YOU can bring the light back!

If you love games like D&D or board games like Runebound , Talisman or Hero Quest, this is the place for you.

The world has fallen into darkness, people became shadows and only YOU can bring the light back in their lives. Do you have the courage it takes to be THE ULTIMATE HERO?


You start in a village, everybody are turned into shadows and you start wandering into fields and plains fighting enemies controlled by the other players, doing quests, collecting magic cards, leveling up yourself and your equipment and trying to find the key to get into the castle, but be careful because in front of the gate there is a strong guardian you must defeat to pass. Inside the castle find your way into forbidden room by defeating even stronger monsters, kill the dark lord to get the lightening orb back and bring the light back to the world. But be careful, because other heroes want the glory for themselves and they will do anything to be the ultimate heroes.  

The purpose of this game is to go to the end of the board, get the lightening 
orb and bring the light back to the world. Each player has a selection of 9
characters, and places their figures on a village of the outer level of the board,
 from one side to the other of the  board left or right. The board has 4 regions. The first outer region is the villages, plains and mountains, the second region is inside the
castle, the third is even deeper in the castle and the last is a room with the
lightening orb. Each character has unique special abilities witch use to help him
in battles and in game.Quest, magic and creature pile cards are placed on the board.

Player move one square every turn (except when they have skills that let them move more), 
on all directions on the board. Every space has a selection of choices that depends on the roll of the die,like fight monsters, collect magic cards or get extra buffs for the battles. 

Every battle lasts 5 rounds. On a battle with creatures you both roll a die on who
attacks first, on pvp the player who falls on the space of his enemy attacks first
There are attack, defence rolls and buffs in the battles. The basic number of buffs
is 10. Buffs are used to add a hidden number to add on attack or defence rolls. 
If the attacker passes the sum of Attack power+Buffs the Defence power+Buffs of 
the enemy, he does damage, and then its defenders time to be attacker. You can also 
add 0 buffs to fool the enemy and in the other rounds have more buffs to make
harder attacks, or other complex combinations. 

Characters: Barbarian, Warlock, Warrior, Ranger, Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, Bard, *Secret Character*, *Supporters Character*(If there is a supporter on that pledge level) 


2-6 players, 60-90 minutes, 12+ 

Price:  The real price of World in Shades is $56.95. Only in INDIEGOGO we provide the price of $45 witch is 25% lower than the normal price.

Estimated publishing of the game: May 2012

Do you love playing board games with family and friends? So do Legacy Dice Games. This is the reason this company was created. With years of experience and creative, unique ideas we are here to bring fun, as these games bring happiness to us by playing them.

In Legacy Dice Games we have a vision. This vision is Worlds In Shades


A vision to create a medieval board game like no others with unique game-play and battling system.

  • Unique battling system!
  • The other players control the enemies in the battle! Prepare for some strong battles!
  • The alliances you pick is a factor of what class of enemies you are weaker and what stronger!
  • Level up your characters and your inventory to become invincible!
  • Lots of quests to discover the world and collect rewards!
  • You can capture the cities of the world and control them!
  • Lots of amazing magic cards!
  • Dungeons!(survival mode)

and many more amazing features that make this game awesome. 

This is a project for funding better production values, not funding the game in and of itself. Imagine amazing artwork on the board & cards and other additions that couldn't be created without the funds

This vision needs 1000$ to be completed, every single dollar is only going to make the game better, not take advantage of your trust. There are some people among others that believe into creativity and vision. If we don't reach the goal the money still are going to fund this game but we will categorize the most important parts of the game to fund. But if this game will be fully funded is going to be incredible.

As we over-fund, at certain levels, new Feats (bonuses) will be achieved. When a Feat is achieved, every supporter from the $135 supporter level and higher will receive that Feat’s bonus(es).

$1500 Feat
Bonus: Unique magic,quest and monster cards!(only in this site!)


$2000 Feat
Bonus: To be revealed when $1.5k Feat is Achieved. 


$2500 Feat
Bonus: To be revealed when $2k Feat is Achieved.


$3000 Feat
Bonus: To be revealed when $2.5k Feat is Achieved. 
Its going to be AMAZING!


  • Canada = $25
  • Non-Canada Non-USA = $50
  • USA = $10


We would be delighted if you share the news of this upcoming game to everybody. Thank you and believe in yourselves. Follow your dreams!

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