Won't Go Quietly

Solo Picture Studios is looking to make it's 1st feature film with your help! The film is entitled Won't Go Quietly. For more info click the videos!


Short Summary:

   Hey yo. Thanks for visiting our indie GoGo site. For those that don't know me my name is Jonny Diaz. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2009 with a degree in Film & Video. Since then I've been working as a server and freelance filmmaker throughout all of the Chicago and Miami area. I've made a couple Short Films, Music Videos, Promo videos, Corporate videos and really anything I could to keep myself in the film industry. After having some success in a couple of small festivals, I took time off to decide which project I really wanted to invest in for my first feature. After some soul searching I started writing and not sleeping and thinking and reading and even more writing and finally came up with Won't Go Quietly.

  Won't Go Quietly is a film about a couple in there late 20's that are trying to decide what to do with their own life while they slip in and out of love with each other.

It started off as a short film supported by a lot of great friends, family and the city of Chicago. We finished the short film in March and are currently submitting it to some major festivals around the globe.

 But that's just the beginning...

Why we need your help:

 So far it's costs me over $900 just to fund the short film. All the money went towards equipment, 1 location, food, festival submission, Posters, press, props and etc. Within each project I make, I always invest and produce as much money into it as I can. However I barely make enough money to fund a short let a lone an entire feature. 

But thanks to sites like indieGoGo I can finally get funding & support from people like you and the best part is we have some fantastic Gifts to give to you! Because WGQ is a relationship type film I thought what would be better than to give each gift package a relationship theme! Personally I plan on making films my entire life so one of my favorite packages is the Lifetime package where for just $1,000 I will give you a movie credit in each film I'll make along with autographed posters and scripts! And because every little bit helps and because I know exactly what it's like to live off rawmen noodles for longer than you wish we're even giving a gift out for the smallest donation which is $1. 

The Impact

 I've made, produced, supported, helped, shared, and even donated myself to various artistic projects on sites like indie GoGo. To be honest, it's a great feeling to be part of something you can not only see come to life but to say you were part of the process. It's a beautiful thing and I welcome you to it with open arms.

Other Ways You Can Help:

More than anything please, please, please help us get the word out:

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Share your love!

We Promise to Love you right back.

Most importantly We promise we Won't Go Quietly

All the best,

Jonny Diaz



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