Woman in Grey. Moteris pilku kostiumu.

Ironic drama about a Woman

Who we are and what are we doing

Hi, I am Ramune Cekuolyte, film and theatre director. Over the past four years I’ve presented five films of both fiction (“Grown up” 2008, “Jam Jar” 2009, “2H” 2010) and documentary (Panaekhali” 2010, “Chebriarchatas” 2011). My films were shown at cinemas and film festivals in Lithuania as well as in Europe and Russia.

At the moment I am doing the pre-production works for new feature-length fiction film “Woman in Grey” based on my own script. Cast and crew accepted the idea very well and are already in love with the film. This project has no financial resources so far and both crew and cast agreed to work for free. However, there are some essential technical resources and costs, such as lighting and filming equipment, petrol, which need to be covered. As well as that we intent to invite and bring one of the actors from Russia. His participation would help to achieve film’s better acceptance abroad. That’s why your contribution is very important for our film to happen.

Woman in grey” is an ironic drama about a middle age woman (Airida Gintautaite) named Ruta. She’s turning 40. She’s a grey suited office administrator, divorced single mother of a teenager Bernard. She’s been diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor, but doctors remain in doubt – ‘you have probablytwo more years left’.

Ruta is trying to get some money for the medical testing in United States, looking for a reassurance with a fortune teller, talking to friends and psychologist but is confronting only sarcasm.

Desperate Ruta is starting to make changes in her life. On a train to her mother’s Ruta meets Andrew. “You are choosing your life yourself” – and she decides to spend her remaining years the way she always wanted and buys herself a green, not grey dress for the first time. Although her son’s jealousy to her new man brings Ruta to… the jail. Then she discovers that the diagnosis was wrong. It remains mysterious – was it doctor’s mistake? Or was it love and faith to heal the fatal illness?

The main idea of the film is to encourage one not to give up when the hardship comes, find strength to fight cancer or other fatal illness. Hence the situation is not being dramatized – we are trying to look at things with irony and optimistically. There are plenty of charismatic, ‘gogolian’ characters, unusual decisions. It’s going to be filmed in Vilnius, Uzupis, Zarasai, by the lakes, Klaipeda, on a sea side.

I am saying thank you in advance for supporting us. Also you can funding straight to the film company VŠĮ"Cat film studio" with word "REMIMAS":

LT80 7044 0600 0766 5247 ( LTL )
LT80 7044 0600 0766 5247 ( EUR )
LT80 7044 0600 0766 5247 ( USD )

I believe that with your help our film will reach it’s big screens.

Cast & Crew


Ruta – Airida Gintautaite—

Bernard – Arnas Fedaravicius

Vytas – Petras Kuneika

Sergey – Vytautas Matuzas

Kushman – Dalius Skmarakas

Mother Nina – Vilija Lobaciuviene

Psychologist – Kiril Glusaev


Director & Scriptwriter Ramune Cekuolyte

Director of Photography Jaroslav Gavrin

Sound designer Olga Bulygo

Costumes Jurga Kasperaviciute

Make – up Zaneta Jasiune

Props Aleksas Gilaitis

Production coordinator Darija Skvarnaviciute

What We Need & What You Get

To make this film we would need way more that $4295 but the most necessary things for a first push can be brought down to the following:

Camera rental costs


Lenses for the camera


Lighting equipment


Sound recording equipment


Art & Costumes


Travel costs & catering


You can really help us with that - friends chipping in for $20 would get us moving quickly!We are entirely grateful for any help and donation, but each donation has it's own value - from the film's special badge "Am I in Grey?" for $10 to the associate producer's credit for $1000 or more. We're giving out the signed DVD's, posters and even the right to be the first to see the film.

Another good new for our potential supporters – funders will be invited to the first screening after the official release of the “Women in Grey_Moteris pilku kostiumu”!

Other Ways You Can Help

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