Women of White Earth: Help Preserve Native Stories

We can't imagine America without our Native people. Help keep their stories and traditions alive.


"We need to tell a story for all the girls whose life stories exist only in criminal records and obituaries."

-Reservation social worker


The Emancipation Proclamation, voting rights for women, and the Civil Rights Movement have all improved the lives of minorities in this country. This progress, however, has bypassed Native Americans, who have suffered heavily since the arrival of Europeans. Most Americans are unaware of the huge problems that face these communities. Our short film tells the story of one  family, their struggle to regain their traditions and spirituality, and the hope they feel for the future.

The odds are stacked against Native Americans, especially women and girls. Life expectancy on some reservations is the lowest anywhere in the Western hemisphere outside of Haiti.  Native Americans, on average, suffer from the highest infant mortality rates, poverty rates, rates of alcoholism, highest incidence of diabetes and domestic violence than any group in the US and in many developing countries.

We are 3 Generations, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps survivors of genocide, trafficking and war tell their stories to the world.  Inspired by her father, Sidney Bernstein, and his life-long efforts to get the British government to release his films documenting the Holocaust, our director Jane Wells has made it her mission to record the voices of victims of human rights abuses.

Women of White Earth: The Legacy of Silence is a project that began as an exploration of the sex trafficking and exploitation of children in Native American communities. It was intended to become a small piece of a larger film we were working on, but when we met Joyce and Amy, everything changed.  The lives of these women reflect so many of the problems these communities face, and their hopeful outlook and efforts to reclaim their spirituality and identity as Native Women was truly inspiring.

Those first interviews with survivors of trafficking and the social workers and activists who work to help heal the Native community has become a short film, documenting the historical trauma, the drugs, the alcoholism, and the sexual violence that dominates the lives of America's forgotten native population, and explores the potential for future generations to live better lives.

Help Us Tell Their Stories

The film is almost finished, but we need additional funds for editing, post-production, and music.

The Impact

This project will be seen by more than just a few people online.  Schools and Universities in the US are in need of curricula that can teach students about America's native population, and the social issues they face. The film will (with your help) be distributed to educational institutions nation-wide.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are like us, the story of our Native communities is overwhelming.  But raising awareness about this film is something simple that will make a big impact. If you cannot contribute to the film financially, please make people in YOUR community aware of the film and the Indiegogo project. 

Share on Facebook, Twitter, and with your family and friends.  We want Amy and Joyce to be heard.

Thank you for your support!



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