It is our goal to form a women artists residency for transmodern awareness in contemporary art during the Summer of 2013 at Seneca State Forest.
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It is our goal to form an artist’s residency titled, Women’s Residency for Transmodern Awareness. The residency will take place during August of 2013 at Seneca State Forest, and intend to meditate on the theme of female collaboration and ritual in nature by use of the natural environment and formal workshops. The purpose of this curatorial artist residency is to create an available space for women artists to research how their work responds to a natural environment when removed from the constant stimulus of technology culture. The residency is catered to women (or anyone who identifies as so) in order to reflect on the female perspective in nature and as juxtaposed in contemporary art.

In the course of this residency, we will examine possibilities in which artists may utilize organic forms of nature and female collaboration in relation to contemporary art practice. Through transmodernism, the philosophical movement that seeks to reactivate a place for arcane in contemporary society, artists may embrace esoteric techniques of art making that simultaneously pertain to contemporary art. The artists will be encouraged to be transmodern in their approach, distinctly reacting to various forms of ritual used in cultural and spiritual traditions as well as their immediate surroundings in order to materialize a place of hermetic modernity through transcendental awareness.


Civilization and the advancement of technology have brought forth endless opportunities and information to promote the quality of life. However, at this period in history it is all the more urgent to sift through the static “noise” of television, internet, and electronic based information and realize the ability to use these available medias to the best of creative cognition. The most available way to realize this ability is to detach oneself from these medias and retreat to primitive nature in the place where art and spirituality were first born. Silence is used as an essential realization practice in a number of cultures around the world. In the heart of Zen Buddhism, there is a practice called, Zazen, in which one attempts to suspend all images, judgments, and distractions from their thought in order to gain the insight of silence and the nature of existence. Among Native American cultures there is a practice called, Vision Quest, which calls one to partake in a vocational journey to survive in the wilderness alone in order to understand their intended direction in life. The residency will be a space of reflection and absorption that offers the means of esoteric creation. By researching the effects of physical and figurative silence in a natural environment, we hope to discover how an artist’s experience and inspiration transforms their work in comparison to the antithesis, and to formulate a proposal in which one can utilize transmodernism to appropriate the balance of mystic and modernity in the creation of their artwork.


We will invite artists of every medium based on their merit and interest to live and work together within the natural grounds provided in Seneca State Forest for a period no longer than five days. The artists will direct and attend daily workshops, which will address how the meditation of will is used as a technique within different cultures and spiritualities while they work on a specific piece relative to the duration of the residency. The artwork created in collective will be presented for a group show in the Fall of 2013.

Artists who have created similar inspired works from which I have gained inspirations from include: The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness. C.A.T.A is an experimental artist’s space that serves as a venue for performances, lectures, workshops, free-school programming, and experiments. C.A.T.A’s mission is to manifest a transmodern reality through cultivating curiosity and self-awareness.

Workshops will take place during the residency to enrich the study of the effects that the rituals in nature impress on an artist’s work. An example of the first workshop will be the focus on the actualization of silence itself, in which the artists will be called together to perform a day of silence where they will work together abstaining from using vocal language as a tool for communication. The remaining workshops will be based on the observation of color, sound, spirit, and psyche in the natural surroundings, the influence of meditative and ritual practices used by several cultures and spiritualities, and field trips within the surrounding areas in order to build a strong community of artists to aid in the productions of artwork.

*Funds received for the residency will be used for transportation, materials, living and exhibition costs for the artists during their stay in Seneca State Forest. 

- Evana Roman 

*Video art by Inga Schunn

In collaboration with Breanne Merrit



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