Wisdom's Daughters: How Women Can Change The World

I want to publish a book about Women and Feminine Wisdom. The Dalai Lama said that western women will save the world. Wisdom's Daughters can help us do it.

Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World is grounded in the theories of C. G. Jung, Goddess spirituality and astrology, tools that help us access the Feminine Spirit within us.  The products of our right-brain, “feminine” thinking - stories, dreams, symbols, myths and fairy tales - speak to our hearts, delivering Wisdom’s messages. 

The idea for this book came from a dream I had while training at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland in the early 80s.  At the time, I had four young children, a foundering marriage, and a burning need for self-discovery, and to find my life’s purpose.

“I dreamed there was a wounded lion loose in our town and I had to protect my children.  Suddenly (in the way of dreams), I found myself sitting in a buckboard wagon at a three-way crossroads, waiting while people around me went searching for the lion.  Suddenly I saw a waning moon in the sky and a giant tidal wave looming overhead.  I thought ‘This is it’ as the wave came down on me.  Suddenly I looked up into a clear sky with a waxing crescent moon above me and a voice said, “You will be the mother of a savior.” 

Quite a mission statement!  Not only overwhelming, but magical!   And because I was there in Zurich, studying the Unconscious and how dreams connect us to our soul, I had to listen.   The wounded lion was symbolic of my own lack of self-confidence as a woman, as well as my generation’s wounded sense of grown-up responsibility.  Parents are responsible for saving our world for our children’s sake.  The second part of the dream is clearly an indication that it is Feminine Spirit which will guide this change.  The archetypal nature of this dream made me realize it was not just for me but for all women.  (This dream is interpreted in the book.)

This dream set me on the road to discovering not only who I am but also my life’s purpose.  As I worked with the images from this dream, they led me to an image of the Divine Feminine who gives birth to the new age we are fast approaching.  And I learned that the Divine Feminine is returning at this time as Wisdom, so sorely needed in our troubled world. The dream also led me to a tale that explains how women can leave the 'father's house' and find our own unique feminine standpoint.

In living what I learned and following the different threads that were woven through the dream, Wisdom’s Daughters was born.   I believe that this life’s work will not only help other women re-discover their own connection to Feminine Wisdom,  but will enable women to birth a new world guided by wisdom instead of ignorance, love instead of hatred, peace instead of war, and cooperation instead of selfish individualism.   

I have counseled and taught women what I’ve learned, and I can see the good it does them.  Women find freedom once we leave the ‘father’s house ‘ of patriarchal rules.  What we do with our freedom is up to us, but I believe that it leads us to using our Feminine Wisdom - the great gift of our female body and psyche - so that this divine gift can heal our lives and our world.

Through the years as I raised my children, helped women find their freedom, and continued to learn Lady Wisdom’s lessons, I submitted this manuscript for publication.  While many editors praised my writing, I saw there was little interest in works on feminine spirituality.  So now I want to self-publish it, especially in light of what is going on with women’s issues here in America and around the world.  It is time for all women to be free and equal, which also means allowing for our differences.   It is time we honor and use our right-brained, feminine consciousness to balance our masculine rational left-brain.

I have chosen to publish Wisdom’s Daughters through Balboa House, the self-publishing division of a new age publisher, Hay House.  My hope is that if Wisdom’s Daughters does well, Hay House will pick it up.  Balboa Press will market the book, turn it into an e-book, and distribute it to over 25,000 sellers and more.  I have chosen to go with their Master Package at $7,999.00 because it covers everything.

I am trying to raise at least $13,000.00.  After the initial $8,000.00 cost for publishing, I will also owe money to:

  1.  Indigogo’s commission is either 9% or 4% - anywhere from $500 - $1,500 depending on how much I raise.
  2.  I’d like to pay a fee to the wonderful artist, Kerstin Zettmar, whose beautiful mixed media painting, ‘Aphrodite Arising’, will be my book cover.
  3. I have over 25 poems or stories in the book that I need to get permission to use, which could require licensing fees up to $2500.00.
  4. I need money to buy and ship my book to those of you who donate $100.00 +.
  5. If your generous donations go over what I need, I plan to use the money to publish a separate workbook that goes along with Wisdom’s Daughters, with more information and exercises.
  6.  I’d love to pay my good friend, Valerie P, who volunteered to put my video together and spent 6 hours doing it.  Thanks V!

Since I want to express my thanks to those of you who help me get this project off the ground, I have some gifts to give you.  Please take advantage of them if you want to.  Know that I appreciate everyone pitching in to help.  Think of it as a barn-raising!

I believe that women can change the world if we know ourselves and connect to the inner mystery of being female.  Men can also learn how to connect to their inner Wisdom, but having a wise woman in your life can speed up the process.  Wisdom’s Daughters will hopefully be read by women of all ages and even passed down from mother to daughter, until all women are free and comfortable with this blessed gift.

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