Without You - A Short Film

A short film about family, acceptance, and the fear of being alone.

Update #7

Thank you all for all of your support! Now that the campaign is over, we're off to make the best movie we can!

For more news, don't forget to check the updates section here, or the Without You website.


Update #6

Here we go guys! We're at less than 24 hours left. Thank you all so much for all of your support and effort over the past couple of weeks.

Now that we're less than a day away from ending, we have one last favor to ask of you.

Can you help us get to $8000?

Let's get Without You made!


Update #5

We've been featured on Indiewire!!!

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Update #4

Changes to our perk system!  We have added a $25 dollar perk so you can pick up your very own Lung Cancer Awareness Wristband.  This is your chance to give back, directly to the cause.

We also added a $250 perk that includes a video thank you where a cast member from the film will thank you for your contribution.  We will be posting this on our social media and website for all to see!

Finally, we are partnering with the world famous illustrator Dave DeVries to add some more incentive to our higher perk levels.  Dave is famous for his work with Marvel comics and his own Monster Engine, where he take children's drawings and renders them out realistically.  Here are some samples:  


He heard about our film and really wanted to help out so he's offering up The Monster Engine Book, both signed and unsigned.  At the higher levels you can get some of his personally illustrated Marvel Comics Prints.  And at the top of the heap, he will do a pen and ink sketch of YOUR child's drawing inside the cover of the book!  This is a truly unique perk and you shouldn't miss out!

For more info on Dave, please go to: http://www.themonsterengine.com/

or check out his CBS news coverage here: News Clip

Update #3

HUGE NEWS! We'd like to introduce you to the wonderful actress attached to play our lead character, "Sammy," CHRISTINA MOSES.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!!

Christina Moses


Update #2

Check out the Gallery to see director, Adam Tyree's, reel!

Stay tuned for more...


We'd like to introduce to you the crew of Without You.


Check back soon for more crew and CAST info!


The Film

Not everyone beats cancer, no matter how tough you are…

without you

Tommy was a boxer… he was also a smoker.  This lead to being diagnosed with stage II lung cancer.  After losing a lung, Tommy won his battle, but is now losing the war.  The treatment has led to a scarring of his remaining lung known as Pulmonary Fibrosis.  At any moment, his next breath could be his last…  but this is not his story.  This is the story of the ones he’ll leave behind.  

Without You is a USC thesis short film about surviving tragedy, moving on, but never forgetting those we lose along the way.  Sam isn’t ready to move on.  She’s ready to fight for her husband’s life and she’ll do everything in her power to save it.  That includes driving across state lines while 34 weeks pregnant to plead with the medical board to put her husband at the top of the donor list for a new set of lungs.  Without You, is her story. 



The Video

The video you've just seen is just a concept video. Instead of showing our faces asking for money, we wanted to show you what the heart of our story is actually about. So, if you liked the small movie we put together, just imagine the quality of the film we're trying to make!


The Campaign

Lung Cancer is the most common form of cancer in incidence and mortality.

Lung Cancer1.61 million new cases are diagnosed every year and 1.38 million do not survive, an 86% mortality rate.

Of those diagnosed with lung cancer, over 50% will be die within one year of the diagnosis.

These staggering statistics have inspired us to make this film and to try and use it as a tool in the fight against cancer.

We hope this film will help in the fight against lung cancer in the following ways: 

  • Raising awareness about the horrors of lung cancer. 
  • Reaching out to Cancer Awareness Organizations, Anti-Smoking Groups, and Physicians to see how our film will help shed light on this terrible disease. 
  • By serving as an example for those who have lost someone close to them that, in death, our loved ones may leave this world, but their legacy will carry on within us.

The Director


Adam Tyree - Director/Producer


Born and raised in Trenton, NJ, Adam became interested in film and television at an early age. In his freshman year at high school, Adam earned an internship at the New Jersey Network as an editing aide.

After high school, Adam attended Montclair State University receiving his BFA in Directing. Adam’s thesis while at Montclair, Dark Moments, earned him a grant from the prestigious Princess Grace Foundation and an article in the local Montclair newspaper about up and coming artists in 2005.

Shortly after, Adam became a freelance Director and Assistant Director, working on numerous short and feature length films throughout the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia area, including Cold Blue Eternal, In Heaven’s Court, Heart and Serial Love. In 2009, Adam decided to continue his film education and applied to graduate school. On his first attempt, Adam was admitted to the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. So, he picked up roots and moved three thousand miles west to pursue his dream.  One of his recent films, Bobby's Girl, won "Best Drama" at the First Glance Film Festival.

Since then, Adam has been focusing on tuning his craft of directing, and he hopes to someday soon having the opportunity to direct a feature that will not only speak to an audience, but will move them deeply.

The Budget


We want to be as transparent as possible with you as to where your donation will be going so here is the breakdown.

We will be shooting over 2 weeks in late June/early July. In that time this is what we will require:

Our Art Department and Set Operation budget will be $4,998 in order to produce a clear, believable, and dynamic settings for our shooting locations.

Our wardrobe and hair/make-up department will require $1,700 to make everyone look their part and camera ready.

Using state of the art lighting equipment and a top of the line camera will require an additional $4,500; this will ensure our footage will have an professional quality that could rival most big budget Hollywood films in theaters today.

Our locations will include homes, hospitals, hotels, and board rooms.  These do not come cheap and will be costing us $4000 dollars to rent the spaces.

Our post production cost of original music, sound mixing, and color correction will be another $3,000 to give the film a true professional polish.

$2000 will be used as an emergency fund in case something goes wrong on set and we need to fix or replace equipment.

That's a total of $20,198 just to get the movie made.

If we raise all our funds, after indiegogo takes their cut (%4) and we make the movie, we'll be left with $23,250 - $20,198 = $3,052

That remaining $3,052 will be used for film festival submission fees ($20 - $80 a pop) and transportation to the festivals to promote our film when it screens (plane tickets are expensive).

That's a breakdown of where all the money will be going.  I hope this inspires confidence that we will not be using your funds for anything other than the advancement of the film and not for boat rides on the caribbean.

Other Ways You Can Help


Facebook! Twitter! Email! The more people that see our campaign, the more people will want to help.  Share our page with all of your friends and family.  If you know anyone who loves film or hates cancer, let them know what we're doing and ask them to pledge to the cause.


The internet is a big place and in order to stand out, we need your help!  Share our updates, share our page, just share and ask others to do the same.  We can't do it Without You!

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