Women In The News: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

The WIN Series: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things” is a docu-series that features real women in pursuit of their dreams.
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WHAT IS "The WIN Series”?

"The WIN Series (Women In the News): Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things” is a docu-series that features real women in pursuit of their dreams. This series aims to create positive reality content that can build a community of support, encouragement and inspiration for women in a variety of career fields while shaking up the landscape of news!

With your help, my goal is to tell the stories of 6 dynamic women and because we hardly ever see the “what it takes to get there” process of success, this series will dive right into that story. From this, we get an opportunity to follow the journey of women in their professional position, what got them there, what challenges they might be facing along the way as well as what they’d encourage or share with others about their past/current experiences ultimately making a 6 part docu-series as the end result.

The WIN Series Wants YOU To WIN!
In the making of this series, I realized how much inspiration impacts my own story so I thought it was about time to give the voices in small communities a platform and make that news! Overall, it’s about restructuring what we call news by reporting the positive effort of a woman pressing toward the mark of her career- finding life, happiness and purpose. The leadership and uniqueness of these women as they embark on a path of discovery, challenge, triumph and success is not just bold but inspiring and my goal is to encourage women (especially our youth) to fearlessly pursue their passions and not allow setbacks or disadvantages to discourage them.

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to “live a day in the life of” a few ladies whose stories are so dynamically diverse- You get a glimpse of this from the clips above. One of the women I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing is Dvine Roman (Author, Public Speaker, Motivator) who 5 years ago abandoned a drug addiction and career as a dominatrix. We get to hear about how she self published her first book: The 40 Day Fast From Negative Thinking that sold out the first day of its release! She tells her story in this series about how she broke the chains of addiction and shares her journey to finding purpose and passion that is driving her current success- Be sure to check out the rewards to receive a signed copy of her new book!

Dvine Roman: 40 Day Fast to Negative Thinking

The Passion Behind the Project
If women and girls alike can get encouragement and inspiration from this series and apply that to their own career pursuits, we've done what matters (And men too!). I know I wish there was more content like this that I could relate to.

This series helped me see motivation in a whole new way. After film school I encountered a lot of set backs to pursuing a career in television; and thats life. In life we encounter so many different challenges that might prolong or hinder us from pursuing our dreams. As a working full time mom, this project has required long after hours but even I have accomplished things that I never thought possible- by encountering the strength and tenacity of other women, it has motivated me to not only pursue my goals but give women in small communities a voice that would not normally be heard on a larger scale. This project has turned into a labor of love! Help this series create a platform to share stories that might strike confidence or motivation in someone else!

Behind the scenes

The series will cover topics like: What did you have to go through to be where you are today? How do you deal with the challenges that come with pursuing your dreams? What type of life have you lived? What challenges are you facing in your career? Do you ever feel a sense of competition among other women? What does work in the community mean to you? What is your proudest moment or lasting accomplishment? Have you experienced any failure? What advice can you share with women that might want to pursue the same path as you? What have you learned from your experiences? Do you consider yourself a leader for women? WIN also would love to hear any feedback or ideas YOU may have too! If you know of a strong woman you think we should interview that is impacting the world around her, or a question you think should be answered, LET US KNOW!  

What is the money going to?

I know what you're thinking; $7,000 is a lot of money! And it is; but currently, all production roles for this project have been facilitated by me. Yes, that's how much it means to me for YOU to see this! And the truth is, future enhancements to sound and video quality alone are not cheap. We need the money not just for visual quality but for equipment, crew, hard drives, memory cards, marketing, publicity….and the list goes on and on! We would love to not only meet this goal but go beyond it to give this series a chance at making a statement that women are engaging in positive programming...we need more of it! 

Other Ways You Can Help
If you’re unable to donate, it doesn’t mean that you can't help us make this project happen! We need your voice to get the word out and make some noise about this project and its campaign. With your help, we can restructure news and create positive reality TV so be sure to use the "share" tools on this page and SHARE this with everyone you know! The WIN Series is excited to bring this to you! Let’s WIN together. 

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